Magic drink for weight loss
 Which only tricks are not going we women in pursuit of a slender figure. Diet, dietary supplements, gyms, beauticians and even services of plastic surgeons. We spend money, spend time, sacrificing their health, not always getting desired result. While simple and affordable ways to lose weight almost are always at hand. Today I want to talk about one such product that has a bunch of advantages, with virtually no drawbacks.

He inexpensive, tasty, nutritious, it is not difficult to get, it helps weight loss and, most importantly, it is very useful. It's about yogurt .

This wonderful fermented beverage has come to us from the Caucasus. No wonder among Ossetians, who are the first manufacturers of yogurt, so many centenarians.
There is even a legend that Ossetian princes for a long time kept the recipe for drink in secrecy. Until one day one of them was in Russian prison for the abduction of girls and was released only in exchange for 10 pounds of kefir leaven.

Kefir has many useful properties. First of all, it improves metabolism and quickly removes from the body all the toxins. Kefir creates a healthy intestinal flora. He is quite capable to win after taking dysbiosis antibiotics, as well as prevent the development of an intestinal infection. Very interesting that fresh yogurt one day soon solves the problem of constipation, but strong, three, by contrast, is able to calm the rebellious intestines.

This drink possesses also a diuretic, while the liquid ejecting from the body and the salt, preventing the appearance of puffiness.

Yogurt has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver. He is a wonderful antidepressant and immune stimulant, as It has antiviral properties. Regular its use is quite able to defend the body against colds and flu.

That's how much the merits of such an everyday drink! But most importantly for us who dream to lose weight, it helps also to lose weight. And does it without harm to health and the severe restrictions in food. Regularly enough to drink a glass of buttermilk every day for breakfast and before sleep, adding to its green apple, and the weight will gradually decrease. Well, for those who want to speed up the process, there are many kefir diet. Here are a few.

Kefir diet

 Magic drink for weight loss
   Daily drink 0, 5 liters of yogurt. To this can be added according to the scheme:
1 day.   Five boiled in their jackets potatoes.
Day 2.   150 g of any cooked lean meat.
Day 3. 100 g of boiled beef.
Day 4.   100 g of boiled fish.
5 day.   Two apples.
Day 6.   100 g low-fat cottage cheese.
Day 7.   Mineral water.
This diet is pretty tough and requires a doctor's advice. Repeat can not occur more than once every two or three months.

Diet "Discharge"

It is recommended after the holiday feast, when you ate a lot and tight. It helps to bring the excess from the body, not allowing them to secede in the figure. Pros of it is that it helps to relax and cleanse after a heavy meal and prevents generating habits of overeating, which in many cases is the main cause of excess weight.

Breakfast: One cup of yogurt. You can supplement it with a slice of dried bread.
2 breakfast One cup of yogurt or juice, two apples.
Lunch: to choose from - any vegetable salad (salad, sauerkraut), or 200 grams of lean boiled fish.
Snack:   One cup of yogurt or apples (if desired, can other fruits)
Dinner:   a piece of cheese and two apples, a carrot casserole (It can add a bit of bread)
Before going to bed drink a glass of kefir or milk.

 Magic drink for weight loss
 This magical drink is good for fasting days . The easiest option - to drink during the day and 1, 5 liters of yogurt. Well hold such discharge once every 2-3 weeks. This way you can get rid of for 3 months three kilograms of excess weight without harming their health.

In the fasting days kefir can be drunk alone or to complement other products. So obtained kefir, apple, kefir, cottage cheese, kefir and vegetable diet.

Interesting "Striped diet" . Plus, it is that it is easy to carry and quite effective. The meaning of this diet in a constant alternation of two days.

1st day   - 1% fat yogurt in any amount.
2nd day   - Any foods (within reason, of course).

A good diet "For beauty" . It cleanses the body, improves skin condition, relieves fatigue and improves mood.

Breakfast:   cup of tea, a slice of cheese, fresh berries.
Lunch:   lean meat with vegetables, vegetable salad with olive oil.
Snack:   one egg, salad vegetables, seasoned lemon juice, a cup of yogurt.
Dinner:   200 grams of lean fish, stewed with vegetables.
Sugar should be deleted, instead it allowed the honey. The duration of 5-7 days.

 Magic drink for weight loss
 And finally, I want to share with you a recipe "Fat burning cocktail" . In a cup of yogurt (fat content of 0, 1-2, 5%) is added half a tablespoon of cinnamon, ginger and as much a pinch of red pepper. Mixed. It is recommended to drink in the morning and before bedtime. Regular consumption within a month to help get rid of 3-4 kg of weight.

What is the effect of this cocktail? It speeds up metabolism and removes excess product from the body. Especially recommended after a heavy meal.
Cinnamon perfectly cleanses the body of toxins, acts favorably on the work of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Therefore, in combination with yogurt obtained a remarkable result.

That's how many opportunities for weight loss gives us a trivial at first sight drink. Drink yogurt, grow thin and be healthy!
Author: Natalia Romanova