Sweet trembling than the useful desserts jelly
 What to choose: a tasty, but harmful to the figures dessert or courage to abandon cake or candy? Many ladies have to deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy the goodies out of fear of extra kilos, which are then not in a hurry to leave our side. Today, however, we can not choose between "want" and "I will not", because there are desserts are equally enjoyable for both the tortured body's limitations and useful for health and beauty. For example, jelly. Never seriously did not belong to him? In vain! Especially for all the doubters - our article.

What part of the jelly?

Classic jelly consists of the following components: fruit juice or fruit compote, sugar, gelatin. All the components apart from the second useful for our body, therefore use in the preparation of sugar is best to limit or completely dispense with it.

 Sweet trembling than the useful desserts jelly

The main element responsible for corporate trembling effect dessert is gelatin. This substance is produced by extraction from the bones, tendons and joints of fauna: animals and fish. As a result of a complex process produced a sticky substance which subsequently crystallized. Healthier alternative to gelatin often perform other substances - agar and pectin, which are of vegetable origin. Thus, the first extract from the "bottom of the sea" of certain types of algae, and the second in abundance in apples, pears and plums. In both cases, "psevdozhelatin" also makes the desserts based jelly digestible, nutritious and low-calorie delicacies.

But is this good?

Of course not. Delicious "drozhalki" have a number of indisputable properties, working for the benefit of women's health and beauty. Still not convinced? Let's count together:

1) regular use of jelly in the food helps prevent arthritis and reduce the existing joint problems, and this is a direct path to well-being and ease of movement;

2) collagen, which is part of treats, heals and strengthens the indispensable attributes of female beauty - hair and nails, and the benefit to the skin and do not be overestimated. This substance helps her to remain firm and elastic;

3) the composition of the jelly is rich in B vitamins and carbohydrates, so the dessert easily helps to restore energy loss after training, and in the case of stress and depression begins to mobilize the body's defenses;

 Sweet trembling than the useful desserts jelly

4) present in the composition of jelly sweets based on nicotinic acid and inositol help to reduce the appearance of skin diseases. So if you suffer from acne, these dishes often include in your diet;

5) Jelly has properties make healthy tissues, removes toxins and reducing levels of "bad" cholesterol. This means a healthy heart, blood vessels and well-being provided frequent use desertov- "drozhalok";

6) low sugar jelly automatically translates into the category of low-calorie foods. You can without harm to the figures a celebration of the abdomen, allowing himself a portion of useful goodies.

 Sweet trembling than the useful desserts jelly

Do the so remarkable properties that you can use jelly without restrictions? Unfortunately no. Excessive consumption of foods with the addition of gelatin increases blood clotting, but this is fraught with the formation of blood clots. In addition, store jelly "of the package" often are composed of ingredients that are far from the concept of a healthy lifestyle. So the best way - 2-3 times a week to pamper yourself useful homemade dessert. Fortunately, today, the main difficulty in the preparation of food is only choosing the right prescription from a huge mass offered.
Author: Anna Hodchenkova