Are the protein diet?
 The protein diet has been a relief for those who love to eat. Many thought it was so cool - there's a good piece of steak and it does not get better. But is it? "Work" if the recommendation to lose weight with the help of protein products?

In fact, the term "protein diet" does not mean that you will only have chops, burgers, steaks and so on. Even in such diets as the Atkins diet, which is often jokingly referred to as "the joy of a predator" of the protein consumed by only a quarter of the calories entering the body. Generally, the protein products of the protein in diets severely limited - from 10 to 35%.

Recently, at the peak of popularity of so-called high-protein diet (High-Protein Diets), with a very high protein content. They are designed to quickly build muscle and reduce weight. Protein in these diets fed into the body of meat, soybean, peanut, vegetable proteins. Supporters of the high-protein diets believe that their diet increases the metabolism, promotes effective weight loss gives a constant feeling of satiety.

Are these diet healthy? This is a question. After basic research are limited to a short observation time. Long-term risks are hardly investigated. But high-protein diets restrict carbohydrates so much that can be shortage of some nutrients. Moreover, such a diet recommended in a large amount of red meat and whole milk products, which are rich in saturated fats, increasing the risk of heart disease. Therefore, nutritionists often advise those who have decided to stick to the protein diet, eat protein foods as fish, chicken without skin, lean beef, white meat pork and dairy products with low fat content.

 Are the protein diet?
 For those who have problems with the liver and kidneys, the protein diet can hurt! Protein diet is practically not suitable for diabetics.   But protein diet suited to those involved in sports who want to lose weight quickly for women after childbirth. By cons include the high cost (after all meat products are more expensive than vegetables, and grains), as well as the complexity of the (much to cook, have a number of good store with quality products).

The most popular protein diet:

The Atkins Diet

Proteins are up 29%. This - the popular low-carb diet, it is based - heavy proteins and fats: chicken, meat, eggs. In order not to provoke high cholesterol and heart risks, it is better to stick to this menu: salmon for breakfast, grilled chicken for lunch, ham - for dinner and turkey slices as a snack. Under the ban - sweets and breads, carbohydrates - under very strict control. But - rapid weight loss: You can lose weight by 7 kg for two weeks and still have a lot of fatty foods.

Eco-Atkins diet
This is the same Atkins diet, only with a protein derived from vegetable products. There are 31% protein diet, and get them out of beans, mushrooms, nuts. Recommended vegetables with a high protein content, such as brussels sprouts and whole grains, such as couscous and pearl barley. This is one of the healthiest diets. It is full of vitamins because of the large amount of plant foods. A protein, and the truth can be found in plant foods, for example, 30g of almonds contains 6 grams of protein, which is more than 10% of the daily needs of people in the protein and half a cup of cooked broccoli - is 2 grams of protein.

 Are the protein diet?
 Dukan Diet
High-protein diet! Squirrel to 46%. In this diet you eat a lot of lean beef, veal, pork and game, as well as the internal organs such as the liver and tongue. Adding to this fish, shellfish, ham, turkey, chicken. If the first phase of the diet you eat only one protein, then it will be added to the diet of fats and carbohydrates, gradually will be added to the menu of vegetables, cheese and bread. And this diet - an indication that only proteins impossible to sit indefinitely. The effect of weight loss on the protein "works" is not long, it is necessary to enter into the diet of vegetables, and the transition to a balanced diet.

Low-calorie diet
Proteins - about 40%. Calorie per day of 800 to 1,000 calories adult offset high content of protein in the dishes. But the day is allowed only one serving of meat and vegetables, but a lot of cereals, allowed noodles, chicken soup, chicken breast. Like so many of protein diets are strictly limited to the amount of carbohydrates - not more than 40% on the day. While a balanced diet of carbohydrates should be from 45 to 65%.
Author: Julia Shestakova