Five days on the Dukan diet - minus three kilograms before holiday
 Many people like to take leave at the end of the summer or in the velvet season. Bask in the warm sun, swim in the warm sea More ... That means that the problem in the short term to bring the figure in order - relevant today, not just at the beginning of the season bikini. The answer may be a five-day Dukan diet, which promises the loss of at least three kilograms. Not bad, right?

They say half of UK women are now covered by the ideas of Dr. Pierre Dukan. Less than a week can be transformed, and not being afraid to appear on the world's best beaches in a luxurious trending monokini. "Seven pounds in five days! "- Calling for newspaper and magazine headlines to follow the recommendations of the new diet. And it is in kilograms - more than three!

Of particular interest to the diet caused by the fact that mom Kate Middleton announced the press that it was her Dukan diet is a major diet before the wedding of his daughter.

 Five days on the Dukan diet - minus three kilograms before holiday

"I was sitting on the Dukan diet only 4 days, and during that time has lost 4 pounds! "- Confessed 56-year-old woman. 4 pounds - a little less than two kilograms. Journalists immediately let a rumor that two daughters, Carol Middleton (Kate and Pippa) also sit on the magic diet. And these fantasies brought to the UK so-called new wave of fad diets Dukan, because now all that is connected with the royal family of England has incredible popularity and success.

It should be noted that the first wave of popularity was observed more in 2000. Then Dr. Dukan published his book based on years of research and observations, which became a bestseller. And after celebrities like actress Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, singer Katherine Jenkins spread throughout the world the news of the miracle diet based on high protein and low in fat. Jennifer Lopez said that the Dukan diet helped her sblansirovat its roundness, Penelope Cruz admitted that effectively lost weight after the birth of her daughter sitting on this diet. And in 2010, the Dukan diet called "diet year".

 Five days on the Dukan diet - minus three kilograms before holiday
   French doctor Pierre Dukan 20 years worked with obese patients. The result and become famous Dukan Diet .

The centerpiece of the fight against obesity in the Dukan is the presence of pleasure derived from eating and enjoying the consumption of natural foods. They are, in the opinion, Dukan, can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

And now Quote from Dr. Dukan   - A five-day diet to lose weight to the beach more than 3 kilos! Experts believe that even those who have no problems with weight, can use a meal plan Dukan, it will help relieve the body and balance it over the weekend, when many traditionally eat more carbohydrates.

1. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates. According to Dukan, we eat too many carbohydrates, especially refined (white bread, pasta, rice), which is not good for health. Replace them with proteins, it will lead to a more healthy diet.

2. Five days - is essentially the first phase of the main Dukan diet, which is designed to phase 4.

 Five days on the Dukan diet - minus three kilograms before holiday
 3. The first five days - a short phase of attack by weight. It is recommended not to eat anything except protein (meat, fish, eggs), and unlike the Atkins diet, allowed dairy products, but with a low fat or low fat. This push, which sets the tone for the other phases of the Dukan diet, gives a quick weight loss. Many lost during these five days is a lot more than 3 kilos. That this step and Dukan advises all those who need to urgently prepare for beach season. And we continue the journey on the Dukan diet.

4. However, the main idea of ​​the Dukan diet - it's not just weight loss, but also the arrival to ensure that the weight did not come back ever. For this purpose there are other three phases.

5. In the first phase of the five-day disabled avocados, nuts and seeds. It is necessary to try to include in the diet of oily fish (up to 2 servings per week for women and up to 4 servings a week - for men and older women). This will give you the right amount of fats and fat-soluble vitamins.

6. The second phase - add to the diet of the first phase of an unlimited number of salads and vegetables. In this phase, you can begin a meal with a salad or soup, then eat meat or fish with vegetables. At this stage should be as long as you have not lost one to two kilograms. Usually it is not more than a week.

7. Further weight can begin to grow again. So do not miss the start of the third phase, the so-called consolidation phase. In addition to the unlimited number of protein and salad (or vegetables), add fruit (one fruit per day), bread (two slices), cheese and starchy foods (pasta, in moderation). Consolidation phase lasts for five days. It allows the body to get used to the new diet, without adding weight.

8. Once or twice a week Dukan recommends to arrange a "holiday" with alcohol, butter, bread and chocolate. It will not feel the usual sense of guilt, consuming what you love. "Holidays" - one of the fundamental principles in the Dukan diet, you can not miss them.

9. The fourth stage - stabilization. Eat and drink all you want, without restrictions. Just one caveat: Thursday - protein per day. On this day, we eat on the plan of the first five-day stage. On other days, we eat as taught system Dukan (less carbs, more protein and vegetables, fruit), do not forget about the holidays. This further step is to stick all my life.

 Five days on the Dukan diet - minus three kilograms before holiday
 And finally, little history of successful weight loss . Before you Galkoff Carol, 38-year-old hairdresser, a mother of three children, which followed the recommendations of Dr. Pierre Dukan. The woman not only lost weight, but can now have everything that she likes, without getting fat. Now Carol eat meat every day, lots of vegetables, salads, low-fat yogurt and oatmeal in the morning. Here are some tips from Carol for those who decide to follow the Dukan diet:

- Find a manufacturer that offers savory desserts. For example, in health food stores can be found unsweetened chocolate or crackers.

- Do not buy ready-made fruit yoghurts, they have a lot of sugar, cook your best. I buy the simplest low-fat yogurt and add the fruit or berry jelly, made without sugar. This is my favorite product!

- Ask for meals at restaurants that match the Dukan diet. It is not always convenient to do so. But when I ask about it, I never fail.

- Locate the different pages on Facebook Dukan supporters. This can be very support you.

Photo: Alamy, Camera Press
Author: Olga Larsen