The most simple recipes for cleansing and slimming
 Get rid of free agents in your body that sabotage weight loss. Use our recipes detox food, they will not allow you to have a lack of vitamins, but will speed up metabolism, and you can enjoy the silhouette of your dreams.

The main tool for you should be a large amount of water consumed per day. Be sure to start the day with a glass of water at room temperature, preferably with a lemon. The main snack for detox days - juices and water is still the same. Weight Loss planned fast enough because the metabolism in the detox diet is greatly accelerated.

Lemon detox diet
Some of the most impressive results give the lemon detox days. Many Hollywood celebrities have repeatedly boasted that their wonderful recipe for weight loss - lemon detox diet. The recipe is simple: mix 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice and 280 ml of pure filtered water. If the fasting day - the only such lemon water. On other days, just added to the daily ration of 5-6 glasses of lemon water a day. The course eating - a week.

Apple cleansing
Apple diet is extremely simple. It lasts only three days. During this course you need to eat only apples, apple juice and applesauce. Clean, with no added sugar or spices. You may find such a diet is boring and monotonous, but thanks to a large dose of antioxidants, in addition to weight loss, you feel like your body is entered in perfect condition. One caution - out of this diet is to green salads and snacks, the other products are introduced into the diet gradually.

 The most simple recipes for cleansing and slimming
 Tropical Detox
This - a cocktail of tropical fruits. They also have the effect of detoxification, which you can use to try. Entree tropical detoxification following: 1 cup of yogurt without sugar or additives, half a cup of juice freshly squeezed pineapple juice, 1 banana, half a cup of fresh orange juice. All mixed in a blender. It remains only to enjoy the perfect metabolism and condition of the digestive tract that await you. Moreover, vitamins are necessary for the body to be present that will not allow disrupt internal organs. Spending is fasting day on such a cocktail, or simply include it in the usual diet.

Purification and slimming with cinnamon
Clean your colon detox can be tentatively called "cinnamon." During this diet is to eat only natural products, without treatment, they will give vitamins and energiiyu during the day. A mix of the following will help solve the problem of poorly working intestines: a cup of green tea, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of honey. All thoroughly. Drink should be in the form of heat, you just enjoy the taste and aroma of the beverage. And at the same time stimulate the body to intensive cleaning. You can arrange fasting days, eating in the morning and evening is this tea, and in the afternoon - water and light fruit.

 The most simple recipes for cleansing and slimming
 Juices and smoothies for cleansing and slimming
Then - a few very easy recipes home juices and cocktails that can accompany any diet or may be included in the regular diet. They speed up the metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. The result - not only the effect of weight loss, but also good skin, healthy hair and nails, and a good mood.

• Apple + Pear
Cleansing plus rich in vitamins. Mix in a blender 2 apples and 2 pears. You can not clean, just to ease the pre-cut into pieces. The desired effect of detoxification and weight loss can be achieved by drinking the juice puree twice daily.

• Cucumber Lemon +
Surprisingly, these two ingredients are combined perfectly. Nutritionists just delighted with this structure. Mix in a blender 1 cucumber and lemon floor. If you drink the juice at least twice a day, you will notice how it will nourish your energy and improve metabolism.

 The most simple recipes for cleansing and slimming
 • Grapefruit Lemon +
To create this tropical juice, mix 2 grapefruit, 1 lime and 1 lemon. Powerful charge of vitamin C and magnesium. Rids the body of harmful free radicals. Sweet grapefruit can also be used, although the effect is the best mix of sour grapefruit.

• Celery juice
This juice is completely cleanse the toxins, in addition, it is very pleasant to the taste. But you can do detox cocktail from the following ingredients: 3 stalks celery, 1 apple, 1 beet. Thanks to him, the metabolism is accelerated, and the extra weight goes.

• Winter melon + apple juice
It is very tasty, believe me! And the weight is melting before our eyes. 1 apple, 150 grams of winter varieties of melon, 1 teaspoon of honey. You will need a juicer to make a homogeneous juice without pulp. Should consume at least one cup per day. Course - 1 week.

Author: Vasilisa Cousin