Divide and eat ... or reefs separate food
 There was a theory of a separate food at the dawn of the last century, and since then interest in it periodically that fades, then breaks out again with renewed vigor. It is hard nowadays to find someone who would not be even stranger to this theory. And what's so surprising, people are eager to health, beauty, harmony, but the extra weight and the accompanying ailments, various disorders (both physical and psychological plan) are still very common in our lives. So that the various power systems, diets, miracle products that promise to get rid of extra kilograms, immediately found a lot wanting to try them out for yourself.

And then a relatively simple, and seemingly secure method. And it really works, but not always! But is it really so harmless that the method of "separation power"?

Case history
The idea of ​​a separate food is not new, but only through the activities of its advocacy of American nutritionist - naturopath Herbert Shelton has become quite popular throughout the world. Shelton was born back in 1895, he lived a long life, however, good health could never boast, and the last 15 years of his life was altogether bedridden, struck by Parkinson's disease. Education Shelton received in different schools of alternative medicine and even earned a "scientific" degree from the American School of Chiropractic. Knowledge in the field of gastroenterology, nutrition, gigienistiki Shelton learned by studying the works of Doctor of Naturopathy of the 19th century, and from the point of view of modern medicine, they look pretty naive and sometimes fundamentally wrong. But, nevertheless, he undertook to treat people from many diseases, not having it nor any permits, for which he was repeatedly arrested, fined.

Treatments were basically two: fasting and separate meals. He himself was a staunch raw foodists, vegan, followed his theory of a separate food and starvation, but he himself mighty health to no avail. The process of decline of physical forces began in 1945, when after the injury, he began to lose his teeth, it violated the adjusted system of its power. Medicines, as I understand it, he did not take to persuade and help themselves with their methods could not. In 1972, Shelton was diagnosed - Parkinson's disease. His last book about health and nutrition, he dictated in a whisper, the vocal cords did not allow him to speak.

Shelton died in 1985, completely paralyzed, ruined by a lawsuit filed by him and his wife of the deceased patient. But his books continue to live and to push to experiment with their own health many followers: "Fasting can save your life," "perfect food", "How to combine food", "Live to live long", and many others.

Yes, indeed, Shelton lived a long time, but do not forget that nearly half of his long life he spent fighting with disabilities, it is possible to call the system and its improvement, and the last 13 years and does paralyzed. Of course, the role of fasting in the treatment of diseases such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, neurosis is not denied, and even in some cases recommends traditional medicine. Separate food as a method of sparing use of the gastrointestinal tract, with the help of some of his illness, but whether such methods of healing for healthy people, the big question!

 Divide and eat ... or reefs separate food
 This intimate process of digestion
Shelton separate supply system based on the theory of a separate digestion, i.e., proteins are digested in the acidic environment of the stomach, and carbohydrates in an alkaline environment of the small intestine. But this is a known fact does not mean that the potato that gets into the stomach with the cutlet will be lying there dead load and "rot", has not yet digested protein foods (according to some followers Shelton). Firstly, the more digesting carbohydrates begins in the mouth when food is chewed and moistened with saliva, saliva have enzyme amylase, which begins the process of converting starch into simple sugars. Chew the food and hydration through the larynx and esophagus into the stomach.

The concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is that about any rotting and there can be no .  On the contrary, it is the acidic environment of the stomach maintains a relatively sterile environment in the stomach and duodenum, in that environment survive unless one bacterium, helicobacter, but that's another story .  Part of the sugar and alcohol is absorbed through the stomach wall into the bloodstream, and the rest of chyme passes into the first section of the intestine - the duodenum .  Rather, the existence of the duodenum and its role in the digestive process naturopath Shelton, staying current with information from his knowledge of the ancient physicians knew nothing .  And it was here, in the duodenum, located between the stomach and small intestine, pancreatic enzymes to digest proteins simultaneously (trypsin and other proteases), fats (lipases) and carbohydrates (amylase) .  That is, no separate digestion at least in the duodenum, there is simply no!

Further processing chyme occurs in the small intestine. The entire length of the small intestine (which is 5 m!) Present mucous cells special gland secretes mucus and alkaline liquid, protecting intestinal mucosa from flowing from the stomach acid. In the small intestine the products of digestion are absorbed (monosahoridy, amino acids, fatty acids, etc.) through the so-called microvilli on the mucosa, and their distribution to the destination.

Remains of chyme pass into the large intestine. The colon is important in the digestion of nutrients and the evacuation digested food. In normal colon settled symbiotic bacteria That continue processing the food mass in the process of producing vitamins, are absorbed into the bloodstream. Blood, after purification and processing in the liver, carries nutrients to all cells of the body, which use them for energy and division. Dead cells, along with the biosynthesis of waste, excreted through the kidneys and bowels.

Where are deposited "toxins"
The term "slag", which is often used in popular literature devoted to the issues of improvement, as everyone understands their understanding .  Sometimes the "slag" is meant all the toxic substances that can be output from the body, and sometimes refers to undigested food residues that allegedly accumulating in the colon can cause a number of diseases .  But normally no deposits can not be, the bowel function in a way that completely cleans itself, the constant activity of the muscle wall of the intestine (peristalsis), which has the complex dynamics ensures the impossibility of something to settle on the walls .  And even if at some site or multiple sites, this weakens peristalsis so that something can not be evacuated in time, you can talk more about the locks that the phenomenon is certainly harmful, but in no way about some "kilogram stones" .  The cause of motility disturbances in any case, is not mixed food, and some problems with the spine, congenital features malnutrition muscle cells of the intestine, plays a role and a lack of fiber in the menu in sufficient quantity . 

 Divide and eat ... or reefs separate food
 How and why it works, and where's the catch?
The phenomenon of losing weight and getting rid of certain ailments while respecting the principle separate power supply due, above all, strict selection menu. Fascinated by the proponent of a separate food begins to control your diet, refuses to pastries and cakes, limiting consumption of canned food, prefers plant foods reduces the total calorie menu. And that in itself is very good, that's just the same methods, if applied with mixed diet will give exactly the same result. If caloric intake is unchanged, and no weight loss is not observed in the conventional diet, or at separate.

But the catch is that the nature of the originally programmed in the human digestive system mixed feeding. Set of enzymes that produce the stomach and pancreas, both allows the duodenum digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Transition to separate food does not give a full load on the different enzyme systems, which leads to the fact that the body, used to separate food can no longer go back to a normal mixed diet.

 Divide and eat ... or reefs separate food
 In other words, the "separate food" for a healthy person can be regarded as voluntary destruction of normal digestion. And another factor is also important, it is impossible to ignore the pleasure of food. Always and strictly following the principle of separate power supply, it is very difficult to prepare really tasty, and this is a direct way to reduce the content of neurotransmitters in the brain a good mood.

 Divide and eat ... or reefs separate food
 Proper nutrition - it's what?
  In the theory of a separate food many supporters around the world. Someone she really helped someone did not bring much good, and to whom and hurt in the end. The human body - a complex mechanism, and before deciding to adopt the system to interfere with a complex system of digestion, well weigh all pros and cons. Abandon it in the future may not be so simple.

Well, proper nutrition can be considered high-quality food composition, and a moderate quantity, caloric value that meets your energy consumption. It is this diet will help to maintain health, beauty, harmony and the joy of life for years to come.
Author: Olga Travleeva