Slimming News: replenish the arsenal of tools
 Wishes to gain a slender figure is no shortage of information. Every month, scientists publish details of the latest research, products that translate the rank of your allies or enemies in the diet. What the experts have prepared us this month?

Donkey milk
Modern scientists have confirmed the effectiveness of the prescription of Cleopatra, which took baths of donkey milk. Experts note that this product is extremely beneficial effect on the appearance. It was found that milk helps to get rid of excess weight and normalizes the functioning of the heart.

Milk - a product is certainly useful. However, regular consumption of cow's milk can cause the appearance of weight loss. With donkey milk is a problem you do not threaten. On the contrary, it is proved that the product improves the metabolism, which is an important factor in getting rid of the hated kilograms.

What is the secret of donkey's milk? Along with the fact that the fat content of milk donkey much lower amount of nutrients therein above. Rich in fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, the product reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Safety confirms the fact that it may be given to young children. And while no allergies! Finally, donkey milk - a rich source of calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth.

 Slimming News: replenish the arsenal of tools
 Tea: no longer have to choose
For many decades, scientists were arguing about how tea is more effective for losing weight - green or black. Typically, in these debates I won the green, but eventually managed to restore black tea's reputation in the eyes of the ladies who constantly sit on diets.

Finally, the researchers found that both types of tea - and black and green - are equally effective in improving the figures. This conclusion was the Japanese, in the course of the experiment proved that the drinks do not allow the body to gain weight, even if the person is not used to limit yourself to high-calorie foods. Especially important this discovery for losing weight, from time to time a diet, and generally trying to reduce the amount of calories consumed.

High-calorie diet of laboratory mice, coupled with regular tea consumption had no effect on the weight of the rodent. In this second group of mice that were not given tea, sick obesity. The researchers also point out that the drink is the prevention of raising the level of "bad" cholesterol, cancer, Type II diabetes, Parkinson's disease and cardiovascular disease.

Again, useful lists. Top 5
Experts not only make discoveries, but also regularly remind us that we happily forget. Recently it published a list that includes products that contribute to getting rid of "deposits" of fat in the abdominal area. So remember ...

- Cool potatoes . Great news for fans of the "second bread"! From potatoes do not have to give - just wait until it cools down. According to scientists, the cold potato is more useful. Also, it contains less starch. If the product is supplemented favorite salad dressing vinegar-based, it does causes the body to produce hormones that suppress appetite. But losing weight just what you need!

 Slimming News: replenish the arsenal of tools
 - Punching bag . Even very sweet pear - a minimum of calories, - scientists say. And therefore you should not indulge in this delicacy. Just one piece of fruit before breakfast - and you were filled, as well as provide the body with beneficial flavonoids.

- Seeds and nuts . This yummy does not spoil, even a high level of fat. The fact is that the fats in nuts and seeds polyunsaturated, that is helpful.

 Slimming News: replenish the arsenal of tools
 - Apple vinegar . Vinegar may be used as a salad dressing. This product triggers fat burning and prevents its deposition.

- Legumes . Summer - it's time to "pump up" the body with vitamins and minerals. Do not forget the legumes are rich in antioxidants. They are perfectly destroy animal fats, so again very soon you can easily fit into your favorite jeans!

Lose weight with pleasure!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya