Suitcase mood: choice myCharm
 So began a long-awaited holiday season. Beautiful ladies without wands have become stricter revizorsh who reached the cabinet and became skeptical about the contents. The task to be difficult - choose only those clothes that are worthy to accompany beauty rest. Well, of course, buy all that is not enough to feel at 100. Examining outfits need to be concerned about how to drop off all that stuff to your destination. Aida of a suitcase!

Travel bag - the same accessory
Like it or not, but the travel bag - this is also an important part of the image of women. Especially if the way be not a short. Of course, you can take a bag mum or a friend, but whether you feel at ease with a worn plaid suitcase or nondescript gym bag? In the end, it is better to have my bag - the one that best suits your needs, style and taste requirements. This is not your last trip abroad, even if the first.

Tip myCharm : Tune optimistic. You deserve to go to rest abroad every year, which means that high-quality suitcase or travel bag you just need. Select it yourself, because it's part of your image, and it is not known what romantic adventures await you in the trip. The suitcase should be proud to roll the terminal, instead of hiding shyly behind.

Gingerbread Man, Gingerbread Man, dresses take me to the airport
Whatever you say, and wheels for suitcases tightened specifically for women. If men could always do your own muscles, for the ladies always had flour and punishment go somewhere - because of the need to drag myself to travel bag. But when there were luggage carts on the road no more reason for a bad mood. After all, you now have an assistant Gingerbread Man himself, or rather, two or four Bun.

Tip myCharm : Suitcase trolley or cart bag begin to move with minimum effort on your part. Therefore, the choice is made only in favor of bags on wheels.

Anything does not refuse
A small suitcases have one advantage - they are compact, except that in the eyes of women is rather a disadvantage. I would like to go on vacation in a relaxed state, taking with them whatever you want, rather than choose between two sundresses, capri pants and breeches, not to make a casting between the evening dresses.

Tip myCharm If you are used to take a lot of things look bigger suitcase. Another option - to buy a set of luggage, which includes one large and one smaller (families is better to buy a set of three suitcases). By the way, a small suitcase you can take with you on the plane. There also is convenient to put all that you bought in duty free, to not go with 2-4 bags, some of which can be anywhere to forget (for example, in an airplane, which happens quite often).

About materials do not argue?
An important characteristic of the rolling case is the material from which it is made. Today, commercially widely available bags of leather (natural and artificial), plastics, fabrics. Of course, the girls of primary importance will be the appearance of the product. And if it is a suitcase-known brands, and the quality (regardless of the material) can be relaxed. The most popular today are the bags of plastic and fabric. Both options are good. You should not just forget that the less durable fabric and plastic housing may crack. However, there is no eternal things, and then not have to worry about what might happen with a bag over 10 years.

Tip myCharm : Buy cloth suitcase. Modern fabrics are very durable and easy to clean. At the airport bags can throw, so save yourself the stress to worry about plastic case.

And beauty-case into the bargain!
More and more of our compatriots appreciate the benefits of beauty cases and more actively buy them as road beauticians. Why hide, really comfortable - each jar and tube in place, so I do not have to think what to put in the suitcase, and that tiny makeup in the ladies' bag, worry not emerged there some cream on your favorite T-shirt, and on arrival makeup look for the pockets of the suitcase. All cosmetics in one place, and beauty-case can be taken in hand luggage. Some manufacturers of bags have gone even further and making beauty-case to the suitcase or luggage set.

Tip myCharm : Beauty-case - useful and convenient thing. It is so important for a woman to drop off all makeup intact!

Joy online shopping
Spend a day (or even half) for the purchase of suitcases sorry, even if it is related to the long-awaited journey. Another inconvenient to lug it home across town. As if women are created specifically for online shopping bags. Service delivery bags online store will save you from having to go somewhere or going. And the price is lower than in stores! In short some pluses and smiley.

Successful you shopping and travel!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya