Sweet life without harm to the figures
 "Sweetly live not forbid! "- Said the girl Masha, the main character of the cartoon" Masha and the Bear. " We - women certainly believe it. It's so nice to celebrate the end of a hard day with a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar to arrange a meeting for two with sweets and red wine. Reasons desired taste treat more than enough, that's just fun "sweet life" expensive figure. What to do? What to do?

Some truths are better known in theory or, at worst, the experience of others. I felt the full measure of the validity of these words, when for three winter months have recovered as much as 6 kilograms. I just did not know that only one "undeveloped" candy cane per day (for example, eaten at bedtime) repeated regularly - leads to weight gain two kilograms for a year! So, quite unconsciously, not including candies for afternoon tea, I began to multiply.

Although excess weight I was able to cope pretty quickly, the sediment still remained, and with it the main issue on the agenda - what a day rate of sugar is compatible with the slim figure? Is it possible to live without the sweet bitter consequences?

In search of truth

American nutritionists recommend the female population of the planet to consume no more than 100 calories per day, derived from sugar. For the stronger sex, the figure increased slightly - 150 calories. If we translate these measures in teaspoons - get 6 and 8 tablespoons of sugar a day.

Are you sure you invest in the rate? - Let me disappoint you! - In addition to sugar, deliberately added us hot drinks and desserts we eat is also the one that the producers of our "secret." In a different amount of sugar it is in cola and ketchup, mayonnaise and yogurt, bread and canned food, sausage and pasta. And even if you are used to scrutinize food labels before you buy, it still does not equalize the situation. There are more than 56 variants of the names of sugar that manufacturers may use in labeling the composition of the goods.

Really nothing can be done?

Sweet sugar

Alas, the only way out of the vicious circle - to limit consumption of "visible" sugar. That is, eat less bread rolls and toast, pastries and cakes, sweet drinks to forget. And if the love of all listed too strong - more involved in the sports hall, fitness center, actively burning calories.

At first glance it may seem that to follow this advice is difficult, but it is not. In Russia, as always used honey sweets, dried fruits, fruit, sweet fruit. Nothing prevents us to revive these traditions sweet feast. Discover the taste of flavored maple syrup or cloying birch sap. It is not only delicious, but also useful!

Alone with the "enemy"

What happens when sugar enters the body in large quantities? - Excessive amounts of sweet, city dweller who have long been familiar, cause the body to live in a busy rhythm. To produce more insulin needed to process glucose, which is a "direct route" to the insulin resistance, and as a consequence, diabetes.

Besides, sugar contributes to leaching of calcium and magnesium from an organism that is not the best way affects bone density. Hence - the frequent injuries, fractures in adulthood.

"White powder" has a negative impact even on sight! It is currently undergoing a comprehensive investigation of this medical problem. The harmful effects of refined sugar on tooth enamel - another indisputable fact.

And the fact that sugar - one of the causes of widespread diseases such as obesity - known even schoolboy. In any dietary management of the First Board of weight loss - to limit or even eliminate the use of pure glucose.

And what can be said about the benefits of sweet? - Is it not? - The benefits of sugar is small and very controversial. To notice beneficial changes in the body from eating refined sugar, you need to strictly abide by the measure, which is not always possible for the above reasons.

Sweet dependent

Many women notice improvement of health, the health and mood after eating sweets. This is especially noticeable during a severe mental stress or in the case of strong emotional stress. But the effect of tidal energy and joy is so short that consider it as a positive, even not necessary. Although this is the euphoria generates persistent dependence on the sweet, get rid of that without the help of a therapist is not easy.

The only option sweet life without consequences - go to useful sweets: sweet fruit, dried fruit, honey, molasses, maple syrup and birch sap.

Stay slim and healthy!

Author: Natalia Bartukova