Emma Watson: life after "Harry Potter"
 "I was chosen for the role of Hermione when I was little, and this role has changed my whole life, but it does not mean that I feel happy. I want to do and other things "- these words belong to the actress Emma Watson.

Hermione Granger
The story of the boy wizard Harry Potter has conquered the world. Joan Rolling famous book "Harry Potter" readers on all continents, children and adults, the Queen of England and the French president, celebrities and mere mortals. The book is so bright and amusing, she literally begged on cinema screens. Figures of the film industry could not pass by this phenomenon, and that's already finished shooting all seven parts. The premiere of the first part of the film took place in 2001, showing the last part of Harry Potter is expected in 2011.

Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film played the young actress Emma Watson. She got the role when she was only 9 years old. Participation in the shooting of predetermined her future life. Before Emma Watson opened the door to the world of cinema, huge fees and the incredible popularity it became commonplace for her. At first money earned by the actor's work, she bought a luxury home. Will the Emma Watson as a hostage? Is there life after "Harry Potter? ".

 Emma Watson: life after "Harry Potter"
 Big money
The American magazine Vanity Fair before entering the cinema screens of the latest Harry Potter film, Emma Watson is awarded the title of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. 20-year-old actress was ranked first in this list, she was able to get ahead of Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz.

According to preliminary calculations Vanity Fair, Emma income only on the last two parts of Harry Potter, which is called "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" will be $ 30 million. When reporters asked the actress to comment on the publication of this fact, Emma Watson feigned surprise: "I do not really have time to spend the money. I had no idea of ​​the scale of this film. If I earn so much, I would be very surprised. "

Higher education
Emma Watson has decided that higher education it is vital, in September 2009, she became a student. Emma had chosen Brown University in Providence in America, where she is studying art and literature. Among the graduates of this privileged educational institution listed a lot of presidents, diplomats, royals and children of celebrities.

Emma Watson expressed a desire to be a normal student and got a room in a hostel. However, on the first day she came to the place of study in a helicopter that does not fit with the image of "a simple student." The first time the presence of Emma Watson in the walls of the institution caused an unhealthy interest from paparazzi, but soon Emma student life has ceased to be a sensation.

 Emma Watson: life after "Harry Potter"
 Fashion blunders
Young Emma Watson mastered in the adult world of fashion by trial and error. More than once she is trapped. His 18th birthday, Emma noted in 2009, the party she wore a little black dress. The holiday was great, but, settling in the car, Emma did not watch for a fee. The paparazzi did not panic, the next day was gay Internet photos, which can be clearly seen the lack of underwear.

The London premiere of the film "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" remembered another embarrassment. At the ceremony Emma Watson arrived in vintage dress with a skirt plowed. From gusts dress constantly swings open and show others panties. At the same time the actress had to pose for photographers, talk to reporters and signing autographs to fans.

It seemed, Emma Watson took into account previous mistakes and appeared at the premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" in a short black lace dress and looked stunning. However, the next day after the premiere of the editors of the British tabloids began to meticulously examine photos and found that the dress is fixed on bare back with duct tape. Photos again hit the Internet. Fans of the actress tried to convince everyone that this is just the result of a defect image or use Photoshop.

 Emma Watson: life after "Harry Potter"
 Stylish victory
Recent photos of Emma Watson with official events suggest, is that now the girl will not have to wander alone in the wilds of fashion. The image of the young actress obviously worked stylists who know their job. Professionals are carefully selected for her dress to go out, pay special attention to hair and makeup. And Emma - capable student, she learned well the lessons of their teachers.

Now Emma Watson looks great and keeps more confident in front of camera lenses. A teenage girl from the London suburbs is gradually turning into a seductive woman. Beautiful Swan (ugly duckling not bring myself to call it) spreads its wings and prepare for your onward flight.

 Emma Watson: life after "Harry Potter"
 Design experiments
Emma Watson was the author of a small collection for the brand People Tree, known for his active charity and human rights work. In an exclusive line called Love Emma were presented bags, cute t-shirts with bright prints, jackets, jeans and accessories for men and women. All are made from organic cotton. As is known, the brand People Tree is working with 50 groups of ethical trade in 15 countries of the world.

Creative Experiment Emma Watson did not go unnoticed. Renowned Italian designer Alberta Ferretti drew attention to the collection, created for People Tree, and invited Emma to take part in new joint projects. It is expected that for a brand Alberta Feretti Emma Watson will create a capsule collection of organic items. It is obvious that the world of fashion and design more and more fascinated Emma. She especially likes the idea of ​​ecological fashion. In an interview, she did let slip that it was ready to work for free with the designer, who offered her a similar project.

 Emma Watson: life after "Harry Potter"
 Advertising contracts
Hollywood stars are willing to take part in the campaigns of fashion brands. For celebrities is a sure way to not only amuse actor's self-esteem, but also fill up your bank account bank. It did not escape this fate and Emma Watson. During the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld has long had a reputation "discoverer models." Emma Watson has become his next "discovery". So far, their cooperation was limited to a special photo session, which was organized by Karl Lagerfeld himself. Rumor has it that perhaps Mr. Lagerfeld is going to conclude with Emma Watson exclusive promotional contract for Chanel.

 Emma Watson: life after "Harry Potter"
 Representatives of the British brand Burberry Emma Watson chose to advertise autumn-winter collection 2009-10 season. "I wanted to photograph the new season demonstrated both the rich history of the house Burberry, and modern brand. Emma Watson was ideal to combine these two paths role, "- said the designer Christopher Bailey before cooperation. Sponsored pictures for Burberry made famous in the world of fashion photographer Mario Testino. The campaign was shot just a day at Westminster, the heart of London. Result pages walked the fashion magazines around the world.

Very private
For information about the personal life of Emma Watson are reduced to tabloid headlines, from time to time reported to his readers: "Emma Watson showed new boyfriend." Chilling the knot she is in no hurry, she is still so young. Perhaps Emma Watson will not break one man's heart.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova