Proper nutrition: Expert opinion
 Why proper nutrition as an element of a healthy lifestyle today paid so much attention? It's simple - more than 30% of all diseases of the digestive system, one way or another connected with power. But that is not all. According to the Institute of Nutrition, eating disorders by 7-8 years lower life expectancy. Got something to think about, is not it?

Today, almost everyone speaks on the topic, there is useful and what is harmful. In order not to sow myths, we turn to the experts who discussed the problems of power during a space bridge Moscow - St. Petersburg - Ekaterinburg - Novosibirsk - Samara "Malnutrition as a major risk factor for diseases of the digestive system", organized by the All-Russian public organization League of Nation's Health.

The principles of good nutrition

What is the proper, healthy diet? According to the leading physicians of our country, it is based on three "pillars" - the variety and quality of food, moderation and regularity (rhythm).

1. The more varied the diet, the greater the likelihood that the body gets all the necessary ranging from vitamins and minerals, and ending with the macronutrients, dietary fiber, balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

2. The second principle of good nutrition - moderation, which is formulated in a known rule "always go up from the table with a feeling of easy hunger."

3. The third factor - the regularity or rhythm of supply, which can be put on the importance of first place. Experts point out that regular meals - this is not always split meals (ie, 4-5 meals a day). Regularity - compliance with this rhythm, schedule meal. For example, the great philosopher Kant lifetime ate twice a day. In the morning he had breakfast, then go for long walks, then worked. And at 5 o'clock at his home regularly, day after day, for decades, going to a big company. Guests were treated to a delicious dinner and plenty were many hours of conversation on a variety of exciting topics. This rhythm also supply the correct rhythm, despite only two meals.

Yogurt will help us

 Proper nutrition: Expert opinion
   The modern pace of life does not allow most of us eat regularly. In this situation, to avoid a long interruption in the food and a strong sense of hunger in the evening (inevitably leads to overeating), during the day it is recommended to consume yogurt and other dairy products, and do not chew the sandwiches (the domestic version of fast food). After all, what we call the "sausage - is a natural product" - in most cases the replacement of quality raw materials cheaper counterparts, natural ingredients - a significant amount of food flavorings. Work on the study and development of solutions to the problem of low quality food being active in the movement of the League of Nation's Health, the system of the "Healthy eating - the health of the nation", the system centers on health food.

That yogurt with probiotics are functional food, unless, of course, the number of probiotic bacteria in the product is sufficient and the yogurt enriched with probiotic properties has scientifically proven positive effect on a particular function of the body. On the other hand, there are yoghurt, in which a lot of starch, food additives, dyes or preservatives. We need to read the labels and choose the products that are truly functional.

For example, the probiotic strains of bifidobacteria ActiRegularis and Lactobacillus casei Immunitas, able to solve specific problems in the body. On the basis of these problems should be encouraged with the yogurt or other probiotic bacteria. For example yogurt enriched Bifidobacteria ActiRegularis for daily consumption regulates the passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract, especially in people prone to constipation.

Speaking of functional food, it is important to note that the food - though not a cure. Therefore, to achieve sustainable impact is not enough to pass the course of treatment, as is the case with medication. Recommending to observe the principles of proper nutrition, it is necessary to emphasize that this should be done constantly. It should become a habit for life.

"Cabbage soup and porridge - our food" - a brilliant formula of proper nutrition

 Proper nutrition: Expert opinion
   The Mediterranean diet - is good, but when we talk about food, should be taken into account and geographical factors. In the Russian climate should eat more grains, namely - cereal. Buckwheat, which is our national product, rich in iron and dietary fiber. If we add to the warm porridge vegetable oil, and even better probiotic fermented milk product, in terms of nutritionists is to be the best breakfast. It is perfectly balanced and functional - both for adults and for children. For lunch it is necessary to have first - a vegetable soup, or borscht soup, second and dessert. In the daily diet must be enabled fish or natural meat (ideally they should be alternated).

On the other hand, it is important to protect yourself and your loved ones from such a monstrous crime against his health, both sugar and energy drinks, a product which in Western countries and has become an epidemic of obesity. The speaker itself is the following fact. One serving of sugar-containing drink contains 8-10 spoons of sugar. Gag reflex, which is a natural situation would arise after this amount of sugar entering the body, blocked phosphoric acid - the main component of sugar-containing beverages. It becomes obvious who should be blamed for the problem of excess weight ...

 Proper nutrition: Expert opinion
   Often we forget that more and more drawn into the flow of globalization. Over time, this process is becoming increasingly unmanageable. He sweeps away the stereotypes of our great national power, which is determined by a simple but brilliant formula "cabbage soup and porridge - our food." To change this formula in the conditions of Russia, a country with long winter and cold climates, simply makes no sense. All brilliant, as we know, just ...
Author: Marina Tumovskaya