Oil will not spoil your skin
 Especially if it is vegetable oil, and even obtained by cold pressing of modern technology. This oil concentrate all the beneficial properties of the plants, nuts and fruit from which it is produced.

All kinds of vegetable oils are not found on the shelves of modern supermarkets - Olive oil, corn, linseed, cedar and walnut, pumpkin, grape seed oil, rapeseed oil and the most familiar - sunflower. Eyes flee from all this abundance and diversity. In vegetable oil we cook different dishes, add them to salads, take it as medicine, use in the home of Cosmetology, we find oils in cosmetics reputable manufacturers.

Say what kind of oil is best possible. Each of them has its own niche, its main area of ​​application. There are oils are very expensive, time consuming process to retrieve, and of course, fry patties on it, no one will, but on an empty stomach to drink a teaspoon as a natural "vaccination immunity", or drop the mask for person - the most it!

But familiar to us oil from sunflower seeds - an indispensable party cooking process has a unique composition of vitamins, minerals, contains plant hormones and other useful components. And the kitchen of his application is not limited.

A little bit of chemistry

Vegetable oil - a fatty acid esters, triglycerides belonging to the group (as well as animal fats). At the core of each molecule of the substance - a molecule of glycerin, and so on it like apples on apple keep the molecules of fatty acids. Depending on the strength of bonds between molecules of oils may be saturated or unsaturated. Vegetable oils contain predominantly unsaturated fatty acids, which remains free one (monounsaturated) or two (polyunsaturated) carbon bonds, so vegetable oils sufficient liquid consistency (in contrast to the dense and viscous animal fats).

 Oil will not spoil your skin
 Sun in each drop

It is hard to imagine that until 1829 nobody knew what a miracle is hidden in each the seed of this amazing plant. Sunflower grown in Europe in the flowerbeds solely as an ornamental plant, and even in his native North America, it was used largely as food and as a symbol of the deity of the sun. However, there is evidence that some Indian tribes and triturated seeds used for food and oil lubricated speaking hair. For the first time the production of oil from sunflower in Europe have reflected British English there is a patent in 1716 describing the process. But the beginning of widespread use of sunflower seeds put serf Daniel Bokarёv that using a conventional press was the first in Russia sunflower oil, and in 1833 earned the first plant for its production.

The sunflower seeds of the best grades contain up to 52% fat semidrying oils, many carbohydrates, proteins, phytin, chlorogenic acid, slightly tannic substances and organic acids. A oil, which are obtained contains oleic (40%), linoleic (45%), palmitic, stearic, arachidic, lignoceric acid, and waxes. The composition of the oil depends on climatic conditions, which grows in raw materials and technology cultivation. Sunflower oil is used not only as a food but also as a cosmetic agent, and even in aromatherapy. For these purposes fit high-grade crude oil. It has a color from light yellow to yellow, a kind of faint odor and taste good.

 Oil will not spoil your skin
   Natural oil sunflower seeds has a moisturizing, regenerating, plasticizing properties, soothes skin irritation, can heal wounds. It can tone and nourish the scalp to restore hair structure has a conditioning effect, so the manufacturers of cosmetics like add sunflower oil to shampoos and conditioners for hair.

But as they say, not a single sunflower seed oil can we improve your skin, hair and entire body.

One of the most valuable and useful products can give us beauty and health is linseed oil. This oil is often used in cosmetics for skin care.

Linen, flax, my flax, flax blooming all around ...

The value of linseed oil first to appreciate the people of ancient India about 9000 years ago and began to cultivate flax as the oilseeds. For many centuries, linen clothed and fed the people in Syria, Egypt, Palestine and in X-XIII centuries. He began to cultivate everywhere in Russia - fed, treated, warmed in body and mentally.

 Oil will not spoil your skin
   Oilseed flax grown in the steppe zone specifically for seed. Due to its unique composition and dietary properties, flaxseed oil has been used not only in the food industry, it is highly valued in medicine, nutrition and cosmetology.

Today it is scientifically confirmed, that eating flax seed oil, and other products from linseed (meal) has beneficial effects on brain activity, improves memory and reaction speed. These properties are due to a high content of linseed oil in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids: linoleic (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic (Omega 3) acids.

They are called "essential" because the body forms are all the other necessary fats. Furthermore, the data synthesizing independently fatty acids our body can not, and receives them extremely food. Moreover, securities (omega-3) in sufficient quantity found only in northern varieties of saltwater fish and now, in linseed oil. He even smell peculiar - fish. On the content of unsaturated fatty acid linseed oil products exceeds the usual diet, and only 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil provides their daily need:

- Alpha-linolenic acid - 60% (omega-3),
- Linoleic acid - 20% (omega-6)
- Oleic acid - 10% (omega-9)
- Other saturated fatty acids - 10%.

 Oil will not spoil your skin
   Besides, eating flaxseed oil promotes weight loss and weight loss, as linseed oil normalizes lipid metabolism and the metabolism in general. So it may be advisable to make linseed oil and as a means of helping to lose weight.

Take flaxseed oil is better for the night, just before bedtime, during the day, you can add it to salads, fill of porridge, though due to a specific smell and taste may not everyone will like it. But in the end, because you can and be patient - the health, beauty and excellent figure worthwhile.

Flaxseed oil contains enough vitamins A, E and other biologically active substances required for a healthy diet and a positive effect on skin and hair, nervous system, improves vision.

Properties of linseed oil is widely used cosmetic industry, it also can be applied successfully in the "home" of cosmetology For example, oil of flax - a great supplement to the mask for the face and neck, especially for dry, aging skin.

  Toning and softening mask dry skin.   Prepare a camomile tea 2 tablespoons of incomplete dried chamomile blossoms to 250 ml of boiling water, close the bowl with a lid, let cool, drain. Pour in the strained infusion of full tablespoon of pre-pounded linseed and stir well. Mush apply on face. After 15 minutes, remove the mask with a cotton swab to wipe the face lotion, apply moisturizer.

Cream mask for aging skin   A tablespoon of flax oil, 3 egg yolks, a cup of cream, 2 lemon, a tablespoon of honey, 0, 75 glasses of alcohol camphor and 1, 25 cups of water. Egg yolks grind with butter, add cream. Squeeze the juice from a lemon, rind cut and fill hot water and press 1, 5:00. After that, drain the liquid, mix with lemon juice and honey. To a mixture of egg yolks, butter and cream while stirring add the infusion and slowly pour the alcohol camphor. All poured into half-liter pot, move. Store in refrigerator before serving stir.

When you double-chin   in the evening, before bedtime to make good hot poultice of linseed, boiled in milk. Keep about half an hour.

To care for your hands   It will be useful for the following mask: mix one egg yolk with 1 tbsp. spoon of linseed oil, 1 tbsp. spoon of honey and the juice of one lemon. Wash hands with water, boiled potatoes which, mop, brush cooked and salve to put on gloves for 2-3 hours.

An excellent result gives   "Radical" mask for dry and damaged skin of hands : Half a teaspoon of flaxseed oil content of one capsule of vitamin E, egg yolk. Mix everything and put on a good steaming hands, wear gloves beauty, stand for half an hour.

But such a simple mixture as flaxseed oil and ground coffee, you can make a great protivotsellyulitnye peeling   for body.

Skin care with vegetable oils, and those that are written above, and many others (olive, sesame, pumpkin, grape seed, apricot, etc.), Significantly improves her condition, gets rid of many cosmetic problems.
Author: Olga Travleeva