Snacking wisely
 We have a snack anytime and anywhere. When we do not want to cook, when we busy when we on the road, just like that. But most of this snack contains as many calories as a complete meal, but the energy of it is not enough.

So, here are a few ideas on how tasty snack and what to eat, to be charged with energy.

Low calorie snacks

1. Licorice.   Recent studies have shown that it contains a substance that helps to reduce body fat. This is due to the fact that liquorice decreases appetite and affects the enzymes that are responsible for the accumulation of fat in the body.

 Snacking wisely
 2. Muesli bars. They contain only 130-140 calories. A wonderful option for those who want to sweet. It is possible to prepare itself or buy in any store.

 Snacking wisely
 3. Yogurt.   In this case, it is a natural yogurt. There is no such amount of sugar. You can replace it with low-fat yogurt. Do you want to change? Then add the berries.

4. Chewing gum.   It's hard to name snacks, but when you want something to chew on, and wants it to be delicious and low-calorie, then chew the cud. Ideally, of course, do it after a meal, not to harm your body. Chewing should be no more than 10-15 minutes.

 Snacking wisely
 5. Salad with apple.   Even the ancient physicians claimed that eating an apple a day can reduce the risk of various diseases. If you have 5 minutes, take the apple, clean it, mix with nuts and maple syrup. This mixture is not only tasty, but to satisfy his hunger and energize you.

 Snacking wisely
 6. Oatmeal noodles.   The store has a wide selection of cereals with various fillings. Pour the boiling water and tasty and healthy snack ready.

 Snacking wisely
 7. Fruit ice.   If it is hot outside, but want something cool, but you are dieting, Then try the fruity ice. It contains far fewer calories than other kinds of ice cream.

Food that energizes

Agree, when you sit on a diet, often feel tired all the time. This is because our body loses the different trace elements and substance. But there are some products that will help get the energy boost.

1. Tea, Mate.   It contains caffeine and other substances that will energize.

 Snacking wisely
 2. Dried apricots.   You can argue that it is not low-calorie. I agree but no one asks you to eat a kilogram. Suffice it to 5-6 pieces at dinner. In addition, you recharge your batteries, you will help your heart. After dried apricots contain many nutrients and minerals that help keep our cardiovascular system in good shape.

3. Brown rice.   It is rich in carbohydrates, which helps our brain work better. In addition, carbohydrates help to lift your mood.

4. rainbow trout.   Let's start with that the fish itself is useful because it contains the substance of omega-3, which has a mass of useful properties. And that, unfortunately, our body itself does not produce. So do not forget to include fish in your diet. The question is why it is mentioned trout? The fact that it contains eicosapentaenoic acid, which helps our cells to recover.

5. Dark chocolate.   I think that the wonderful properties of the chocolate you are heard. Those who can not stand dark chocolate, try to eat a little milk.

6. Cherry.   It's tasty and healthy product. It helps suppress appetite and contains substances that help disperse the blood.

 Snacking wisely
 7. Coffee.   In fact, so far there are disputes about how useful or harmful to coffee. In any case, a small cup of coffee can help you cheer up, only better to drink it in the morning, when the pressure is low.

8. Low-calorie ricotta cheese.   It contains a large number of amino acids that will energize. In addition, it contains milk protein, which is a good material for building muscle.

9. Sage.   Add a bit of tea and you feel that you become more energy. In addition, studies have shown that sage has beneficial effects on the human brain. Just do not use it constantly, as much good - it's too bad.

 Snacking wisely
 10. Chili.   Clearly, if this eat peppers, life will become merrier. And the thing that scientists have found in it a substance that stimulates the production of the hormone of joy. So, not only sex, sports and chocolate, can present us a feeling of euphoria.

11. Watermelon.   Useful properties of his weight, he even considered an aphrodisiac. It has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, helps clean the kidneys, and is very useful for men. In watermelon contains citrulline, which has a beneficial effect on male intimate area.

You should not make a sacrifice diet, because after you get rid of extra kilos, you will need the strength to rejoice this fact. Grow thin with the mind and be beautiful!
Author: Vera Karabutova