Now there was a very fashionable and healthy trend - monitor not only their appearance, but their diet. It's no secret that good nutrition primarily affects our beauty. Improves skin, hair and nails. So, I propose to dilute the daily ration of nuts.

It has long been believed that Pine nuts   the ability to heal a person from any ailments. The grain of truth in this. Cedar nuts contain very useful for the body vitamins, proteins, amino acids, trace elements.


B vitamins are beneficial effect on the nervous system, contribute to the improvement of the blood. Vitamin A promotes growth and development. Vitamin E improves muscle performance, thanks to him fats are better absorbed in the body. Macro and trace elements contained in cedar nuts, support the work of all the important processes in our body.

Thus, the use of these nuts will facilitate:
- Rapid healing of wounds;
- The strengthening of not only nervous, but not least, the cardiovascular system;
- Improve immunity, and it is very important not only for adults but also for children;
- To combat vitamin deficiency;
- Normalization of pressure;
- Fighting the common cold;

Do not forget that everything is good in moderation, so get involved use pine nuts is not necessary. It takes less than 100 grams a day.

Improve memory, the liver and heart help Walnut .


It contains vitamins such as A, E and B. The use of this nut is especially necessary for those who adhere to a vegetarian diet. It significantly reduces the need for organism in proteins. If you have thyroid disease, the walnut helps in curing it, because it contains iodine. Also, the use of this nut will help in the treatment of anemia, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve mental performance and even relieve stress. The day should eat no more than 3-4 nuts.

It is not recommended to use these nuts in diseases of the intestines!

Also recommended for use walnut oil   in the treatment of wounds and burns, tuberculosis. Also, it is useful to pregnant and lactating women. Walnut oil has been used in cosmetics to moisturize dry skin.

To improve the condition of skin, hair, teeth and complexion will help almonds . This is due to vitamin E and trace elements, acids, protein and fiber. Almonds - a real storehouse of nutrients!


This nut will help people suffering from digestive disorders. For those who are watching their figures, Almonds help to keep the desired weight. Also this nut helps in the treatment of lung and kidney.

Improve metabolism and slow the aging process will help hazelnut .


Protein and vitamin E contained in this nut, affect our muscle tissue, strengthen the body. It will help with hypertension and elevated cholesterol levels. Also, hazelnut improves brain function, and therefore does not replace for pupils, students and knowledge workers. Varicose veins? Then start today eat these nuts. Hazelnut help cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system.

Hazelnut oil   It contains vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Due to calcium hazelnut oil strengthen bones. Vegetarians, eating this oil in food, can receive the necessary amount of protein. Remember that this oil is in storage in heat can get a bitter taste, so store it in the refrigerator.

The benefits of nuts in general and particular, can talk endlessly. The main thing that they all have infinite benefit to our body, so they must be included in your diet.
Author: MIRovaya