Bean Slimming
 One of the main problems linked to excess weight, of course, with overeating. What to eat less? How to reach satiety fewer products? All these issues are plagued by those who want to lose weight and more like himself in the mirror.

Legumes - heavy artillery against hunger

Canadian dietitians said that out of the situation there. You just need to have more nutritious foods, such as legumes. For example, this trick is used active in the East during the month of Ramadan, when devout Muslims do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. Before dawn they eat beans (boiled and then stewed in the juice of fresh tomatoes) to long (about 16 hours) to maintain a sense of satiety. So beans in this regard a real lifesaver for people who are constantly tormented by hunger.

And on weekdays, and holidays

We can not say that the beans were very unpopular in Russian cuisine. Christmas recipes 2015 - is not only loved by all hot and cold snacks, and a variety of New Year's salads. Among the "most Christmas" present not only Dressed Herring and "Mimosa", but also meat and fish salads with beans and peas, including our favorite salad. However, in everyday life rarely cook beans for the simple reason that they should be soaked, and many legumes are prepared for a long time. However, among the soups confidently stands soup with lentils as a very useful and satisfying dish. Growing popularity of warm salads as full of dishes that do not require add-ons - for example, warm potato salad with chickpeas - a hearty, which is permanently banish hunger.

Results of the study

And whether there is evidence that beans beat off hunger for a long time? In 2014, Canadian researchers conducted an experiment, which was attended by 126 volunteers with different weights. All were of different ages. The experiment showed that just one serving of legumes reduced the appetite for a long time, allowing painless test (ie without dieting-suffering) to lose weight.

For information: One serving - it is 160 grams of beans. Calorie this dish (and it can be a salad and roasted vegetables, and soup, and bean paste with loaves) is low, but to avoid snacking between meals. And these snacks, as we know, very often consist of the wrong foods - chips, cookies, candy, croissants "of the packs," etc.

Are there any contraindications?

Unfortunately, legumes have contraindications. They are not recommended to lean to those who suffer from diseases of the stomach and intestines, heart ailments, gall bladder and pancreas. Beans should be excluded with urolithiasis and gout. Precautions dishes of peas and beans should be given to elderly and children.

 Bean Slimming

Interesting facts

- On the importance in the human diet beans occupy a worthy second place, second only to cereals.

- A staple in the diet of ancient Roman soldiers was just lentils. The properties of this culture to satisfy the hunger for a long time it was known in those days.

- Legumes are considered one of the main components of Japanese cuisine. And it is Japan's largest number of centenarians living in the world. And the reason for this phenomenon - food.

- In contrast to many fruits and vegetables legumes have the ability to permanently preserve their valuable qualities. So, if stored properly their useful properties of beans stored for six months.

- The level of protein legumes surpass even the meat, so vegetarians are actively feeding dishes of beans, beans, lentils, etc.

- Legumes perfectly clean blood, give a decisive rebuff infections, lower blood sugar and bad cholesterol in the blood, strengthen the immune system and help the nervous system to cope with significant loads. They reduce inflammation and have a diuretic effect. Legumes are recommended to be used in times of beriberi, as well as for the prevention of diseases.

Lose weight and be healthy!

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya