Lose weight with the help of "magic" plates and gums
 Nutritionists once again delight the slimming results of his research. Among them was a place really "magical". Hard to believe, but the discovery speak for themselves.

Homes not only walls, but also help plates
As is known, the two main ways to lose weight - it is slower and eat less. They are closely linked. Haste leads to the fact that a person does not feel satiety and overeating. Regular binge threatens overweight and bad mood (oh, horror! Not fastened jeans!). Scientists have solved the problem with the help of innovation - they invented a talking plate.

Working under the name Mandometer owned by the Swedish scientist. They have created a plate of the display, which controls the amount of food and its rate of absorption. When a person exceeds the permissible limits, an electronic voice warns: "It has slowly! "Or" You overeat. "

Mandometer creators believe in the effectiveness of their product. Enough for several months to develop a new pace of the meal, the stomach and smoothly adapt to the new volume of food.

 Lose weight with the help of "magic" plates and gums
 Ā  Furthermore, it is a natural way to lose weight - unlike pills and other means of side effects.

On assurances of scientists, with the help of the plates can learn to eat 15% less food than usual. Nutritionists claim that this is enough to "run" the process of losing weight. Plate to help!

Italian scientists: chew, and grow thin!
Today, chewing gum used primarily for the prevention of dental caries. But Italian scientists have come up with a new appointment for the gum - protection against excess weight.

 Lose weight with the help of "magic" plates and gums
 Experts from the University of Syracuse, carefully prepared to create a new product. They found that the hormone PYY responsible for satiety in humans. Moreover, the more you eat, the higher levels of the hormone. Experts also found that the concentration of PYY levels of fat men and fatties lower than that of people who are not obese. The researchers concluded that for better control of appetite obese people need to increase levels of the hormone PYY.

The most appropriate form for the drug recognized as chewing gum and oral tablets. Scientists claim that by opening fat people can lose weight without any effort.

 Lose weight with the help of "magic" plates and gums
 Star dietary diet
Walnuts - it really is a remedy for all ills. Moreover, not only from heart, brain, liver and stomach, and obesity. In this case the nut target "strike" - it helps to get rid of, first of all, from the fat in the abdominal area.

To verify their assumptions, scientists attracted volunteers, half of whom were asked to eat walnuts. After three months, the researchers compared the health and weight of those who adhere to the "nut" menu, and those who did not eat nuts. It turned out that only 30 grams of walnuts a day is capable of a miracle. They significantly reduce the amount of fat in the abdominal area subjects. Among other positive effects were observed normalization of the heart and improved mood.

 Lose weight with the help of "magic" plates and gums
 Hereditary Obesity - it's not a death sentence
Many people justify the presence of excess weight bad heredity. Mol, and maternal stroynyashek there, and my father - one Rubens beauties ... Scientists claim that "obesity gene" - is not a sentence. Even with a 27% success itself to address this issue - in your hands.

What will adjust the work of the gene FTO, responsible for hereditary overweight? Only physical activity and a healthy lifestyle in general. This convinced researchers of the British Medical Research Council. According to them, physical activity plays an important role in the development of obesity - even with a "negativeĀ» FTO-gene. The findings are based on a huge amount of information - the scientists analyzed data from 218,000 adults with a copy of the gene FTO. And rendered its verdict: you must fight!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya