The dark side of rapid weight loss
 So we waited for the heat! Spring and summer - the upgrade: new clothes, new makeup, new figure! Before hottest of days time left nothing at all, and after all, what woman does not dream to meet the warm season fully armed, that is - look delightful in any, the most daring outfit, including a swimsuit. And now, for many of the fair sex the most urgent task for the coming days and weeks of getting weight loss - fast and radical!

Well, the desire to leave, finally, with excess fat (if it really is a surplus) is an understandable and laudable. But along the way do not forget about the "side effects" quick weight loss to, first, do no harm to health, and secondly, do not get lost kilograms instead of problems with the appearance, besides those which would negate all the positive moments -found harmony.

After all, what we have Possible methods of rapid weight loss :

- Rigid diet, up to complete fasting,
- Relentless toil yourself physically demanding,
- Use of various miracle cures - tablets, teas, and so forth.

All these methods are quite risky and fraught with considerable risk. The resources of the body (both physical and psychological) are not unlimited, so easy to upset the balance and treat the effects of an emergency sgonki weight is not easy. Rapid weight loss has its dark side!

 The dark side of rapid weight loss
 At risk - skin, hair, nails
First of all, suffer from rapid weight loss skin, hair and nails. This is understandable - if the body is not received sufficient number of necessary elements or they are derived, not having learned the internal system of self-defense begins to select them from the less important organs (hair, skin, nails) and to direct more important (heart, liver, etc. .d.).

That's why lovers of strict diets often pay for slimness brittle hair and hair loss, pallor of the skin, its sagging and wrinkles earlier. Often there are problems with your fingernails. Also, if you lose weight slowly, the leather, which has the wonderful property of elasticity, have time to react to the process and tightened. If you lose weight quickly, you can easily get the sagging loose skin. While most vulnerable places that are most easily sagging, it is - the abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs, arms and chest.

Often, those who are exposed to frequent fluctuations in weight, there are extensions - unsightly strips of varying width, color from red to white and purple. There are stretch marks most often on the abdomen, the thighs and chest. Stretch marks (striae) - is intradermal skin tears, which are due to hyperextension of the skin, provided it reduced elasticity. However, in fairness, it should be said, is not always the blame for those pesky imperfections can be assigned to sharp fluctuations in weight, the reason may lie in the hormonal changes, and genetics also plays a role here. But if these deep internal reasons, we can affect a very small extent, in the case of stretch marks due to weight fluctuations, fault lies directly on our conscience.

And what is particularly annoying, getting rid of stretch marks - the process is very exigeant. Of course, to some extent it can be smooth and to reduce their appearance through various methods, such as chemical peels, together with mesotherapy, dermobraziya, laser resurfacing, cryotherapy, massage, creams and serums. But often, even the most seemingly effective methods do not give the desired result.

 The dark side of rapid weight loss
 Rapid weight loss - a reliable way to undermine your health!
The desire to lose weight in order to, at any cost, many women are capable of unheard of feats and risky experiments. Resorting to a rigid diet, vychёrkivaya from your diet entire food group, they deprive themselves of healthy nutrition and risk his own health.

Yes, because you can lose weight, strict diet   actually allow the body to quickly get rid of the extra kilos, losing at 500-1000 m. per day, but at what cost!

For example, popular "Protein diet" By which, in fact, you can lose weight fast enough (in a couple of weeks, "sitting" on the protein diet, you can lose up to eight kilograms), but the protein diet is not balanced, and this is a big minus. Your body will lose not only the extra kilos, but also vitamins, minerals, and fats. From this can suffer hair and skin, fatigue and insomnia appear, and the latest data in the body much increased level of revenues of nitro compounds that is fraught with many adverse consequences, including the risk of developing cancer of the intestine. Fiber is very useful for the intestine, this diet is virtually absent, as well as carbohydrates, but because they are the body's main source of energy that provides daily activities. Another negative - increased load on the kidneys.

Considerable damage to the body fraught with almost all currently advertised slimming . They can be divided into three groups: laxatives and diuretics (teas), silencing the appetite (or anorectics), and so-called "fat burners."

Laxatives and diuretics   - Are all possible slimming teas that promise, but the actual weight loss, more and cleansing of the body (removing toxins, etc.). It would seem that there is a dangerous - well, go a few extra visits to the toilet? The danger is! Such incentives excretory function leads to what is displayed, and a lot of useful substances, which simply do not have time to be absorbed into the blood, the blood is derived from potassium, endangering the heart, calcium is washed away, and it makes brittle bones and teeth. In addition, some types of laxatives senna, buckthorn, and they are often included in such teas, irritating to the intestines, and with constant use may even cause cancer.

Serious damage to health can be applied, taking without medical supervision anorectics   - Medicines that suppress hunger. Admission anorectics is of particular emotional state, against which loss of appetite. They actually reduce the appetite, but it is an extremely negative impact on the nervous system, the heart, can cause high blood pressure. Insomnia, nervousness, diarrhea, nausea, demolition work of the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys - it's all possible consequences of receiving anorectics. Is it too high a price for getting rid of a few extra kilos? And we should not rely too much on enticing advertising that promises fast and, most importantly, harmless   losing weight with the help of modern means of another.

Many drugs for weight loss, which ten years ago were offered by manufacturers as absolutely harmless to date simply not allowed to produce. For example, anorectics fenfluramine was withdrawn from circulation in the United States in 1997 after it was proven that he can provoke valvular heart disease and pulmonary hypertension. In many countries, it is currently listed in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, turnover of which is prohibited. And those anorectics, which are currently permitted for use, have a lot of side effects and many contraindications

Many claims can be presented and trendy lately "Fat" . Fat - one of the most common by far dietary supplements for weight loss. It is not that these drugs are absolutely useless. When combined with exercise and a low calorie diet, they do produce results. But the fact is that, while continuing to overeating and ignoring the physical activity on some "fat burner", you are unlikely to lose weight. So much of the "miraculous effect" of the drug lies within us - or rather, in our desire and efforts applied to it.

And another caveat - some manufacturers do not indicate on the labels of the full composition of the drug. This is dangerous, since there were cases when the examination of them found the potent drugs - for example, ephedrine, and even drugs and hormonal agents. But even if the composition is completely natural, it's not talking about his safety - after all, coca leaf and opium poppy, hemp and narcotic mushrooms, quite natural plant products.

 The dark side of rapid weight loss
 The quieter you go, the further you'll get!
No matter how trite it sounds, but to lose weight completely safe, you can only change the way of life, eating correctly and consistently and moderately impacting body physically.

Well, a quick course, weight loss is difficult to call. But this method is just a very reliable, proven and safe:

1. The calories consumed should be related to physical activity

2. should eat a fractional, small meals 5-6 times a day

3. The last meal 3-4 hours before bedtime

4. The dinner should be light - yogurt, yogurt, etc.

5. Drink enough water

If this method as the basis of life, the issue of rapid weight loss, or to the release of significant date will disappear by itself, you will always be in great shape!
Author: Olga Travleeva