Spring - time for a soup diet
 Why soup?
What kind of diet?
How is it related to the spring?
I'll try to answer these questions ...

Soups and stew always been considered the main dishes of Russian cuisine. Who pasta, burgers, pizza increasingly displace our usual first courses. Lately, for some reason, Japanese cuisine is gaining popularity. However, the usefulness of soups proved nutritionists different countries. They recognize soups not only as a diet dish, but also as a salutary.

Soup Diet just assumes soup as a main dish for the day.

Why - soup?   The main ingredients of the soup diet are onions and cabbage. The soup is cooked thick, without the addition of potatoes, meat and fat. The feeling of saturation comes from the abundance of fiber, which contains an abundance of cabbage. Besides soup - low-calorie product, as in the preparation do not add fat and meat products. Eat all you like!

This soup diet can not be considered mono-diet. Consumption of soup punctuated intake of vegetables, fruits, and on certain days - boiled meat. Diet quite easily tolerated and is considered to be effective.

What is the essence of the diet?   Cooked soup, which can be used as you want, as soon as there is a feeling of hunger.

First day.   Between techniques add to the soup diet of raw vegetables.

Second day.   Add the fruit, all except bananas.

Third day.   Between the soup you can eat fruits and vegetables.

Beginning with fourth day   to the soup, you can add vegetables, fruits, low-fat milk and low-fat boiled meat.

Beginning with Seventh Day   You can add to the list of permitted food boiled rice, preferably brown.

During the diet, you should not drink alcohol. You can drink coffee and tea without milk and sweetener better. Water consumption is desired and is not limited.

The first days of the soup you can eat as much as you want. After the introduction of meat and rice - at least two times per day. If weight loss is going very fast - more than four kilograms in a week, it is better to take a break in the diet for 2-3 days. In the days when the diet is not adhered to, from soup to relax better. Diet is a people with a high body weight. It cleans the body, restores energy.

How to cook the soup diet ? Several bulbs and a small head of cabbage chopped and placed in a pan. This is the basis of soup. Optionally, you can add the mushrooms and any vegetables, except potatoes. The soup can be cooked on a potato broth. All crumbled vegetables pour water so that they are only hidden water. Soup bring to a boil and cook for two to three minutes under the lid. Instead of salt you can add powdered bouillon, soy sauce. If you still use the salt, then take half the norm. In any case, the soup should be salted insufficiently.

You can add spices, garlic, tomato paste and tomatoes. Additives diversify soup, it makes it easier to transfer a diet. The soup can take on the road or at work. It does not contain fat and can be eaten cold, warm and hot. So as your taste dictates.

How is the diet during Spring?   Very simple. It appears first spring greens. After a month on the shelves will pupyrchatye cucumbers, zucchini Kripen'ka, krasnoboky radishes. Then podospeyut tomatoes, peppers and eggplant - the right to enter the generous summer. It's time to start now, when we missed the juicy vegetable abundance. How can I deny myself the pleasure crunch cucumber and tomatoes snack in between techniques of soup? And add to soup zucchini slices youthful?

But the main argument for the beginning of spring soup diet - in our gardens, vegetable gardens, country cottages. Weeds are growing up! And most of the weeds are herbs in combination. What is not an addition to the therapeutic soup?

 Spring - time for a soup diet
 Stinging nettle.   Amazing utility herb that grows almost everywhere. Nettle is very useful, rich in vitamins and minerals. Nettle treats our vessels, improves blood. Part of the cabbage soup can be replaced with nettle leaf.

 Spring - time for a soup diet
 Amaranth . This garden amaranth. Very common weed, it leaves perfectly complement our soup. Amaranth has excellent healing properties. It's delicious, you can be sure.

 Spring - time for a soup diet
 Mallow . It's up, remember weed with round leaves, which spread along the ground, with small lilac flowers bloom and gives seeds that kids call up. Leaves can boldly take on cooking.

And even beet tops, celery sprouts, parsley, dill, basil, spinach and green onions. Dietary soup can vary to infinity, with such an extensive list of possible ingredients.

Cooking soup takes very little time, the cost can be varied by changing the composition of the products. Using the gifts of wild herbs, the diet can give healing properties.

Well, I have to convince you? Spring is in full swing, we will try the soup diet?
Author: Tamara Rozinsky