Yogurt - a super product for health and weight loss!
 "Not all yogurts are created equal! "- Remember this slogan? May be it is so. We talk about quality yogurt. It is useful and needed every one of us, for sure! Do not believe? We have arguments to convince you.

Yogurt - a source of protein
  Protein is important for many body functions, from metabolism to the control of building muscle mass. That is why yogurt is recommended by nutritionists as the perfect start to the day, especially for the girls losing weight. Popularity protein diet is very high.

So, if your diet needs protein in the preparation of the menu, keep in mind this product as a normal yogurt. It contains 5-10 grams of protein per serving. A variety of Greek yogurt contains 13 to 19 grams of protein per serving (taste and cooking techniques Greek yogurt is more like our yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese, very useful, and affordable product can cook it yourself).

What kind of dishes with Greek yogurt, we recommend:
- First, use the yogurt as a dressing to vegetable salads. It is much healthier than mayonnaise, low-calorie and non-greasy.
 Yogurt - a super product for health and weight loss!
   - Chocolate icing for cakes turns out the light and low-calorie. For its preparation is necessary only Greek yogurt and chocolate chips
- Low-calorie dish that can replace mashed potatoes - mashed cauliflower with Greek yogurt, garlic and onion.
- An excellent marinade for meat: Greek yogurt, garlic and lemon juice.
- Yogurt with fruit - a good dessert. Do not buy ready-made yogurt with pieces of fruit, you can "get" on the product with artificial colors and fragrances.
- Yogurt with honey and cinnamon - delicious dessert dough for cookies or loaves.
- Frozen fruit, Greek yogurt, and sugar - and get useful ice cream.

Yogurt - slimming product
As you have seen from our selected recipes, the main advantage of these dishes - their low calorie and naturalness .  However, not only due to the effect of weight reduction is achieved .  Recent studies have shown that those who regularly consume dairy products, will burn fat and have a thin waist .  And in order to start losing weight, you need to start your day with a serving of yogurt .  Naturally, the most useful natural yoghurt .  The site has a step by step recipe for how to make yogurt at home & gt; & gt; & gt; .  But if you do not have time, then carefully read the packaging .  The yogurt should be small such "empty" or harmful excipients as fructose, gelatin, aspartame, syrup concentrate, artificial colorings and flavorings, sugar .  If all hazard short list of ingredients, they are not so much, and it does not hurt .  If the list starts with them, it is better to abandon the purchase of this product .

And to your breakfast does not become monotonous, here are a few ideas to start the day with yogurt:
 Yogurt - a super product for health and weight loss!
 - Make fruit and yogurt mix. The purchased yogurt, usually 1-2 berries and fruit varieties, and you make this cocktail: currants, raspberries, peaches and prunes with Greek yogurt.
- Baked Pears (apples can be) + granola + Greek yogurt.
- Almonds, bananas, Greek yogurt and berry yogurt.
- Unloved oatmeal will be delicious Greek yogurt with Hercules (4 tbsp. L.) - Is only 37 calories!

Yogurt - a good digestion
This means that the body does not linger toxins and remains flat tummy. And all this is achieved by the probiotics (beneficial bacteria). But it is important to know when buying that only organic product has such magic for digestive properties. Buy yogurt with active cultures, without sugar and without fruit.

 Yogurt - a super product for health and weight loss!
 And by the way, if you like the way probiotics work, you can include in your diet, and other products that prevent bloating: papaya, asparagus, pineapple.

Yoghurt improves mood!
Studies have shown that the number of beneficial bacteria that are present in your stomach, affect the level of serotonin - the hormone responsible for mood. Scientists have even concluded that probiotic products can replace antidepressants. Moreover, such action yogurt has on people of all ages: and adolescents, and the elderly.

Yogurt - a boost of energy
Not only because of serotonin. Though, a good mood in this case a good tool. The yoghurt contains the amino acid "tyrosine", which is converted in the body to adrenaline, clears the mind and gives a boost of energy.

 Yogurt - a super product for health and weight loss!
 Yogurt - is the health
It is difficult to describe all of the advantages of this product. This calcium (which is healthy bones and youth) and vitamin D (as a protection against rickets and generally rare for citizens of vitamin), and the live cultures that help fight the stagnation in the intestines ... Did you know that yogurt - is More and combating bad breath. Amino acids, minerals, vitamins ... Yogurt - a product that is important for people of all ages, indispensable for vegetarians. Do you still have not run the refrigerator for yogurt?
Author: Your Tamara