Obvious, but incredible from the world of weight loss
 Everything in life is not unique: there is no universal recipe for happiness, the scheme successful career, the formula of friendship. It would seem that in losing weight everything should be easy. But here we are waiting for a lot of interesting discoveries, which will not be superfluous to know everyone who watches her figure.

Sweets - not a hindrance beauty
The first article, "Weight loss Code" says: give up sweets, and you will have a slim figure. Nutritionists unanimously repeat that only forgetting favorite chocolates, sweets, desserts and pechenyushki, we will be able to love again in the mirror. Nothing like this! - I read the results of a recent study. Such sacrifices to anything!

US researchers conducted a study and found that waist circumference have a sweet tooth often is smaller than those of the fair sex, who limits himself to treat. The study involved more than 15,000 women, whose example has proved the correctness of the experts.

 Obvious, but incredible from the world of weight loss
   However, experts that did not surprise. According to Professor Carol O'Neill, the issue of preserving a slim figure is not much more significant source of calories, and the number of them. After all, you can get fat and low-calorie food, if consumed it in large quantities. Therefore, candy and cookies, you can not delete from life - the main thing that they were not critical of many.

The key to success - full sleep and lack of stress
The success of the weight loss is almost always associated with changes in diet and physical activity. But it's not only that! American scientists have found that the chances of getting rid of excess weight increases by half, if you start and how to sleep less nervous.

 Obvious, but incredible from the world of weight loss
 Career career, only those who need it, if the beauties of fun you will become a nervous "bun"? - Ask an Expert Research Center Kaiser Permanente. But enough to reduce stress and increase sleep time - the problem of excess weight can be solved. This was proved by the results of observations of the 500 participants in the experiment. Half favorable treatment helped the subjects lose up to 5 kg of weight. US experts call for careerists do not sacrifice sleep, because it is nothing like the murder of her own beauty and figure.

Spam ... slimming
How much spam each of us receives daily to e-mail! Canadian scientists have found that this is not so bad. It turns out that "the letter, which did not have to answer" can improve the health and normalize weight.

According to researchers from the University of Alberta, the most useful for spam - one that encourages a healthy lifestyle, to engage in fitness, make food more correct. Even if the recipient does not follow the recommendations of the "call and buy," they often think about their lives ... and inevitably adjust the power, motor activity, abandon bad habits. So, useful beneficial effect on the distribution of Internet users. You are not coming? Sign up, and daily or weekly letter will remind you of the desire to lose weight for the summer, quit smoking, stop seizing stress and enroll finally, to the pool.

 Obvious, but incredible from the world of weight loss
 Desperate Housewives slim
I love the TV series "Desperate Housewives"? Oh, what are they all skinny! And this despite the fact that we all have children, families ... However, slender and beautiful heroines, who is 50 and looks like a college graduate, lacking in every series. That is why scientists are calling to be careful not to get involved in soap operas. This is dangerous for your figure!

What it could be dangerous? - You will be surprised. Instead, look at Gabrielle Solis and dreaming about such a figure - after the birth of two daughters to stay slim beauty. And, by the way, and Susan Mayer Otpad full figure, and Bree Van De Kamp, and even a large Lynette Scavo! The fact of the matter is that watching soap operas heroin chic having bodies is a real stress for women. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the University of Minnesota. Specialists working under the direction of Dr. Daya Barr-Anderson, claimed that soap operas provoke women complexes (often unconsciously) that they seize sweets and fast food.

However, there is another reason, which concerns not so much the series as a whole has a habit at the TV screen. Food intake "between times", watching a movie or your favorite show, does not give the brain a signal saturation. As a result, you eat, but how much and what to eat do not notice. But it is always noticeable to the clothes that no longer "converge" and fastened.

New Beverage
And finally tell you about the two discoveries of scientists associated with the common drinks - coffee and tea.

If you manage to eat a sandwich for lunch or another "example of" fast food, in any case do not drink it with coffee. In this case, the effect of harmful food increases several times. The reason for that - a sharp increase in blood sugar levels.

 Obvious, but incredible from the world of weight loss
 As for the tea, many drink it without restriction, after reading the news about the "Slimming" the impact drink. Of course, all this is true. Just to consider one important fact. Tea in any case can not drink milk. This practice is entirely neutralize the benefit of the beverage for your figure. But not hurt the effect of the compounds of use (in particular, theaflavin and thearubigin) for reducing the digestibility of fats. So drink tea separately, and milk separately. And harmony is the constant companion of your figure.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya