Errors diets
 Each month, you decide it's time to go on a diet. But almost always ends in failure. Kilograms and even program go very slowly, and the diet is becoming unbearable. All throw and decide that "we will think about it tomorrow." It is possible that some do not consider or do wrong, that does not allow us to immediately see the results and feel the lightness and desire to continue?

1. "Light" - it does not mean no calorie.   Go to products labeled "light" or "low-fat" - is not the solution. Read labels carefully. Product names, promising dietary approach often fails. We should not think that if the product says "sugar free" or "low fat", then it will not harm your figure. Even low-calorie foods have calories that you should consider.

2. Not all calories count.   Sometimes we make a mistake when counting your daily diet. For example, do not count drinks. Be especially careful that on products often written composition and caloric content per 100 grams of product. It is often misleading. It is best to use when calculating the calorie tables caloric different foods and dishes. It is also important to always remember what you eat. It is possible that you have some common diet, but you often forget that a snack during the day. To avoid this error, it is better to write down everything that you eat in a day.

3. set too high number of calories burned.   The main approach to losing weight - burn more than you consume. And it is known to many. However, often overestimate the amount burned during exercise calories. According to scientists, people overestimate the number by an average of 25 percent. In fact, to burn calories scored after a batch of ice cream with fruit, cream and syrup, you need to play tennis for 2 hours.

4. Leave the plate clean.   Even if all calculated correctly, try to play a naughty child and every time anything left on the plate. Often, counting calories still have errors, so they can and then we neutralize this course. Make it a rule not to eat everything until the end. You will see that you have enough of what you eat.

5. When you do not eat at home - you're on a diet too.   We sometimes forget about it. Houses are preparing themselves special and came to the buffet at lunchtime, again buy sausages or greasy soup. Even at a party or at a reception in the restaurant you can find something diet.

6. Completely give up meat - is also a mistake.   In the meat - we needed a protein that "rules" metabolism. Avoid not need meat and grilled meat. Grilled - please! How's that for an eating plan: fruits, cereal or cereal - for breakfast, a light salad or meat - for lunch, and vegetables - for dinner. And sometimes replace meat with fish.

 Errors diets
 7. Disclaimer of carbohydrates.   As of proteins, carbohydrates, too, it is not necessary to give up. Now a lot of supporters low-carbohydrate diets, but the problem is that giving up carbohydrates completely, you fail to thrive antioxidants and fiber.

8. exaggerate the importance of the sugar.   Many people think that sugar helps to stay alert and increases the activity, but so far there is no hard evidence of this. After a cup of coffee with sugar you do not want to sleep, as a rule, thanks to caffeine and not sugar. Replacing sugar with honey, too, is fraught with error. I do not think that the honey can easily replace sugar without fear for their figures. Indeed, the nutritional value of these two products are practically identical, so honey also not be abused, despite the fact that it contains a lot of vitamins.

 Errors diets
 9. If the vegetables - it just from the garden.   Often we give up vegetables, because we can not buy fresh. And "comes" to replace them are not very effective for weight loss sweet fruit or potatoes. Meanwhile, frozen vegetables do not yield fresh. If the vegetables were properly packaged and frozen shortly after collection, they saved all of the vitamins and minerals, so to speak, that they are worse than fresh vegetables - not quite correct. Boiled, steamed, grilled - great for lunch or dinner, and they are saved almost all useful items!

10. Skipping meals.   Many believe that patience and dinner - is an easy way to cut calories. However, to stay hungry, you will eat more than just the next time. The body will give false signals, it is necessary to stock up on food is more, in the future. Why do you need snacks every 4 hours. This chew always something - it is also a mistake. The food will not have time to digest, and will be deposited in the form of fat reserves.

 Errors diets
 11. Focuses on the first results.   Many are waiting for confirmation of the correctness of the chosen path to performance balance. And if, in their opinion, nothing significant has happened, "throw" exercise and diet away. This is one of the major errors. It is worth remembering that the weight loss - the process is not one week or even one month. Do not worry ahead of time if you do not see results immediately. First, the body must get used to a new style of life, then only it will start to get rid of the unnecessary accumulation. Be more persistent, do not wait for the results of the lung, and then the effort will pay off!

More quite a bit, and you will look fantastic!
Author: Olga Larsen