Supplements: Myths and Reality
 Biologically active additives to food or, more simply, dietary supplements have become part of our daily lives. Initially, they formed a controversial opinion. Many different opinions, rumors, speculation and gossip from the craze to full rejection. Portrayed entrenched myths and prejudice, often have nothing to do with the real destination of dietary supplements and their effects on the human body. What actually are dietary supplements, what their advantages and disadvantages, when they should be taken, if they have any contraindications? These and many other questions we asked the expert to answer the company "Amway" (owner of the brand Nutrilite), Candidate of Sciences Alexei Petrenko.

Myth 1: "BAA - the drug"

- Alex, what is BAD: drug or still biologically active food supplement?

- In Russia, as in most other countries, the law considers the biologically active additives (BAA) to food. Unlike medicines additives are used to diagnose and treat diseases, and promote the maintenance of essential body substances at physiological needs. In our country for many years it belonged to the society of dietary supplements as "light" drugs, or even as a means of alternative medicine. This is not the right idea. Supplements can not cure, it helps our body to resist various unfavorable factors.

- Is it possible to treat dietary supplements like medications?

- No. According to one of the classifications, biologically active additives are divided into nutraceuticals - sources of nutrients and parapharmaceuticals. The latter can be used for prevention and auxiliary treatment of diseases, as well as normalization of body functions. But in fact, in both cases, the additives do not themselves carry a therapeutic effect. This is the essential difference between dietary supplements from drugs.

- In some cases, they can be used to treat specific diseases?

- At the state registration of BAS supervisors very clearly define the scope of their application. As a rule, it is limited to using them as a source of substances with beneficial effects on the human body. Therefore, dietary supplements can be used in treating diseases only as an auxiliary component therapy, promoting healing.

Myth 2: "The supplements are no contraindications"

- How true is this statement?

- Not true. Supplements are part of the diet that we make in view of the many features, including our health and the specific characteristics of the organism. Well known for a number of foods that may have adverse effects on the human body in excessive quantities or under certain conditions (pregnancy, allergies, chronic diseases, etc.). For the selection and use of dietary supplements should be treated as carefully as in the planning of our food.

- Do BAA contraindications, and when necessary to consult with your doctor before you take them?

- Prior to the conclusion of a new product on the market is a bona fide manufacturer conducts long-term work to identify contraindications, which warns about the possibility of the consumer information on the label. In Russia, the safety and contraindications BAA is further supported in the process of state registration of the drug. As a general rule, we always recommend that you seek medical advice to pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

MYTH 3: "Taking a dietary supplement, you do not get sick"

- How effectively the impact of dietary supplements on the body's immune system and its ability to resist various diseases?

- As much as proper balanced diet of fresh and quality products efficiently affects the immune system and strengthens our body's ability to withstand external negative factors. The science of nutrition is well studied whole classes of biologically active components and their important role on human health is not in doubt. However, it is no secret that these days most of us just do not have the opportunity to provide their daily ration of all nutrients, and in this case, appears an urgent need for supplementation of dietary supplements. Minerals, trace elements, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fibers, etc., which are directly involved in the protective functions of the organism and whose deficit is characteristic of modern man, can be obtained with a daily intake of 1-2 supplements.

- Can they be regarded as an analogue fortifying vitamins and drugs that increase immunity?

- No, drugs concentration of vitamins in the tens of times higher than the physiological needs of the body. The therapeutic effect of drugs to be confirmed in clinical studies, as well as confirmation of contraindications. For the concentration of the components of dietary supplements is within the appropriate standards.

Myth 4: "Supplements may appoint a doctor! "

- How and who should issue recommendations or instructions on the use of dietary supplements?

- Everyone decides for himself what supplements to take him. After all, unlike most drugs, supplements are not required for the prescription and a doctor's appointment. When choosing a particular product should be guided by the manufacturer, expert advice and physicians. Also important is the reputation of the manufacturer in the country. Fortunately, in our market today, there are a number of bona fide domestic and foreign developers BAD, year after year confirms the high quality of its products. We strongly recommend that when buying BAA study, to find out the nature and purpose of components unfamiliar to you. Conscientious manufacturer or seller will always help you with the information of this nature.

Myth 5: "From dietary supplements in general is of no use! "

- As far as these allegations are true?

- Not true. Dietary supplements as food supplements, help a person to balance and enrich your diet the most important components, including trace elements, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. For weakened organism supplements can be an indispensable aid in the recovery from the effects of stress and physical exertion. Keep in mind that dietary supplements do not have a fast effect and for the full effects of dietary supplements require long and regular intake. That's when you, after many days of course, noted the general strengthening of the organism and improvement of various functions, that's when it can be assumed that the dietary supplements that you are taking, your body went "to taste."

Myth 6: "Taking dietary supplements can do no more there! "

- Can Supplements replace normal food?

- By definition, supplements are food supplements and not substitutes. Nothing can replace a unique set of nutritional foods that are formed by nature. Of course, modern technology tend to approximate the composition of dietary supplements to the components of food, but this is not the main aim in the production of dietary supplements. More important is the development of unique formulations of biologically active substances with a pronounced beneficial effect that can enhance our diet and to cover the deficit generated by various negative factors.

Myth 7: "dietary supplements - the best way to lose weight or, conversely, for gaining weight"

- Is it true that dietary supplements - an effective tool for weight loss and establishing the optimal weight?

- Of the variety of food supplements for those who control the mass of the body, can be identified as a separate category .  As is the case with the concept of dietary supplements in general, the appointment of such products completely misunderstood in our society .  The media are full of advertisements about the magic pill and lost hundreds of kilograms of happy patients .  For us it is obvious that if there is demand from the population living in the magical means, proposals of this kind will always be plentiful .  Unfortunately, there are no drugs exist, the reception of which suddenly reduce the weight, without causing adverse reactions and adverse disturbances in the natural metabolism .  Such disorders can lead to serious health consequences and 'outweigh' dropped miraculously kilograms .  Weight correction - is a complex program consisting of a special diet, nutritional supplements and a set of exercises, ie . e .  fitness .  When selecting a program should take into account the individual characteristics, contraindications, motivation, etc. . d .  Diet - is stressful for the body, and in programs of weight control dietary supplements designed to increase the amount of nutrients .  Another group of supplements aimed at improving the process of metabolism in the body .  Third - helps to normalize bowel function .  In all cases, supplements should be considered as part of weight control program, the success of which depends on all of its components . 

Myth 8: "Podsazhivanie" on Supplements - bad for the body "

- Is there an addictive organism to food additives?

- List of ingredients permitted for use in dietary supplements, compiled and approved by the public authorities with the participation of leading industry institutes in Russia and based on international experience. The purpose of this list - the definition of standards for the circulation of products not containing substances dangerous to humans, including addictive. Therefore, dietary supplement, regulatory compliance, can not cause addiction to any of the components. On the other hand, the quality of dietary supplements, which entered into daily life, and became a familiar dietary supplement family should only benefit.