Lack of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and skin
 Every woman wants to look good. All traces of the skin condition. Use, creams, masks. But sometimes we need only to make some changes in the diet, and skin changes occur. What is the impact of food on our skin?

Most often, we are faced with skin problems are caused by a lack of certain nutrients in the diet (fat, carbohydrates, protein, minerals, vitamins). As well as general exhaustion. What are these problems, which is why they occur?

The effect on the skin lack of nutrition

Popular fat free and protein-free diet is that food consumed only raw or cooked vegetables, juices and sometimes fruit. Of course, to lose a few kilograms is obtained, but due to a lack of nutrients the skin suffers. Loses elasticity, roughness occur. The skin becomes pale grayish hue. It can do to change the pigmentation, especially near the corners of the mouth.

The lack of fat in the diet can lead to deficiency of irreplaceable fatty acids. And, particularly important vegetable fats. For the skin responds linoleic acid. If it lacks the body, it breaks down the growth and structure of the skin appendages. If the deficit continues to fat more than 3 months, the skin starts to peel off.

Malnutrition has a negative impact not only on the skin, but also on the condition of hair and nails.

The effect on the skin lack of vitamins

 Lack of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and skin
   Deficiency of water-soluble vitamins such as C, B, B2, B7, H et al., Can not positively affect the general condition of the body and skin in particular. Due to the lack of these vitamins varies pigmentation, skin flakes, going gray, it loses its freshness and elasticity.

Deficiency of vitamin C and skin condition

Hypovitaminosis C leads to excessive dryness of the skin. Different pale complexion, dark circles formed around the eyes. The skin becomes susceptible to the harmful effects of the environment. In addition, the constant bruises, even with small impacts. The consequence of a lack of vitamin C are petihialnye hemorrhage.

The skin condition is dependent on the body resulting in the formation of collagen and its fibers. A high-grade collagen can be formed only when a sufficient amount of vitamin C in the body. Lack of the ascorbic acid leads to the formation of atypical collagen. This leads to poor wound healing, skin tone and reduce its premature aging. After the operation, especially plastic, is recommended to eat more foods containing vitamin C. These recommendations are suitable for the treatment of scars, stretch marks, ulceration of the mucous membranes and skin, some forms of acne. And scientists have concluded that vitamin C in combination with E protects the skin from harmful sun rays.

Effect of vitamin deficiencies B3 (niacin) on the skin

A lack of this vitamin in the skin begins to itch, dermatitis develops, cracks appear. The skin loses its appeal, it is susceptible to the sun's rays. Develops pellagra - "rough skin".
 Lack of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and skin

The lack of fat-soluble vitamins and skin condition

For fat-soluble vitamins include vitamins A, E, D and K. It is common polyhypovitaminosis - simultaneous shortage of several vitamins. This happens most often due to an unbalanced diet. But the reason may be polyhypovitaminosis and increased load on the body, the effects are too low or too high temperatures, neuro-psychological experiences, anoxia or breastfeeding.
 Lack of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and skin

Vitamin A deficiency and the skin condition

This vitamin A is important for skin condition. With his lack of forms "goose bumps" - keratosis pilaris. He first appears on the skin of the arms and legs, and then spreads to the abdomen, back and buttocks.

Effect of vitamin K deficiency in the skin condition

Vitamin K helps the blood to clot. Helps reduce scars and dark circles around the eyes. And it leads to lack of skin hemorrhages of varying size.

Minerals are essential to our skin

Selenium . This mineral protects our skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. In addition, scientists are inclined to believe that selenium can prevent skin cancer.

Brass . Without this element, it is impossible the formation of elastin. This tissue is the body's supporting structure of the skin. Without copper skin loses its smoothness, elasticity.

Zinc . This element is involved in the cleansing of the skin, its function - control of allocation of fat. Zinc - the best tool that reduces the signs of acne.

Remember, the skin - the mirror of health. So she always looked attractive, young and fresh, first of all, take care of proper nutrition and cleansing the body. Without this, no new-fangled creams, lotions, tonics and magical mask will not help.

Be beautiful and attractive!
Author: Olga Stolyarov