Diet - eat or not, nor is it ...
 Most women when communicating in private to discuss not only men, but also the most sore - the figure and diet to improve it, disease and diet again for them. Every diet, proposed in a magazine or television show, "promises" quick and not a tedious weight loss and healing, but it is fraught with many pitfalls that are best discussed with your doctor.

A balanced diet provides this kind of diet, when all human organs obtained important for its development and activity components: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals. Scientists believe the body must come to an average of about 50 different nutrients.

Fran Lebowitz said "Food - an important part of a balanced diet" . For example, only drink water and do not harm other organs such starvation - it is impossible. Reckless diet can disrupt the metabolism and lead to a build of toxins, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer in the digestive system. So, before you choose a diet, you need to weigh whether the body will get all the necessary nutrients during its incarnation in reality.

Diets for weight loss, or "where my waist? "
First, you must set itself the goal. Without a clear goal and a good motivation, no result is achieved.

 Diet - eat or not, nor is it ...
   Second, do not try to go on a diet, which "promises" weight loss for the week and even less time. This way, you only hurt your body, even if it will dump unnecessary kgs. Including such instant results rarely linger for a long time, and what is worse - the weight comes back in the double volume. If your diet is aimed at achieving a stable result, you will need to reserve time and patience. During longer diets body gradually rebuilt on a new diet, normalizing metabolism. Nutritionists believe that weight loss of up to 700 grams per week is the safest for human health. So do not try to buy the slogans commercials and glossy magazine "10 kilos in a week," it will not make you happier.

Third, do not make the mistake of "jumping" from one diet to another. Imagine how you hit on the head with a baseball bat - hurt, not very nice, angry. With the body as well! Every new diet, following almost immediately after the current one, injures him. Also, scientists have proven that the more you "sit" on a diet, the less effective it becomes each subsequent.

Fourth, remember, diet diet is chosen, not only taking into account a person's weight, but also because of his daily exercise and internal diseases. Diets for weight loss is strictly prohibited during the exacerbation of chronic diseases. After all, every woman is individual and her body too, so sometimes it happens that one treat the same diet, and another cripple.

Most diets for weight loss include a minimum of proteins and fats of animal origin. Such diets restrict the consumption of flour products and semi-finished products, and the maximum recommended fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fifth, to go through this difficult path called "diet" from beginning to end, try to diversify your diet is not limited to the bare minimum. And remember that even with the most stringent diets, thanks to the culinary skills, you can prepare a variety of tasty dishes, which will help to keep and not to lose heart.

 Diet - eat or not, nor is it ...
 Particular attention should be paid to vegetarian diet . It should be based not just on fruits and vegetables, but also in uniform and their correct use. Only if the fruit and vegetables are taken at least four times a day and to include more of citrus containing vitamin C, such a diet will be balanced and healthy.

Therapeutic diets - or do not eat, nor is it ...
Health food - this is the natural means necessary for various diseases and helps to normalize a number of internal processes in the body, including metabolism, enhance the therapeutic effect and reduce the side effects of certain medications. But what you can and what can not be for certain types of diseases?

People with heart disease   Cardiologists should always adhere to individual diets, prescribed by the attending physician. In such cases it is necessary to reduce the methods of acute and fatty foods, including fried, to reduce the consumption of fatty meat and eat more fish. Useful are dried fruit, especially apricots and dried apricots. All dairy products are best to use low-fat, limit the flour and sweet, salt, tonic beverages, alcohol (coronary heart disease is contraindicated alcohol!). Try often eat grapes, broccoli, kiwi, bananas, citrus fruits, as they contain potassium decreases the risk of hypertension.

 Diet - eat or not, nor is it ...
 In diabetes   recommended bran and rye bread, vegetable soups, lean meat / fish / poultry boiled, nuts, drink without sugar, pomegranate juice (any fruit juice is recommended to be diluted with water at a ratio of 1 to 3). It is important to exclude alcoholic beverages, very sweet and high in starch vegetables (potatoes, beets, carrots, beans) and fruits (bananas, strawberries, grapes, etc.), spices, pastries, chocolate and other sweets, honey and sugar. There is one caveat: the power in this disease should be frequently and regularly (about 5 times a day).

Diet for anemia . This disease is most often caused by a lack of iron in the body, at least - folic acid and vitamin B12. It is therefore reasonable that the anemia in food should include all foods rich in iron. It could be spinach, beets, soybeans, sesame seeds, lettuce, almonds, buckwheat, artichokes, cherry, blueberry, black currant, liver; B12 concentrated in meat, chicken eggs, and dairy products (cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.). Useful are any fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Harmful and impede the absorption of iron are coffee and tea.

Whatever diet is not considered, is always essential in the human diet are fruits and vegetables, cereals, meat, fish, chicken. A balanced diet with the presence of these products ensures enrichment of the body with essential nutrients and vitamins, which increases resistance to colds, stimulates physical and mental activity.

Cheers and remember - our health is in our hands!
Author: Alesya Marchenko