We struggle with cellulite and overweight
 Just think - girls of all ages from around the world spend every day a considerable share of their income to get rid of the insidious enemy of beauty - cellulite. Using the universal female weakness - a desire at all costs to return the charm and charisma, experienced professionals specialized salons are developing more and more new methods to eliminate it.

By the way, according to statistics, 25% of Russians are concerned about their weight. And at least a third of them try to imagine the action of salon procedures for weight loss.

In the list of services the metropolitan and provincial salons appear tempting offers an anti-cellulite body wraps, elimination of body fat using ultrasound, a correction pulse of energy, and so on. D. Seeing gimmicky means of solving their problems, many of us often forget that to start the removal of excess Weight should be ... at home.

Perhaps a number of proven advice on proper nutrition, selection of loads and other aspects of weight loss without the clever techniques will help you keep a personal budget. The choice is yours!

 We struggle with cellulite and overweight
 A strict diet or a low-key diet - what is more effective?

The fact that losing weight you must carefully review their daily menu - it is an axiom. The only question is, on what basis is the new diet plan - sharply restricting or moderate control.

Although, of course, during any cycle of anti-cellulite treatments often convince women that after they pass, they can not be afraid of the figure and not limit itself to the food - it is worth remembering that this might be another trick of professionals. After returning to the usual diet, full-bodied women sometimes feel the need to return to a familiar program of weight loss.

One of the professional and harmful tricks of our time is the hidden (and overt) advertising of so-called light breakfast cereals, low-fat and similar low-calorie foods. In fact, these products can not replace a full meal (because the content needed for the body components are minimal). Plus, when they are used, we do not feel satiety, and the need for the usual food again and again pulls us into the kitchen.

By the way, according to a study in Texas epidemiologists, diet sodas do not reduce, but rather increase the number of centimeters in waist circumference. However, scientists from other parts of the world have repeatedly confirmed that the so-called sweet foods without sugar specifically affect the brain, causing increased appetite.

Therefore, nutritionists recommend not to wear body like dishes and bypass the tenth expensive dietary products. In the same way, by the way, as well as special products that provide a temporary effect, and the opposite effect after the course of their application.

 We struggle with cellulite and overweight
 It may sound a bit strange to priverzhenok fangled diets, but the long-awaited effect can be obtained as soon as possible, it is not excluded from the diet of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is important to only use them wisely dosed, thinking over the form in which they enter the body. And, of course, combining proper nutrition with moderate exercise.

So, it is necessary to know that among the protein and fat-containing products have a number of so-called anti-inflammatory, which helps eliminate fat faster swelling in those places where it is needed. This in combination with the special daily exercises, they help to strengthen the muscle mass (and hence the formation of a beautiful figure). In addition, because of them supported by the elasticity of blood vessels.

By useful protein viands include, in particular, chicken, turkey, rabbit, some seafood specialties (trout, salmon, tuna).

The judgment that carbohydrates spoil the figure can not be called uniquely true. Keep in mind that the formation of excess weight promote simple, digestible carbohydrates that we consume, along with delicious pastries made with white flour, pastries and other sweets. Also in the list of carbon containing harmful food additives include sugar, salt, artificial sweeteners, a part of lemonades.

Complex carbohydrates that are part of cereals, legumes, products made of rye flour gives a feeling of satiety and saturate the body with the necessary energy. With their moderate consumption can prevent problems with excess weight.

 We struggle with cellulite and overweight
 In addition, some anti-inflammatory products from the garden, which contains useful simple carbohydrates promote weight loss. These include, in particular, red berries, pomegranates, kale, spinach, onion, garlic, ginger, cumin. Along with them are considered to be true diet and some dried fruit (such as raisins and dried cranberries).

In addition, it is worth noting that reliable allies in the fight against excess weight may be various kinds of nuts and canola oil. Including them in your daily diet helps to eliminate fat.

On the aspects of physical activity
The importance of proper and regular loads written many papers. Water, acrobatic and other methods of fat burning activities tailored to the long-term practice. They are based - study of the effects of certain exercises on the body.

 We struggle with cellulite and overweight
 Therefore, professional trainers specialized sports and recreation facilities often talk about the individual approach when setting the duration and number of sessions. We only want to add that to listen to the needs of the organism and the choice should be the nature of training and planning regime of their visits.

So, if in addition to your weight loss plan is the skin recovery and adaptation to seasonal changes in the weather - you must purchase a subscription for access to the pool and stop the election on a normal voyage. If you feel that you need complex and intense stress on different parts of the body - sign up for fitness classes.

Combine business with pleasure (in the sense of pleasure from the water treatments and slimming) makes water aerobics. And relieve physical and mental stress and improve body control allows Pilates.

By the way, some of the exercises listed systems are often broadcast on popular channels. Thus, today we have the opportunity to regularly take care of themselves, without leaving the house (just by clicking a specific time on the button of the TV!).

In order to achieve a quick and maximum effect you can apply to training with caffeine cellulite cosmetics. It is proved that it helps to activate fat cells, and rapid removal of excess fat during exercise.

Strengthen the effectiveness of training and technology can self-massage (descriptions which are found, in particular, methods of stroking, rubbing, pressing, kneading and pats). They all require concentration, caution and, of course, time. Ideally, they need to take 30-60 minutes. about once every one or two weeks.

What could prevent it?
About obstacles encountered on the way to a beautiful figure, you can not even guess. However, they can ruin your plans.

For example, many believe that by reducing appetite, smoking helps win the fight against obesity. However, not all unfortunately aware of the fact that nicotine complicates the process of supplying cells with oxygen, becoming a reliable friend of cellulite.

This has a negative effect, by the way, and the shallow breathing, due to which the blood does not get enough oxygen. And as difficult for smokers to do the right deep breaths, filling the entire volume of air the lungs, they get double damage.

Another common misconception is that alcohol is received after feasts, it helps get rid of calories dialed. On this theory, by the way, it is associated a number of "alcoholic" diets. Their priverzhenka need only remind you that calories are in all alcohol-containing products.

Partially replacing them food (as do some foreign lovers of extreme diet) is not recommended. Their calories - empty and do not give a feeling of satiety, and misuse can lead to more serious consequences than the overweight. We must remember that favor your figure and health can bring only one glass (or a glass) favorite alcoholic beverage made from natural ingredients (for example, berries).

Finally it should be said that this care of the self helps us to remain excellent. Caring for this, of course, should be manifested in the effort to rid your body of all the excess (in particular, the excess fat). But it should not be shown in the grueling torture, experiments and extra costs. It should help us to something that brings pleasure.
Author: Alla Pilipenko