What to eat to lose weight? Part 2
 Products on which lose weight - this is not fiction. Every nation has the secrets of good nutrition, traditional favorite, inherited from grandmothers recipes. Our ancestors were much wiser than us and closer to nature. Intuitively, people's experience singled out the "right" foods. We have only to remember and apply in practice the forgotten knowledge.

What can be distinguished in Russian cuisine for "pohudatelnogo" feast? Centuries of experience cooking meatless dishes tells a lot low-calorie, sparing our body recipes. But focus on cereals.


Yes, calories, but carbohydrates. But cereals contain trace elements, are rich in fiber, perfectly saturated and is a real joy for the stomach.

You eat cereal? From bags and do not require cooking? No, this is not cereal, it's a parody of healthy dish. This porridge is cooked by longing, gradually swelling grain particles. If the package is less than the cooking time of ten minutes, even for the oatmeal, do not take this the croup. Grain thermally processed and have lost some nutritional value. Long cooking cereals (barley, rice, oats) can soak overnight.

Cook oatmeal, grits immersing in boiling water, the rate of the glass grains to two glasses of water to crumbly porridge and 1: 3 for semi "gruel", over low heat.

 What to eat to lose weight? Part 2
 Buckwheat and oatmeal are useful even for diabetics, rice fine prints toxins, and barley, and millet porridge - just natural sorbents.

There recipe "pshёnnogo bread." Glass washed millet poured into a liter of boiling water and cook for about an hour on low heat, stirring from time to time. Boiled mass needed to cool in a broad low form. When the mass hardens to the toughness, it can be cut off pieces and eat instead of bread, with any products. Millet absorbs fats, toxins and salts removes from our body, helps in controlling weight.

Kashi is necessary to use oil-free, sugar-free, with a little salt, and cook on the water, no milk. Such a mess, and we need for breakfast. Serve healthy cereal will give energy for the day, saturate for hours and prepare the stomach for dinner. In the afternoon, porridge is better not to get involved.

Fruit. We got to the favorite of all the gifts of nature

 What to eat to lose weight? Part 2
   • Apples. These benefits are available to us all year round. Apples are invaluable harmonious blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fiber. The British came to the conclusion that apples are able to rejuvenate the body, prolong life and cleaned of toxins and impurities. If you eat two apples in the evening, the night they help to recycle all surplus eaten the day before. Apples successfully compete with our kilos of fresh, as juice, as an additive to porridges. Bake as many as a dozen apples and will be provided for 2-3 days excellent dessert.

• Citrus. All citrus fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C. In winter, when the fruits of apples and pears to lose vitamins and accumulate starch, citrus essential vitamin its broad palette. In addition, they are low-calorie. Do not throw away the peel of citrus fruits, brew with boiling water, let it brew for about fifteen minutes and pour into the prepared infusion bath. Essential Oils and Useful bitterness crusts will make your water treatment pleasant and helpful.

 What to eat to lose weight? Part 2
 • Kiwi. Surprisingly, it turns out, the kiwi - fruit of artificially bred by breeding and widespread in the world in the second half of the last century. Kiwi - a fountain of vitamins. One fruit will fully cover the daily requirement for vitamin C. Kiwis cleanses the blood vessels, successfully resists atherosclerosis, burns fat, boosts immunity. Magnesium, which is contained in the amazing fruit is needed as an antidepressant. Do not neglect these fruits.

• Pineapple. The fact that the pineapple - the natural fat burner, is no longer news. Practically, in the pineapple has all essential vitamins and minerals. Pineapple tidies vessels, is a good antioxidant, prevents the development of tumors. Just one fruit per week, divided equally by the number of days, and you firmly confront the new kilogram. Do not try to throw hard central core. The core contains the greatest amount of bromelain, the active fat-burning substances. You can pamper yourself with frozen or canned pineapple, canned but should be no added sugar.

• Seeds. Yes, seeds are very helpful and have a low glycemic index, that is rapidly cleaved in the body. Sunflower or pumpkin seeds well deceiving our appetite, so keep a reserve bag of sunflower seeds at home.

As you can see the range of products to help lose weight, is quite wide. There are plenty to make up a varied menu. And most importantly, do not have to suffer, to exhaust himself to death. Losing weight will go steadily and irreversibly.
Author: Tamara Rozinsky