What to eat to lose weight? Part 1
 Beaten line from a joke accurately reflects the right strategy in the struggle for the right weight and the desired shape. We can not give up eating, No! What to do if you suddenly begin to grow weight? Sometimes quietly, sometimes fast ...

I do not trust diets! Any diet, if it promises magical results compiled so as to cause stress in the body, shake the work force of metabolic processes and mobilize available savings. But stress passes, the diet is over, and then what? The body will unfold in the opposite direction: the return loss.

Of course, diet can help to quickly bring yourself into shape, to lose two or three kilos. Especially, if we choose it carefully and balanced set of recommended products, - the number of calories consumed will not lead to the degeneration of the body. But if the scales menacing surpasses the mark with the number of your norm, most reliable way - transform their eating patterns. Lose weight sensibly and consistently audit your help ruthless passions.

And here in front of you is a sheet with an oath "not to have had," where long list spelled cakes, pies, cakes, fried potatoes, sausage ... The list is long, but to console themselves "instead of"? Let's try to find foods that help you lose weight.

 What to eat to lose weight? Part 1
 Of course, first of all included in the new diet of vegetables

• Cabbage. Make it a staple of their diet. Stewed, steamed, boiled, fresh, finely planed in salads and fermented according to traditional recipes - cabbage will work on your harmony. Vitamin C, tartronic acid and fiber contained in the cabbage in abundance, making this vegetable diet queen of the table.

• Carrot. Grated carrots - a real broom for the intestines. If carrots nastrogat large cubes and carry in the box, the hand will always be a means of "jams" the appetite.

• Beet. Pickled beets, stewed, boiled in salads - eat it as you want. Beet lowers the pressure increases hemoglobin cleans the liver and kidneys. Feel free to include in our menu.

 What to eat to lose weight? Part 1
 • Onions and garlic. Yes Yes. These are two natural fat burner. Garlic can be added to salads, in soups, in stews, if there are no problems with the pancreas - can swallow two or three times a day for a piece. Garlic smell repay walnuts, a couple of sprigs of parsley, cloves (spice), chewed afternoon, apple, eaten as a snack. Onions help the body cope with meat, heavy food. It is fashionable to lose weight in the onion soup. A very effective soup and gives amazing results.

• Pumpkin. Perfect for desserts for losing weight: baked apples, stewed with a spoon of honey, cooked in a sauce, a glass of juice. Pumpkin lull your cravings for "sweetie", at the same time to saturate the body with vitamins and microelements. Pumpkin contains a unique substance that helps to digest a heavy meal, it's a friend of ours in the fight against fat.

• Potatoes. The fact that potatoes are fattening on - it's a myth. Fattening of fried potatoes and mash with butter and milk. Boiled potatoes or washed and baked in foil directly in the skin, does not hurt. Provided that you do not add it to the butter, mayonnaise and cheese. With salads, sauerkraut with salted cucumber. Here is what you need, what we're looking for.

• Celery. Do not give any of the greens, either from the root. This is - an excellent additive to soups and salads, has many medicinal properties and is not burdened with calories. Celery normalizes hormones and regulates the metabolism. Indispensable in the diet menu.

All vegetables that they really help to lose weight, you need to cook without fat and oils, without mayonnaise. Vinegar, soy sauce, ketchup, a pinch of sugar, salt, a little mustard - it's all what you need to improve the taste of vegetable dishes. But, if no additives can then add to the salad a little yogurt or yogurt, simmer, add a spoonful of vegetable oil. If the olive oil you can not afford to buy in the drugstore linseed. It tastes good, very useful and inexpensive.

In second place in our new food sources of protein post

 What to eat to lose weight? Part 1
 • Dairy products with a low percentage of fat in the composition. Yogurt and cottage cheese - is not just a drug for our stomach and intestines. Dairy products - an invaluable source of vitamins, trace elements, valuable proteins and bacteria, healing for the microflora. Their main useful feature - the ability to improve intestinal microflora. Fasting days kefir, kefir as an intermediate meal, a cup of yogurt at night - in any case you will feel the effects of its use.

 What to eat to lose weight? Part 1
   • Boiled meat. Yes, the meat will not give up. A piece of boiled or cooked in foil with vegetables meat - the perfect choice for a wholesome, but dietary dinner. Choose lean meats, poultry, rabbit. Complete piece of meat a good portion of vegetable salad, and you long to lull his greedy stomach.

 What to eat to lose weight? Part 1
 • Fish and seafood. If you have the opportunity to add to the diet of seafood, you - lucky. Fish and seafood - a valuable source of protein, fish oil, iodine. They are low-calorie and very helpful. Not only for the figures, but also for the skin, hair. Only, again, we boil, steamed or baked. Flavored with soy sauce and lemon juice. You can pamper yourself at lunch and dinner.

 What to eat to lose weight? Part 1
 • Eggs. Despite the fact that eggs are considered a source of cholesterol, they are suitable for the new-style food. They are low in calories, but the white part - the source of protein and the yolk is rich in active ingredients, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements. For a diet suitable hard-boiled eggs, in addition to vegetables, and "pouch", in addition to breakfast.

• Legumes. If you soak the peas or beans on the eve of the cold water and wash out a few times before cooking, reduce the "musical" ability of these useful products. But there is lentils, which does not lead to a marked flatulence. Overall - Beans, beans, peas, lentils -very useful for digestion. They saturate the body with easily digestible protein and valuable amino acids.

Legumes are high in calories, but the condition is the same: how can less fat, more vegetables. Cook immediately kilogram of peas or beans, cool in the broth, then fold in a colander and let drain. Put in a plastic bag and freeze, giving a flat shape. Now you can at any moment to break off the frozen beans and add to the stewed vegetables in soups or salads. Very comfortably.

Green beans, on the contrary, low-calorie, so they can be taken as a side dish to meat. But they are also rich in protein, so our muscles will be grateful.
Author: Tamara Rozinsky