Bright palette of teas
 Black, green, red, yellow and white - colors and shades play a variety of teas. Tea, like emotions, bright and easy, exciting and stimulating, soothing and relaxing. And with each new sip gives an unforgettable taste experience.

Tea - "playing with the mood," cheerfulness and stress relief, the emergence of desire and impulse to translate dreams into reality. He Imperial drink and heritage of the English court, and a means for understanding the philosophical wisdom of Buddhist monks. Elixir of youth and longevity.

But if these feelings can give a breath of wonderful drink? In ancient times, tea, first of all, it was considered a curative drink, have a therapeutic effect on the human body. Only much later, people learned to "disclose" his taste.

In the tea contains a large number of different chemical substances: caffeine (tannin), vitamins (provitamin A, P, PP, C, B vitamins and others), amino acids, essential oils, carbohydrates, pectin and other elements (copper, fluorine, iodine, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, manganese, etc.).

It is interesting:   In the case of the caffeine content higher than that of coffee (a cup of tea - 30-60 mg, coffee - 80-120 mg of caffeine). That caffeine tones, energizes and improves performance. By itself, it - colorless solid, bitter taste and odorless. Only tea caffeine acts on the human softer compared to coffee, so when we want to "wake up", it is more likely to cook coffee.

 Bright palette of teas
 Black tea
Black tea is constantly confused with many red. In China, black tea is called red, in Europe and also Russia - red tea - is oolong. Black teas, compared with the other species tested longest processing and undergo complete fermentation. They tone, reduce and relieve headache, elevate mood and improve health are the regulator of metabolism.

Excessive consumption can cause insomnia and heart palpitations, so be careful and drink no more than 4-5 cups a day. And remember one more important detail: never drink cold brewed black tea brewed yesterday.

It is interesting:   Researchers from Arizona conducted a study and announced to the world that black tea + lemon / lime = reduce the risk of skin cancer by 70%.

 Bright palette of teas
 Green tea
Green tea is the most popular in the global market - up to 70% of sales. Of particular value are the collection of teas spring (early April). Among the variety of true connoisseurs distinguish a group of "imperial tea", which differ in their brightest taste and effect. It invigorates and normalizes digestion and blood sugar levels, reduces high blood pressure, slows the aging process, leaches salt. When purchasing green tea, pay attention to his appearance: the nicest varieties are considered less susceptible to cutting, rolled into balls-buds. Brewing process also requires attention: fill tea water 60-90 degrees, it is possible to repeat the procedure with this same welding to 5 times.

Green tea reduces appetite, so it is recommended to people sticking to any diet for weight loss. It also helps to reduce cellulite by conventional wraps. Buy without any impurities green tea, grind it into a powder, Article 5. spoons of shabby mass pour boiling water in the resulting slurry, add 2 tbsp. spoons of honey and a little bit (½ tsp.) cinnamon and mix thoroughly. Before the procedure, take a shower and treat problem areas anti-cellulite scrub. On 30 minutes, apply a warm mass of the treated areas and wrap film, then rinse with warm water and carry out anti-cellulite massage session.

It is interesting:   International studies show that green tea is able to restore the cells of the body affected by smoking and also to reduce the effect of smoking on lung cancer, is struggling with the emergence of prostate cancer in men and ovarian cancer in women. The study of Chinese scientists has shown that green tea neutralize the effect of emissions from the screen color TV.

 Bright palette of teas
 Red tea
Oolong tea (oolong and hibiscus). During the processing of the tea leaves are spread in a thin layer on the mat and in direct sunlight fade and vyalyatsya. For red teas and we refer Hibiscus tea, although it is not as such. It is made from hibiscus flowers, a native of India. Because of hibiscus flowers and cook jam, used in the preparation of confectionery and jelly. This bright, easy to drink refreshment after a long illness, rejuvenate cells, dissolves accumulated fat in the body and promotes the removal of the intestines of heavy metals and toxins, has a diuretic, normalizes blood pressure, and cool in the heat. This hibiscus is not recommended for people with ulcers, gallstones and urolithiasis.

 Bright palette of teas
 Yellow tea
Yellow tea is considered to be elite and rare kind of tea is produced in China. It was collected still unopened buds, while treated for 72 hours yellowing perform the procedure at which the tea leaves turn yellow. This tea is well-invigorates, improves mood, reduces headaches, strengthens the protective properties of the body and relieves spasms. Brew yellow tea, like green, but insist it can be a little longer. Try it and you will feel a special smoked (baked) notes that are unique to the yellow tea.

It is interesting:   In Egypt yellow tea is called "helba" (consisting of the seeds). It is popular in Europe, especially among women, as It has a soothing influence of painful menstruation and anti - intestinal disorders. Preparation: Rinse the seeds and cook helby a rate of 1 tsp. Per cup of water for 5-10 minutes. The resulting tea can add lemon, honey, milk. Broth is an indispensable tool for colds, pneumonia and bronchitis.

 Bright palette of teas
 White tea
White tea, like other varieties of tea comes from China, although it is now grown in other countries. Young shoots for processing harvested twice a year. Within a minute, steamed and then dried. To feel the magic
aroma and exquisite taste of white tea, you need to brew it in the pre-filtered water temperature no higher than 60-80 degrees, insist no more than 5 minutes in a glass or porcelain dish. Do not add a cup of white tea, sugar, lemon, cream and other products, otherwise lost all its finesse.

Due to the great therapeutic potential, the price range of the white tea is much higher than other species, up to 200-250 dollars per 1 kilogram. Avoid buying white tea, packaged in a cardboard box, looking for specific glomeruli or leaves, sold narazves. Drinking white tea helps to strengthen the body's defenses against most pathogenic viruses, prevents the development of tumors, increases blood clotting, stimulates the heart, a positive effect on skin and tooth enamel to prevent cavities. This white tea is touted as a means for weight loss, and even as "the elixir of longevity."

Thus, the obvious benefits of tea:

- Normalizes the digestive system and heart function
- Gives energy, eliminating the fatigue
- Preventive effect on the appearance of malignant tumors
- Slows down the aging of body cells, prolonging life, and improves skin condition
- Fighting viral infections in the body
- It slows down the formation of fat and helps to reduce weight
- Contained in teas antioxidants help cells of the body to recover from stress, prolonged sun exposure and work with chemicals

It is interesting: That is due to the presence of tea leaf essential oils, we catch the different notes in the aroma of the beverage. During the processing of green tea leaves to lose up to 80% of essential oils, but there are new ones and reveal the whole "bunch of tea."

Enjoy your tea!
Author: Alesya Marchenko