Dairy products: protection against diabetes and not getting fat
 Until recently, doctors commonly recommend to give preference to low-fat dairy products. However, a recent study by Swedish scientists have proved the undeniable benefit of full-fat products and their safety for the figure.

Dairy products - prevention of diabetes

The study, conducted by experts from the city of Lund, it was proved that the milk, butter, sour cream neponizhennoy fat is an effective prophylactic against diabetes. Experts are convinced that the full-fat dairy products should be present in the diet to help protect against common diseases today. Dairy Diet - this is what you need.

In the study, experts were monitoring the 27 thousand volunteers for 14 years. Subjects described their nutrition, diet and regularly examined by a doctor. During the study found nearly 2, 9000 cases of the disease. Careful analysis of statistical data showed that people who consumed dairy products daily total fat, the risk of diabetes was reduced.

8 servings - a lot or a little?

Curiously, the best protected people who consume 8 servings of dairy products a day. Each portion of the following amounts of dairy products:
- 25 grams of sour cream
- 20 grams of cheese
- 200 grams of milk
- 7 grams of butter.

All these products must be total fat. When consuming a low-fat products preventive effect is not observed.

 Dairy products: protection against diabetes and not getting fat

But what about the weight?

Can dairy products consumed in such quantities as to become the cause of excess weight? First of all, I would like to remind the results of an earlier study in which it was proved that it is the lack of protein in the diet leads to the fact that the saturation does not occur, and people overeat. That is, if you eat a little bird, fish, dairy products, you will constantly pursue the famine, and you will consume extra calories.

However, compliance with well-known simple rules for the prevention of obesity will only benefit.

Firstly, despite the many temptations of pastry, is necessary to reduce the amount of sugar in the diet. All those "couple of candy to tea" the day up a decent portion of energy intake.

Secondly, you need to stick to a diet. Then it does not turn out the way that you ran half hungry and ate at night.

Third, run, do not forget about the mode, just need. Try to provide at least a medium level of physical activity. Make sure that each day have some fitness - gym or walk, charging or road walking to work. In short, find opportunities to spend more calories, and weight problems are not yours.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya