We support the body's energy
 We talk about five "golden rules" to help stay awake, despite the stress and the frantic pace of modern life

Do you want to fight depression and fatigue? We collected a few proven ways to regain vigor in your life (like exercise, nutrition and stress reduction) in parallel with a number of ways to surprise you (such as taking a bath or shower before going to bed for a deep and healthy sleep). So, "arm" exit and stay alone with these tips for an instant burst of energy. You'll catch your second wind.

1. Intensive nutrition

Five or six scant meals a day can help you maintain your blood sugar levels and provide regular "fuel" that is so necessary. Nutritionists recommend eating more right food at a specified time (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two small snacks intermediate), to give your body the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

This style of eating may seem contrary to all dietary strategies that you've ever heard or checked. But mineral-rich diet can be a really good option if you limit yourself in calories (for most women 1,800 calories a day is enough to maintain weight; 1300 calories a day will lose about 400g a week). However, beware of snacks: a slice of low-fat cheese and a few crackers whole grain or a handful of almonds with apple - is enough.

Consumption of vitamin B can give you good support. Nearly all species helps convert food into energy. It is similar to the oil in a car. If your body is not enough oil - vitamin B, which carries out the conversion - it will not be necessary activity. Get vitamin B can be from lean beef, pork, poultry or fish, and bananas, nuts, whole grains and seeds. You can also use supplements containing vitamin B, which carried out the transformation of energy and compensate for the lack of antioxidants that help to fight disease, and fatty acid omega-3, essential for the normal functioning of the body.

Instant Assistant: eat an apple, pear or orange. These fruits (and vegetables like peas and beans) are also crammed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They provide you a dose of fiber, which keeps you in a state of vigorous and maintains the required weight.

2. Drink

Drink in small sips. Nutrients and minerals better absorbed water and drinks that do not contain sugar.

Drinking plenty of water and drink without sugar, you ensure that nutrients are absorbed by your body.

Try vitaminized water. It contains few calories (50 calories per 200ml) and this energy drink contains 42mg of caffeine (about half of the usual number includes a cup of coffee). Or go to the green tea, which contains powerful antioxidants.

3. Deep sleep

Forget about the terms "a little nap" - healthy sleep is the key to a vigorous day.

We know that 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep - optimal rate to feel relaxed and collected.

Taking a shower can help you to come to the sleepy state. Take a hot bath or shower before going to bed - it will provide a deeper, more relaxing sleep (and this is very important). But experiments conducted on animals have shown the opposite - cooled the brain helps to fall asleep quickly. How about a cold shower?

Just take a nap. Studies have shown that as a dream in the night, Napping can enhance the processing and assimilation of information. While scientists have long debated what kind of siesta most useful (20minutny hour nap or dose), it was proved that the peace for 30 - 60 minutes before the midday meal can provide support in the days when you lack sleep. However, do not make short periods of sleep habit: if you do it too often, it may fail to normal night's sleep.

4. Minimize stressful situations

Life is full of stress. Highlight a few minutes a day to find his inner "zen" and forget about problems.

Excessive work of the brain can make you the same tired and weary, like physical work.

Be sure to take the time in the daily continuous rhythm, to give yourself a rest internally. Even the extra 10 minutes can help recharge you. Sit in silence, to connect with nature - it helps to draw energy.
Important Turn off any source of noise. If you are in the office, close the door. Before you park your car and go to work, stop for a few minutes to collect his thoughts. Sit in the park. Such breaks allow quell internal unrest ... forget.

Instant Assistant: Try to calm down. Imagine the positive result or outcome of a difficult situation. Every negative thought drains your energy. When you change your thoughts, you can change your energy and your reality. " To change the course of thinking, try to spend a few minutes a day with a sense of gratitude for the life of all the good that happened to you. Instead of comparing yourself with people who are more successful than you compare yourself with those who are less fortunate. For example, next time instead of being jealous of a friend with a big house, a good car and fashionable clothes, you are remembering the people who lost their home, will thank life for a roof over your head. This kind of change will help to shape your sense of satisfaction.

5. Move your body

Jump, run, dance - no matter what to do, the main thing moving!

Stretching, gymnastics, jogging, walking and other useful for the heart activity produces powerful hormones like endorphins, which help to keep power even in the late hours. Plus, these natural hormones can increase the agility and the ability to do the job (no matter when you play the piano or on the plane on the way).

Spend a brisk 10 minute walk or enjoy sex. Whether you feel yourself tired or playful, physical proximity releases extra energy, hormones, from which your body is released during exercise. Sex also allows you to enjoy yourself and your body. And if you feel good, then you are ready to go forward.
Author: Ann, New York