To help losing weight: foods and dishes with negative calorie
 One of the basic rules of weight loss - to spend more calories than you eat up. But there are helpers in losing weight as a negative calorie foods. Many have heard the term. This means that the processing of such products organism spends more calories than they contain. And a lot of them!

There is a list of fruits and vegetables, and there are entire meals with negative calorie slimming girl who wrote to help us. Try to list at least basic.

"Eat and grow thin" - in its purest form!
What is the "negative calories"? This means that the processing of negative calorie foods, to extract energy from these foods, the body must spend enough effort. And, despite the fact that some products contain the same number of calories, they may differ exactly by this indicator - how readily the body of which extracts energy. That is, the same number of calories and the body can burn fat, and on the other hand, get fat, it all depends on what kind of product we eat.

Consider this complex postulate a simple example. For example, we have a dessert of 400 calories (actually, 400 kcal). For its processing organism spends 150 calories (150 kcal), the remaining 250 calories added to your fat stores, or should be burned at the gym. At the same time, a piece of celery worth only 5 calories the body will require more energy to be processed: to chew and digest. It turns a net loss of calories! And the more we consume these products will be, the more we will lose weight. Simultaneously, the presence of such amino acids and vitamins products does not allow to lose muscle mass.

So, the motto of slimming "Eat and grow thin" is not just an attractive appeal, but the formula works!

 To help losing weight: foods and dishes with negative calorie
 The coveted list of products and foods with negative calories
These products will have the most benefit if they consume separately, without any other empty calories. Most of these fruits and vegetables can be eaten in almost unlimited quantities, and the dishes - just large portions. At the same time, if we combine negative calorie vegetables with meat or fish, then at least superfluous nothing will burn, but significantly improve the metabolism.

• Buckwheat.   Yes, do not be surprised. Not in the form of porridge! On the night of buckwheat pour water. In the morning we eat. This dish has a negative calorie. A similar effect is observed in some other cereals, but not sticky!

• Vegetables:
- Celery
- Beets
- Cabbage
- Carrot
- Chili pepper
- Cucumber
- Watercress
- Garlic
- Green bean
- Bow
- Radishes
- Zucchini

 To help losing weight: foods and dishes with negative calorie
 Vegetables such as broccoli, leeks, turnips, spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, show less negative calorie impressive performance, but can also be attributed to the list of such vegetables.

• Fruits and berries:
- An Apple
- Blueberries
- Pineapple
- Mango
- Cranberries
- Grapefruit
- Lemon, Lime
- Papaya
- Raspberries
- Strawberry
- Tomato
- Mandarin
- Watermelon

It is important to:   here we are talking only about the savory varieties! And negative calorie can be achieved only if no added sugar, powdered sugar, honey. If the stew - it is also absolutely no added sugar.

 To help losing weight: foods and dishes with negative calorie
 Some more arguments
Naturally, nutritionists and doctors could not examine the effect of the so-called negative calories. For example, one of them spent Dean Ornish, MD, of the University of California (San Francisco). He was interested to investigate the effect of such products on people over 40 years (it is known that at the age metabolism slows down). Besides, his subjects suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Now, almost everyone who went on a vegetarian diet with lots of negative calorie foods have lost up to 20 pounds (9 kilograms is almost), and the condition of their heart activity not deteriorated. The size of the portions and exercise remained the same as they were before the transition to a new diet!

But the main conclusion is that scientists do - with negative calorie foods do not destroy internal organs, as happens during starvation, for example.

 To help losing weight: foods and dishes with negative calorie
 And for a snack
Naturally, constantly eating spinach and celery are not worth it. Meals should be varied, then the body will not require the "empty calories" because really, it's just a desire to get a variety of foods. Therefore, you can enter in your whole menu with a negative calorie food. Do not forget to add the above products in sauces, sandwiches, soups, it will only improve metabolism.

• Lentils with spinach.   Recipe for 4 servings. Require:
- One cup of lentils (with peel)
- One cup of chopped spinach
- One tomato, chopped
- One green chili pepper, chopped
- A little grated ginger
- One clove garlic, crushed
- A little bit of parsley, finely chopped
- Two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice
- 3-4 cups of water

It would take spices:
- ¾ teaspoon red chili powder
- ¾ teaspoon black pepper powder
- Salt to taste

Cooking method:   Thoroughly rinse the lentils. Soak in water for about an hour. The remaining ingredients, place in a saucepan, bring to a boil and add the lentils. Let brewed up until lentils are soft (approximately 20 minutes). Eat hot.

• Cabbage soup.   Tasty and easy! Recipe for 6 servings. Require:
- 5 onions, chopped
- Two paprika, chopped
- Two tomatoes, chopped
- Cabbage, small head, chopped
- One cup of celery stalks, celery, washed, cut the leaves and cut stems.
- Tablespoon parsley, finely chopped
- Half a teaspoon of black pepper
- Salt to taste

Cooking method:   Boil the water, and put all the vegetables. Cover and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes. Vegetables should be soft. Strain the vegetables and make a puree in a blender. Add the puree to drain the water. Add pepper, salt. Garnish with parsley.
Author: Julia Shestakova