Useful sweets
 Is it possible to have sweet health benefits? No harm, but on the contrary, have contributed to the beauty of shape, skin and hair? Our answer is - YES!

All of us know firsthand that there can not be many sweets, but rather they do not have, because they are spoiled from the figure, teeth and skin. However, oddly enough, this is not entirely true. Complete rejection of tasty treats, too not very good effect on our health. So, it's time to figure out what harmful than helpful and candy on our table.

White Death or the sweet life?

Normal for us sugar has long been a cornerstone of scientists, nutritionists, gastroenerologov. Is devil as he is painted?

Sugar - a domestic name sucrose, cane or beet sugar, it is biologically valuable food product due to glucose, which is formed during cleavage in the gastrointestinal tract. Glucose is able to provide more than half the energy our body. In addition, sugar promotes the release of the hormone of happiness - serotonin, which is responsible for our good mood.

Important!   Besides regular sugar in nature there are lactose (milk sugar), maltose (malt sugar) and fructose (fruit sugar) contained in the respective products.

However, according to US experts, excessive consumption of sugar contributes to reduced immunity and therefore resistance to bacterial and viral infections, increased levels of glucose and insulin (which can lead eventually to diabetes), causing copper deficiency, contributes acidity accelerates age-related changes etc.

 Useful sweets
   So complete rejection of sugars or excessive use of it are equally harmful to the body So in this case it is necessary to use the principle of the golden mean. Unfortunately, reduction in sugar consumption is not limited to failure of cakes, cookies and sweets, as almost all manufacturers of food products are introduced into their compounds or that sugar to improve taste, so you need to carefully read the label and control the amount of sweet products (nutritionists recommend consuming no more than 60 g per day). A sweet tooth can be recommended pay attention to the sweetness of sugar-free, tasty and healthy.

Dried fruits

Dried fruit - this is the most useful form of sweets. In the dried fruit contains a large number of required mikroelemen¬tov, biologically active substances and vitamins. The information contained in dried fruits, fructose, because of peculiarities its chemical structure, does not raise blood insu¬lina. In dried fruits contains calcium (strength of our nails and hair health), potassium (health nervous system and heart), iron (circulatory system). Fiber and pectin, contained in these natural products, normalize the work of our digestive tract.

Interesting!   In the dried fruit contains calories less than half in the sugar.

Caution   Excessive consumption of dried fruit is fraught with flatulence and diare¬ey. Nutritionists advise that an adult eat 3-5 do¬statochno dried fruits dried apricots or prunes.

Natural marmalade

Marmalade - another useful sweetness. At the confectionery factories produce squish based pa¬toki, pectin and gelatin. According to recent research scientists, gelatin, as Ironically, it is useful for muscles, skin, hair and blood vessels. Pectin promotes the excretion of toxins and shla¬kov, cleanses the intestines, reduces cholesterol in the blood.

Interesting!   Sometimes the natural marmalade added seaweed agar in order to increase its beneficial properties.

Caution   Due to the development of new technologies in the production of jellies are often used cheap zheliteli (gelatin, starch, artificial pectin) and artificial colors. Natural marmalade, and therefore useful, you can only get from quince, apples and apricots.


Halva - a popular Eastern delicacy. In spite of its caloric content (in the halva includes sugar, honey or molasses, nuts and egg yolks or substitutes), halva has unique properties: It rejuvenates the body, calms the nervous system, improves circulation and digestion. Its biological value is Eastern delicacy obliged its member proteins, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and organic acids.

Interesting!   Manual halva still make only in Iran, and it is considered the best in the world halva.

Caution   In the Russian industrial production are used sugar and molasses instead of honey, which is currently used only in the home recipes.

So, if the candy on your desk made from natural products (fruits, nuts, honey), then the reasonable use they will only favor zdoro¬vyu as a natural stimulant of life activity.
Author: Inna Sedykh