Quick, long and beautiful!
 We all have known that beautiful and well-groomed hair is just as important as a beautiful well-groomed skin and gleam in his eyes. Good to be a lot, do not you ?! Especially when it comes to beauty. Sometimes we are so eager to grow hair faster and at the same time delighted us with its vitality. After releasing a few centimeters, can be transformed cool. Or adjust your favorite hairstyle that she looked even more impressive. In any case, the choice is yours. We'll show you how to speed up hair growth, and most importantly - make them beautiful and radiant.

Do massage

Massage loved by all. Especially hair. Morning scalp massage will help you cheer up and finally wake up, evening - relax after a busy day and enjoy the pleasant thoughts about the upcoming holiday.

Gently comb the hair over the entire length, and gently massage the scalp for a few minutes. This will provide a rush of blood to the hair follicles and thus, improve the flow of oxygen. By the way, do not be lazy to make this a pleasant and not at all a complex process on a daily basis. You contribute to your health and beauty, and, therefore, in their happy life!

Use burdock

Before you wash your hair, apply oil massaged on the scalp and distribute it evenly over the entire length of hair, from roots to ends and. Oil strengthens hair follicles and hair growth will accelerate.

The pharmacies also can buy burdock oil with pepper. As is known, pepper has a warming properties which improves blood circulation, which means that the oil will act more efficiently. Due to the presence of vitamins and valuable trace elements belonging to the pepper hair roots better strengthened, and the hair will grow stronger. The result is simply stunning!

Get rid of split ends

Of course, if you set out to as quickly as possible to grow hair - it is better to stay away from beauty salons, but, after all, do not forget that the hair should be, first of all, healthy. Regularly do restorative hair mask, Use special tools, which include silicones, which are "glued" posechennye tips. And, of course, at least time and a half - two months slightly corrects length to your hair grow beautiful and tidy.

By the way, this might work is another little trick. If you care about every centimeter, ask the master to adjust the length of the hot scissors. The tips of the hair "sealed" and compared with the conventional shearing scissors sekutsja less. It is believed that, thanks to this method, the hair becomes less susceptible to adverse environmental factors, as is their active self-regeneration. As a result, you will have less trim length, and you save on the long-awaited centimeters.


Always use a wooden comb or brush. Forget its iron counterpart - not to save on the health of hair. Gently comb the hair from bottom to top, of course, if you do not short. Before you wash your hair, comb it thoroughly. They will wash better, and problems will arise after combing. Be sure to use a nourishing balm that also facilitate this process, nourish hair useful substances and give shine. By the way, do not forget to regularly - once or twice a week - wash with soap and a comb.

Rinsed with nettles

Not for nothing, this plant is so famous in folk medicine. Nettle is rich in iron, essential oils and vitamins, especially B and C Natural rinse cooked very simple, and it will help you not only to accelerate the growth of hair, but also significantly to strengthen them.

Take 1 tbsp. spoon nettle leaves, zaley boiling water and let it brew for about 10-15 minutes. Applied after washing to clean washed hair.

Corrective diet

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables not only promote health, but also beauty. Take care to present in your diet carrots. Rich in vitamin A, it promotes hair growth and strength.

Do not forget about laminaria, which has a positive effect on the condition of our hair and skin. Moreover, this is the real source of iodine, iron and copper are literally stands guard women's health, including emotional, that you will agree, is important.

Plug in the diet as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach. An important role in the growth of hair play, of course, proteins. So, nuts and legumes must be present in your "menu". Give preference to fish, seafood, eggs, cottage cheese and cheese. From bread also completely give up not worth it. It's simple. Instead of the usual white buy grain bread or wheat proraschёnnogo. Such bread rich in roughage, will bring not only the health of the hair, but also throughout the body as a whole.

Oil is also useful for hair growth. As outwardly and inwardly. Instead of butter to make their choice in favor of vegetable oil. By the way, if your hair is quickly becoming fat, should be excluded from the diet of fried and spicy.

Of course, the hair - this is primarily an indicator of your inner state as mental and physical. Love yourself, take care of yourself, love life and be happy!
Author: Hope Cherepenina