Consumer preferences of decorative cosmetics
 Within the framework of the October 2007 the company MAR Consult study identified the main factors influencing the choice of the brand of decorative cosmetics.

The results of a study on the factors influencing the choice of the brand of decorative cosmetics, showed that half of the women daily uses at least one kind of makeup. Most preferred is cosmetics for eye makeup. For example, in the daily makeup mascara enjoy 4 of 5 women and eyeliner or pencil used by more than half of the respondents. Less than half of shoppers daily use lipstick or lip gloss. Compared with all the decorative cosmetics, rouge less often used.

All women regularly make a purchase makeup to resume previously used, and the majority (73%) are planning to purchase in advance. The main places of buying makeup for 85% of the respondents are the specialized chain stores, as they have a wide range of high quality products (L'Etoile, Il de Beaute, etc.), and for half of the women surveyed - supermarkets generalists as convenient to make joint purchases. About a quarter of women bought cosmetics from a catalog.

Among the respondents, there are practically no buyers, negatively related to the innovation in decorative cosmetics. The primary criterion in the evaluation of new products is the consumer class consumption of cosmetics (eg cosmetics brand in a certain class).

Among the most popular brands in the class makeup "mass-market" were marked by L'oreal (24%), Maybelline (19%) and Max Factor (18%), and in the class of "selective» - Christian Dior (10%), Guerlain (9%) and Estee Lauder (9%). In the field of network marketing are the most popular companies like Oriflame (22%), Avon (20%), Mary Kay (18%) and Faberlic (13%).

The majority of respondents (90%) almost always buys the products of the same trusted manufacturers .  The conservatism of buyers in relation to brands already in use can be changed in favor of goods previously purchased by friends or relatives, or in favor of a more prestigious brand, provided that it is not much beyond the scope of a certain price range .  In most cases (82%) women in the purchase of a certain brand of cosmetics pay attention to maximum security staff (hypoallergenic, do not violate the natural breathing of the skin, etc. . d . ), It is also important stability (50%), because the daily make-up should be maintained for a long time .  Moreover, for the majority of women (45%) is more important than the qualitative characteristics of cosmetic products, brand recognition than a certain price level .  The issue is important for the prestige of the brand for almost 14% of shoppers .  Almost a quarter (23%) of women surveyed did not attach importance to the popularity of the brand, and pay attention to the quality and color range of products .  In addition, the majority of buyers are willing to give up a favorite brand if it is not the desired color palette of cosmetic products .  When choosing makeup about half of women prefer to use to purchase goods probe .

Thus, the study was focused on the issues of consumption of decorative cosmetics. In the product category examined: mascara, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner / eyeliner, concealer / powder, lipstick / lip gloss. The target group was chosen as the female audience aged 20 to 44 years, with income per family member from 500 USD, it represents the main segment of the consumer care products for the body. The study was conducted in Moscow among 500 consumers of decorative cosmetics.

A typical woman using decorative cosmetics - a young, aged 20-35 years (75%), married (41%) and having children (60%).

The most popular brands of makeup were found L'oreal for the "mass market" and Christian Dior for "selective". When choosing a brand makeup woman focuses on the composition of the security, stability, quality characteristics, color gamut, and the personal experience of using certain cosmetic products

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