Mika Newton: blond angel of Ukraine at Eurovision-2011
 The first time I saw a performance of Mika Newton several years ago in the show weekend "Evening quarter." On stage was decidedly unearthly mileyshaya poluditya-poludevushka in enchanting lush dress and contrasting polusportivny shoes. Slamming her eyelashes innocently, the lamb loudly sang "In captivity, but without you ..." and I remained from that time in captivity creativity Miki.

Revelation Ukrainian pop stars of the first tier, it has never been. She is actively sounded on the airwaves, it flashed on the TV in your own clips or as a second-rate TV-presenter of the program, then somehow fell out of my sight. But many months, my main ringtone on your mobile phone and is Meakin perepevka famous composition «Moskow calling» .A six months ago, I came across her TV interview where she conspiratorially admitted that she was not missing a lot of work, and soon about it spoke again. And then came the qualifying round for Eurovision 2011 ...

Ukraine has already become a popular tradition scandals around the selection for the European song contest №1. In the past year, thanks to such a hype, hyped quite a decent singer Alyosha. In this - it was the turn Mika Newton.

Its main rivals for the right to travel in May this year in Dusseldorf (Germany), receiving the "Eurovision-2011", and Jamal began outrageous as it has been dubbed the Ukrainian media, the clone Ani Lorak - Zlata Ognevich.

 Mika Newton: blond angel of Ukraine at Eurovision-2011
From left to right: Mika Newton, Zlata Ognevich, Jamal

The outcome of the vote on the First National Channel of Ukraine for Mickey Newton song "Angel" was 45% of the votes of the jury, 45% of the votes in sms voting and 10% of Internet voting. It is around the counting of votes, and there was a dispute. Mika opened smiling at the camera and calmly stated that agrees to perepevki and rerun. But in the end, all we left as is, and 12 May from Ukraine in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2011 will sing Mika Newton   number 6.

So, who is this blond angel? Your real name singer Oksana Gritsai Stefanovna. Stage name "Newton" in translation from English means "new tone", "new sound". In recognition of the singer, for her "Mika Newton" - is derived from the names of such legendary personalities as Mick Jagger, Mick Box, Paul Newton, and of course, the great scientist Isaac Newton.

March 5 this year, Mike Newton was 25 years old. On stage she was nine! Ten released its first album with a collection of children's songs. My grandfather was a singer and self-taught violinist playing at weddings. The pope in his youth played in the band on guitar.

Mrs. Newton was born in the town of Burshtyn, in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Here she lived until the age of 14, graduated from music school, piano, parallel hard doing vocals, and then moved to Kiev. In the capital, she was admitted to the State Variety and Circus College of secession pop vocal. Classes were not in vain, and the first place in the contest "Black Sea Games" was the reward for years of painstaking studies. It is here that Mick acquainted with producer Yuri Falyosa, which subsequently signs a contract. At that time, the singer just turned 16!

 Mika Newton: blond angel of Ukraine at Eurovision-2011
  Mika Newton with producer Yuri Thales

But not everything went smoothly in such an early and rapid career girl. Her first video for the song "Escape" was banned on Ukrainian channels too frank exposure of social problems such as drug addiction and prostitution. But You "anomaly" had a dizzying effect. Mick itself admits that the song tells its own story. And then ... Then there was a success. In Moscow it was filmed the video for Mika Newton "Lunopark" and "Caught." The girl fame came with the geography of all the CIS countries.

In 2008, Mika Newton participated in the contest "New Wave" in Jurmala, but it took only 12 place.

There was a time when pop singer's career could develop in a completely different vein, as her candidacy Potapov seen as partner on stage, but, as we all now know, the final choice was made in favor of the Nasty Kamensky.

Few people know, but Mika Newton is also an actress. Its film library has two movie: romantic comedy "Life guard" (2007) and Romance "Money for the Daughter" (2008).

In 2009, Mika Newton severed ties with his producer Yuri Thales, sued him his stage name, but the rights to the songs still remain for the singer's former mentor. According to unconfirmed information, the reason for the gap was the decision Miki engaged to a German singer Simon Novska. But in an interview with the official singer describes the situation much bigger: there are weak managerial skills of Mr. Thales and restriction of the personal life of the Trust, and the development of feelings of guilt and fear of the scene because of the constant sharp estimates Jury performances Miki.

Who is a mentor and producer Mika is the ex-husband of Lilia Podkopayeva - Timofei Nagorny.

 Mika Newton: blond angel of Ukraine at Eurovision-2011
  Mika Newton and Timofey Nagorny

Mrs. Newton was not always blond angel. Here are some of the experiments Mickey with its image:

 Mika Newton: blond angel of Ukraine at Eurovision-2011

Looking at Mick, there is no doubt that in the still waters vestimo who usual. Proof of this - regular classes with a girl of eleven karate craze skydiving, go-karting, shocking arrival at social events on the plane, rastroschennye equipment and tools for the "novelty intererchik", and similar tricks.

 Mika Newton: blond angel of Ukraine at Eurovision-2011

Eight "like" by Mika Newton:

Favorite color - white.
Favorite movie - "What Dreams May Come."
My favorite book - "A Moveable Feast," Hemingway.
Preferences in clothes - individual style, originality and comfort.
Favorite place in Kiev - St. Andrew's Descent.
Favorite food - cream cakes.
Favourite drink - just water.
Your favorite animal - dog breed Labrador.

 Mika Newton: blond angel of Ukraine at Eurovision-2011

Here's a he - blond angel with amber eyes Mika Newton. So we wish her success in Düsseldorf. Angels, too, need our support!

 Mika Newton: blond angel of Ukraine at Eurovision-2011

Author: Natalia Hryshko