Herbal teas - available sources of youth and health for women
 How old people drink herbal teas - hard to say exactly. Most likely, the teas were hundreds and thousands of years ago. It is now the Tea Party - little opportunity to escape from the computer and chat with a friend. But the teas were created exclusively for therapeutic purposes.

Our ancestors knew that different plants have their effects on the human body. And thanks to them, we now have a huge palette of various flavors of tea. Only for some reason it has become a bit forgotten about their healing effect. Let's recall what teas need modern woman.

Camomile tea
Do you feel nervous? Drink a cup of chamomile tea. This delicious drink will help to calm down. Sleep problems also decides camomile tea, and with it, drink chamomile - completely safe antidepressant. Chamomile, and it is known to many, 100% natural anti-inflammatory, healing is the tea itself, and its vapors (simply inhaling them, you already promote health and clears the lungs). Even the open wounds can be treated with a cotton swab soaked in chamomile tea.

 Herbal teas - available sources of youth and health for women
   Camomile tea - a good friend and helper for all women, it helps with menstrual cramps. Recommend it to your daughters and the young girls-girl-friends, it is very effective and safe remedy to relieve pain in the critical days. Tired skin and eye puffiness and eliminate chamomile.

 Herbal teas - available sources of youth and health for women
 Mint tea
Want to lose a kilo or two and get into your favorite dress? Consult your mint tea. If you drink every day, no swelling, deposits on the waist will not be - this effect is usually sought in two days cleansing diet or fasting. Add to this a refreshing beverage from the property of peppermint.

 Herbal teas - available sources of youth and health for women
 Tea made from juniper
Remember how rustic and tasty it sounded in the animated film "Hedgehog in the Fog": tea with juniper twigs ... First of all, Juniper helps get rid of toxins. And secondly, by fluid retention. And it's important for women suffering from swelling in the critical days and the days preceding menstruation, when the body accumulates excess fluid often.

Juniper tea is not only a refreshing drink, but also a good antiseptic. You can drink for the prevention of urinary tract infections and to treat them. There is evidence that juniper tea can even heal from swine flu.

 Herbal teas - available sources of youth and health for women
 Green tea
This drink will pay a little more attention. We need a lot of time to list all the healing properties of green tea, so focus only on a few:

- Powerful antioxidant.   Catechins, which contains green tea - these are the best antioxidants that fight destructive free radicals. Free radicals can lead to blood clots, cancer, heart disease and damage to the DNA.

- Healthy cholesterol.   Green tea increases the level of healthy cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol.

- Slimming.   Green tea speeds up metabolism, so extra weight is not a problem if you love this drink. Green tea helps oxidize fats and can burn up to 80 calories per day.

- You Improve the immune system.

- Extends the life.   In 1994, they published the following Japanese studies. Poll 40,000 centenarians has revealed one of the reasons of the long health - each of them drank 5 or more cups of green tea a day.

- Help with acne and eczema.   Inspect cosmetic products on the shelves. Most of those intended for problem skin, is composed of green tea extract. Cosmetology experimentally proved that green tea fights acne and reduces symptoms of eczema. For the effect of drink 3 cups a day of green tea. Do not forget about the 8 glasses of water a day!

- Protect teeth.   Green tea is not only a defender of the mouth of toxins, this drink - a natural source of fluoride, but this ingredient protects tooth enamel and helps maintain fresh breath.

- Anti-age.   Green tea high levels of vitamins C and E and antioxidants, and it is the main material to protect the skin from premature aging. A check is easy - wipe the face of green tea daily, and elasticity of the skin will amaze you in a week.

- Improved memory.   Green tea helps to maintain cognitive function, improve the ability to learn, to strengthen memory and protect the brain from damage.

 Herbal teas - available sources of youth and health for women
 Ginger tea
About slimming effect of ginger tea is known to many, and now with ginger tea recipes - almost the most fashionable. But, did you know that it is necessary to bring a little bit of ginger tea or a long road trip? Motion sickness, nausea and motion sickness while traveling - to cope with all this ginger drink, better than pills for motion sickness. Gastric disorders are also treated ginger tea.

 Herbal teas - available sources of youth and health for women
 Tea made from dandelion
Liver - practically the only body that has the ability to heal itself. But this does not mean that the liver can do whatever you want. The destruction of the liver is also possible. And here come to the aid of herbal teas that help stimulate the recovery process of the body. Agree, the method is simple. Just drink tea from a mixture of milk thistle and dandelion.

 Herbal teas - available sources of youth and health for women
 Tea made from lemon balm
If you drink tea made from lemon balm, you can forget about such things as the scales. Because the weight is normal. Tea made from lemon balm helps a long time to feel hungry, that calms the appetite and prevents excess build up. In addition, lemon balm is rich in antioxidants, and this youth and health. Drink tea made from lemon balm, add yourself cheerfulness and harmony!

Well, as you idea to replace sugary drinks and coffee herbal teas? I like! Just start! During the week you can lose up to 2 kilograms of excess weight, improve health and prolong youth. And how many can be purchased from the useful herbal teas for a lifetime!

Photo: images.sciencedaily.com, weheartit.com
Author: Julia Shestakova