Sweets for joy ... as well as health and beauty!
 Is it really so useless, or even harmful, sweet desserts as often proclaim the authors of articles and books on nutrition. And is it really reasonable to deprive yourself of sweet dishes, or tormented by remorse, yielding to temptation and eating a piece of delicious cake or a batch of ice cream?

Of course, there is sweetness in favor of which we have no doubt - honey, dark chocolate, prunes, raisins, their ability to positively affect the health and prolongs youth, studied for a long time, and the question is, whether or not there - not worth it. There are only a few differences on the dose.

But most experts agree that the useful (and allowed) the dose of chocolate - 1/3 of the tile in the day, sweet fruit - the fruit of 2, honey - 3-4 teaspoons of sugar in food and drinks around - 3 teaspoons. While necessarily black chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or higher. In milk chocolate, milk and cocoa are very few, but as many as 98% sugar. From fruit is desirable to choose firm apples, pears, hard persimmon. In fact, besides a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, and they contain more fiber, which helps the bowels, displays the body of harmful products of metabolism. However, such "soft" fruits like bananas, grapes contain a lot of useful and renounce their use in any way do not need, just to observe moderation.

 Sweets for joy ... as well as health and beauty!
   Several stands out in this list of useful sweets halva . The word "halva" in Arabic means "sweetness", and in the east it is perhaps the most popular and favorite food since ancient times. Halva to classify dietary products, we can not, it was too high in calories - 100 grams of halva about 500 calories; it is a 2, 5-fold high-calorie bread and 2-fold high-calorie jam. But the sugar in it is not too much - just 30% of different sugars (candy, cakes to 80%). But in the halva is very rich in vitamin composition, which depends on the seeds of some oilseed crops (sunflower, peanuts, sesame seeds, almonds, etc.) it is cooked.

AT sunflower halva   a lot of vitamins B1, F1, E, which has beneficial effects on the heart and nervous system, improve immunity, positive effect on the skin and hair. Sesame halva is especially valuable for its rich mineral composition - zinc, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus. These minerals plus vitamins B1, C, F, E dictate its positive effect on the cardio-vascular, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, there is evidence that the use of this halva helps prevent osteoporosis, migraines, certain cancers.

Peanut paste   in large quantities contains vitamins PP, B2, B6, D. It is composed of magnesium, phosphorus, iron - minerals needed to protect body cells from damage by free radicals.

Thus, in addition to excellent taste and nutritional qualities, halva has unique biological value, rejuvenates and revitalizes the body, positive effect on the nervous system, improves circulation and digestion. In addition, vitamin E, containing halva, a very positive effect on the reproductive function, increasing the likelihood to acquire offspring.

Well, everything is clear with halva! You can and should use, but carefully, taking into consideration the high caloric content.

 Sweets for joy ... as well as health and beauty!
   And what about the ice cream   - A favorite delicacy of our childhood? Study the effect of ice cream on the health and emotional state of the people involved in the British scientists. And we found out that ice cream just makes us happy. Ingredients in ice cream, affect serotonin (hormone of happiness), which is in the brain and is responsible for the pursuit of pleasure, the consumption of ice cream reduces the effects of stress on the human (as well as banana and chocolate). In addition, milk and cream, of which make real ice cream contain tryptophan, which calms the nervous system and helps to cope with insomnia. Thus, a favorite treat children and women, relieves stress, has a soothing, sedative effect, treats chronic fatigue syndrome.

Besides ice cream (a natural cream) is one of the most balanced foods, it activates the metabolism, easily digested and perfectly satisfies cravings for sweets. Slowly digested and long leaves a feeling of satiety. Calorie it is not so great - from 150 to 250 calories, and fat content - 6-10%.

But a variety of sorbets, and popsicles useful properties of ice cream do not have, and often are tinted frozen vodichku with flavors and flavor additives, the truth and the calories in them is not much, and fats are not available, but the benefits are very questionable, except that the cooling effect in hot weather .

Related useful in small amounts, can be considered - marshmallows, candy and marmalade .

Marshmallow and pasta   prepared with fruit puree, sugar, protein and agar (agar). Agar producing red algae, has a positive effect on the body - and normalizes digestion, facilitates the work of the liver, is useful for the thyroid gland because it contained iodine. Agar contains calcium, iron, copper, vitamin E, and K B5 and zinc.

Especially useful jujube , It contains a lot of pectin - a substance extremely beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Pectin reduces cholesterol in the organism, contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, improving the peripheral circulation and intestinal peristalsis, acts as a natural "cleaner", purifying the body of toxins and noxious substances, and not disturbing the balance of the internal bacteriological medium.

Caloric content of these products at the expense of sugar is quite high - about 300 calories, but fat is not entirely.

Another class of desserts doubt - Baking: bread, rolls, biscuits, products and puff pastry.

 Sweets for joy ... as well as health and beauty!
   To figure the safest unleavened desserts (lean) test Whose base - flour, water and oil. This fresh strudels and cakes, especially with fruit filling. They have a small caloric value of 200 kcal, and very low fat content of 1-2%.

Lightweight, highly digestible and not too high-calorie dessert dough is biscuit For the preparation of which need only flour, sugar and eggs. Calories about 280 calories, the fat content of -10-15%.

British scientists suggest chocolate sponge cake as an immunostimulant, supplementing their traditional tea with lemon. This Tea Party join the content of vitamin C in the body and reduce the emission of stress hormones that destroy the immune system. Good for improving immunity and light muffin with vanilla and cinnamon. It turns out the flavors of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon contribute to the production of immunoglobulin A.

However, here the question arises: if the case only in flavor, it can be rather limited inhalation and eat a muffin and optionally? But let's not deprive yourself of a double pleasure - eat bun vdohnёm flavor, increase serotonin levels, because the immune system also depends on the mood.

The next safety is puff pastry But it should be careful - it is quite a large amount of butter, as well as the cakes puff pastry is usually thick coat with custard, these desserts are quite heavy for the body and calories - calorie 400 calories, with fat content - 25 - 30% .

The hardest part is shortcrust pastry . Such high-calorie ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, lots of butter or margarine, make desserts dough figures for the most dangerous and not good for health.
Caloric more than 430 kcal, and fat - 45%.

To conditionally harmful desserts, can be attributed to biscuit   and Wafers   factory production. The fact that any prolonged storage culinary products comprise a loading dose of sugar and fat, in addition, they include a so-called trans fats - a special kind of unsaturated fats that are harmful to cells.

By "good" desserts include natural yoghurt That had not been heat treated. They are living microflora beneficial digestion and gives strength throughout the body. To distinguish from other useful yogurt is simple - they do not have a long shelf life.

As you can see, from a variety of desserts, we can always pick up a "right", that is, those with a reasonable use of not only harm the figure, health and appearance, but also will benefit, give strength and energy for an active lifestyle.
Author: Olga Travleeva