Breakfast you can not refuse
 Today we will deal with the placement of a comma in the title of this article. Someone said that the morning meal is better to skip, ie, "Lunch can not refuse." The main arguments in this case are as follows: in the morning to eat not particularly want accounts themselves, in fact, make a meal, and the violence on themselves - a thankless task and undemocratic.

But let's see what happens to our bodies, if breakfast is skipped. In this case, the blood sugar level becomes lower than normal, metabolism slows, reduced alertness and performance, deteriorating memory. The fall in blood sugar causes the expressed need urgently to eat. Typically, in the course of this are simple carbohydrates - sandwiches, croissants, cereals etc. Such food does increase your blood sugar, which causes the release of large amounts of insulin. Next, remove the insulin sugar and converts its excess into fat. During the day, this cycle may be repeated several times. And if this food - the norm, it is not a consequence of slow be increased pressure, obesity, and even the development of diabetes. Not a very pretty picture, right?

By the way, not so long ago an interesting experiment was conducted regarding the role of breakfast in the fight against obesity. Women who agreed to take part in the study were divided into two parts. The first group began to stick to a strict diet that excludes breakfast. The second - also was contracted to the diet, but remained a full breakfast. In the first weeks of the experiment the first group lost weight significantly began to overtake those participants who generously breakfast. But by the end of 32 weeks to breakfast lost weight 4.5 times more than those who sat on a grueling diet!

 Breakfast you can not refuse
   But even if you ignore the of dietary schemes is proven that those who do not eat breakfast, longer eats for lunch and dinner. Especially please people who take care of their hard-forms, the green light, which give nutritionists about the defoliation at breakfast. The figure is not reflected on the condition that dinner with a dinner to be moderate.

And if you decide to lose weight in that no matter what, but from the sweet to refuse can not, then do not. For breakfast with a light heart you can afford a chocolate or even a small portion of baking. After all, in front of a saturated energy consumption per day, and your "sweet sin" remains unchecked in your figure.

But if you have breakfast, how he should be to bring the maximum amount of benefit to our body? After all, if your morning meal is correct, then this will be the key excellent mood, energy recovery and lack of irritability.

At first , The right breakfast on the assertions of physicians should be held on time interval from 7.00. to 9.00.

Secondly , Indispensable components of the morning meal should be protein (eggs, cheese, meat, fish, beans, mushrooms, dairy products). After all, it gives the feeling of satiety protein for the day, which means that you will not pull the bane carbohydrate snack.

 Breakfast you can not refuse
 Third , "Correct" the meat for breakfast to be solid and not in the form of sausage or other derivatives.

Fourthly As bread for toasting choose those of its varieties, which are rich in vitamin B, ie contain grains or nuts. If this sort of bread did not deliver your bread shop, then Compensate vitamin deficiency in a glass of orange juice at breakfast.

Fifthly , Do not eat breakfast only fruit. Of course, they contain a lot of nutrients to the body, but still not enough to fully energozapravki body.

Sixthly , In the breakfast is better to include unsaturated fats (sunflower oil, peanuts, almonds, avocados) than saturated. The first is considered more useful.

Seventhly In a morning meal reasonable to include the so-called "fast" carbohydrates (cereals, dairy products, vegetables, fruit), rather than the "slow" (sweet pastries).

Eighth The use of the breakfast kletchatkosoderzhaschih products (oatmeal, bread from wheat flour) will also give a long a feeling of satiety and stabilize the metabolism.

Ninth Ideal dressing for salad the morning - no mayo, or even sour cream and low-fat yogurt. And the most "correct" salad for breakfast is considered a classic "Caesar".

And finally, Tenth , Choose low-fat cottage cheese for the morning food, not sweet curd or syrkovoy mass. Criterion of "correct" breakfast is quite responsible and cheesecakes.

 Breakfast you can not refuse
 Recent trends trendy breakfast - it carried him outside his home. Today morning meal of the day, you can afford to move to a forest glade. It's enough to bring a light Rollaway furniture, rug, thermos with your favorite coffee or tea. The main breakfast dish can be cooked at home and put in the insulating sudnochki to deliver them to the place of the meal is still warm. And you can cook breakfast in the forest by a barbecue.

Very popular today and breakfasts in the café. It is very convenient that these institutions offer special discounts for morning visitors. In addition, eating breakfast at the bistro, you save a lot of time, so deficient in everyday life, in cooking dishes, followed by cleaning the table and washing the dishes. In addition, a cafe for breakfast, you can choose near places of work, which will make the morning meal calm. After all, to the office two steps, and you maximum control of your time. You can even afford to meet for lunch with a friend and spread the latest news.

So the answer is, on the proverbial point is simple: "breakfast, can not refuse! ".
Author: Natalia Hryshko