Raw food diet: all the "pros" and "cons"
 Looking through endless lists of diets, every woman hopes to find the most suitable, most efficient and not very painful. And, despite the fact that the statement reads: "Beauty requires sacrifice" to sacrifice their health not everyone agrees.

Recently, a very popular diet, and speaking more correctly, the way of life and nutrition, vegetarianism becomes. But not for him, we will discuss today, looking for the "pros" and "cons", analyzing the pros and cons. An offshoot of vegetarianism was raw food diet   - The power supply system in which food consumption is excluded, in any way subjected to heat treatment (cooking, baking, frying, etc.). Someone turns to him to lose weight, some for healing the body, but some of them because ordinary human curiosity.

But not all so "sad" at the raw foodists, because apart from raw foods, they eat bread, which in any case require cooking. Here, too, has its own "but" - the bread has to be baked whole grain without the addition of yeast. Some representatives of the raw food diet abandon eggs, milk, meat and fish, while others have a different policy in relation to these products. Raw foodists be in a big city it is very difficult, because dairy products even to some extent amenable to heat treatment. If you own farm with a vegetable garden, garden and pets, such a task will be to you by force.

 Raw food diet: all the "pros" and "cons"
 Raw food has its varieties, which are intertwined or even contradict each other.

Omnivore raw food diet . The diet allowed any food, as long as it was raw. Ie the list even get animal products such as meat, fish, milk and eggs, which rejects veganism. Many representatives of this power supply system is still fear for their health and to avoid the risk of contact with the body of various disease, meat and fish treated thermally.

Vegetarian Raw Food Diet . From diet completely to be excluded meat and fish, but it is allowed to eat raw eggs and dairy products.

Vegan raw food diet . With this diet excludes all animal products, it does not forget that the rest of the food should be used exclusively in the raw form.

Reference!   Vegan - strict vegetarianism the way in which vegans exclude from his life products related to the murder and exploitation of fauna. They give up eating meat, fish, dairy products and even honey, and are not used in domestic animal fur and skin. What's interesting, they refuse to go to zoos and circuses, horse racing, Dolphinariums, photographed with the animals.

Carnivore raw food diet . The most rare, because fish and meat must be used exclusively in the raw form, while fruit and vegetables account for a minimal portion of the total diet.

Fruitarianism . This type of a raw food diet has appeared in opposition to carnivores. At the same time there is a significant addition - only the fruits of power and, of course, crude. It turns out that on the table, you must have only fresh fruits and berries, and vegetables do not belong here, because the majority of them are not fruit. With such a diet are excluded and various cereals.

Planning raw food diet is divided into mixed   and monotrofnoe (syromonoedenie) . In the mixed raw food diet may be a combination of different products, starting from the content of the various components: fat, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and trace elements. When monotrofnom allowed to eat at one time, only one crude product of plant origin (syromonoedenie interwoven with a system of separate power supply), while avoiding salt, pepper and other flavor enhancers. The only drink is water that should drink separately from food.

 Raw food diet: all the "pros" and "cons"
 "For" raw food diet:

- A complex of vitamins and trace elements contained in raw products, falls completely in our body, as opposed to when they die during the heat treatment;

- The lack of raw foods artificial flavor enhancers, whereby it is possible to control your appetite and avoid overeating undesirable;

- Improving the digestion process because the stomach does not get hard to digest and mixed meal;

- Loss of excess weight, with many raw foodists believe that the weight of the leaves not because raw food, but because of the balance of elements and the number of calories consumed in food;

- This food helps to eliminate toxins from the body, so is considered a good prophylactic cleaning;

- Due to the large number of fresh fruit and vegetables, people, raw foodists decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer development.

 Raw food diet: all the "pros" and "cons"
 "Against" raw food diet:

- Nutritional deficiency;

- The risk of iron deficiency anemia;

- A lack of vitamin A, calcium, iodine, zinc, magnesium and iron because of poor digestion (according to a study University of Giessen, Germany, conducted in 1996-1998 under the leadership of Klaus Leytsmanna);

- As noted by many scientists, this food is unacceptable for children, during pregnancy and lactation, Allergy;

- Thermal treatment without the risk of ingestion of various parasites;

- This food is not for everyone, even a healthy person;

- Some products (such as legumes and cereals) raw poorly digested, so by definition require heat treatment.

So it is not proven whether to move to a permanent raw food diet, but one-time daily or weekly diet can help with the decision of a number of problems associated with health. I, for one, is not ready physically or mentally eat raw meat and fish, to abandon the hot chicken broth or steamed vegetables. But everyone decides for himself ...
Author: Alesya Marchenko