Mary Kay - the woman who gave the world something beautiful
 Girls and women are loved and respected her for what she taught them to be confident and opened the way to success and happiness. She proved to everyone that every woman can build your business and happy life, using tools such as the desire, the desire, innate abilities and inner beauty. A magnificent master classes conducted by consultants founded by her company for decades, transforming the women of the world and make even imperceptible "Cinderellas" feel real "princess."

So in a few words can be described the founding largest cosmetics company, with its name - Mary Kay Ash. Let us examine in more detail, what's the secret of its charm.

The purpose of life and the joy of overcoming the difficult path to achieving it allows every woman to feel beautiful, and actually be so. For Mary Kay this goal consistent with its own formula for success, which can still be called a little secret of her happiness. Its purpose included three key points: Faith, Family and Career. And these basic aspects closely interwoven allow it to move forward to achieve new heights, and always feel like a queen.

By faith, Mary was a Christian and a sincere belief in God has always helped her in all aspects, despite all sorts of difficulties, to be kind, generous and quiet. In her work, first of all, it puts the main goal - to help people. And those who always takes care of others is known to radiate internal heat, which allows them to remain charming appearance.

 Mary Kay - the woman who gave the world something beautiful
   On the company's participation in charity events shows, for example, that in 2000 was invested 4 million. Dollars in the sphere of research into the nature of cancer. It was a continuation of the noble tradition of the founder, who at the beginning of the career of prosperity donated significant funds for the construction of the church building, which she visits regularly. Since Mary was convinced that business helps her Lord.

It should also be said that at that time it was difficult for women to fulfill your potential in the hard world of business for several reasons - as a result of bias against men, and because of the need to toil every day. Founder of the new company for the production of cosmetics was doubly difficult because, among other things, had to be more and be able to stand out among competing firms who have already had their regular ordered it. However, purposeful Mary moved an initiative and enthusiasm that helped her, wading "through the thorns to the stars", step by step, to organize and to improve their own company.

 Mary Kay - the woman who gave the world something beautiful

In doing business and to manage it "persistence" and focus on success. After going through repeated mistakes and difficulties, Mary Kay Ash and his team came out on the path of success and progress, and the popularity of her company began to grow steadily.

In addition, Mary allocated to three components of success: the desire, the use of new technologies and the ability to express themselves (their talents and abilities).

 Mary Kay - the woman who gave the world something beautiful
 We must also say that it resembles a small company, "the pink dream". Why is that? Firstly, the company has served pink little sign of femininity, tenderness, and was associated with pleasant feelings and memories. But when choosing the color of products and packages, Mary guided exclusively design taste - white bathrooms (and this color was then, shall we say, "fashionable" in the design of bathrooms in the homes of America) pink bottles looked elegant and unobtrusive. Second, the success of the company could be called (in a symbolic sense) Implemented pink dream (because she brought Mary Kay wealth and fulfillment of desires).

Through this gentle image of the founder of the company itself and all associated with softness, flexible, success and love (as evidenced by the fact that Mary repeatedly received "pink" gifts that symbolized the good attitude to it).

And, of course, it should be noted that, according to psychiatrists, shades of pink are people comforting, appeasing, evoke good emotions and relieve oppressed condition. Perhaps this is also largely helped to establish, and the company itself and Mary.

The third point, which is played in the life of Mary Kay important role - her family. The family was to her the meaning of life. And the desire to close people lived in prosperity, as defined by its success. Although her first marriage ended badly (the husband ran off with another woman), thanks to a good heart, a noble character and hard work to achieve the desired, Mary still managed to achieve true happiness.

In her own words, happiness for her was that to have a favorite work that surrounded the favorite and loving people, and that was the goal to which we must move. Accordingly, if not close, Mary would not have achieved success and are likely to be stopped half way through.

 Mary Kay - the woman who gave the world something beautiful
 Revealing the secrets in his book titled "Dreams come true," Mary Kay Ash thus gives some vital advice and guidance for beginners business woman, loving wives and mothers and just women who aspire to happiness. One of these recommendations is that, moving up the career ladder, or up, we can not forget about basic family values. A family business for a woman to be the area where it has always found support, support and can relax.

In addition, the book describes some of the conclusions reached by a long period of Mary's career. With many of them will agree to almost any woman.

First conclusion When a woman knows what looks good, with her amazing changes occur - it starts to feel a lot better. And vice versa - if a woman is confident that looks bad, and it feels like it does not matter.

The second conclusion Any of us would feel and beautiful, and happy, if in any business cares and thinks about others. The spirit of mutual understanding and support, which reigned in the office of a cosmetics company, creating a special atmosphere that allows you to forget about the difficulties and plunge into the world of beauty.
Author: Alla Pilipenko