The same Prada
 Prada - is not just an Italian sonorous name, it is also a well-known name in the world of fashion brand. The designer and business woman Miuccia Prada with honor continues the work of his grandfather, he had begun a long time ago.

Back in 1913 the Italian Mario Prada founded a small production of leather goods. The current owner of Prada, Miuccia Prada has received the company inherited from the mother. At the end of the 70s Miuccia had to take the reins in their hands. I must admit that it is reluctant to take the lead. In those days it was interested in politics much more than fashion.

Miuccia Prada graduated from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Milan, has been a staunch Communist and fought for women's rights. If she continued to be involved in politics, it would have made a brilliant career, and now could easily compete with the current Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. However, simple family values ​​and alluring fashion world took over, the policy has been forgotten.

 The same Prada
   In 1977, at the trade fair Miuccia Prada met with the owner Patrizio Bertelli, they began to collaborate in a year have entered into an exclusive contract. After 10 years, they tied the knot and became a real family. Who is co-owner Patrizio Bertelli Prada SpA, he owns a third of the shares. Mr. Bertelli has become an indispensable tool in business. Together, the couple engaged in the development of the company Prada, in this they succeeded.

 The same Prada
 Who is who
Upon assuming leadership of the company Prada, Miuccia Prada did not want to deal only with production accessories. She took a course to conquer the world of fashion and began creating clothing. The first presentation of a collection of clothes prêt-à-porter took place in 1988. Since Prada regularly presents seasonal collections at Fashion Week, taking place in Milan.

Today Prada makes women's and men's clothes, stylish shoes, all kinds of accessories, fine perfumes and even mobile phones. The company has a network of boutiques around the world.

 The same Prada

Miu Miu   - Now a well-known clothing brand, launched in 1993, Prada. Clothing under the new brand was designed for younger buyers who can not afford the high cost of updating your wardrobe. Miu Miu brand was named in honor of its founder Miuccia Prada, and, it's not even a nickname, and the nickname by which it is called only relatives and close friends. For Miuccia Prada original style Miu Miu - it is a creative outlet, a reflection of her thoughts and moods. Experts believe that the style of Miu Miu has its roots in childhood itself Miuccia.

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories Miu Miu - bright and unusual, are known for their deliberate naivete, they are funny and yet intelligent. Brand Miu Miu has successfully developed and became an independent project. Miuccia Prada is not afraid of the competition of their offspring Miu Miu with a giant Prada, because these two brands completely different audience.

 The same Prada

History Prada - is not just a series of big victories, and defeats occurred. In the 90s Prada bought the Roman fashion house Fendi, whose position was deplorable. Fendi Prada acquired shares together with LVMH to support financial distress intolerant brand. However, Prada was unable to implement his plan, his shares had to sell Fendi. Proved unsuccessful and the acquisition of brands Jil Sander and Helmut Lang. Trying to catch up with the world of fashion giant LVMH concern failed miserably.

 The same Prada
 Business and not only
Miuccia Prada convinced that the designer has to do what he likes and what is its soul. She says: "I am not interested outfit. I'm interested in me. " That like Mrs. Prada is not indifferent to thousands of women around the world. The designer pays great attention to product quality, it should only be the highest. It controls all stages of production: from idea to its realization.

Since the multi-brand stores do not carry a special atmosphere and style of Prada, the company's products are distributed mainly through its own network of boutiques - it is a position of principle. For the construction and design of company stores to attract the best architects and interior designers.

A successful and profitable business allowing Miuccia Prada and her husband Patrizio Bertelli engaged in projects of a different order. Fund Prada, founded by them in 1995, is one of the most important foundations of modern art in Italy. In an interview with International Herald Tribune Miuccia Prada voiced his position: "I insist that my foundation vosprini¬mali separately from my brand. I am engaged in the arts is not to better my bags were sold. Exactly the opposite. " In addition to the serious business and passion for art, the couple have their little weaknesses: she - great food, he - a luxury yacht.

Principles and prejudices
Miuccia Prada is quite conservative in some ways of doing business. Despite the incredible popularity of social networks and blogerskogo movement, she refuses to use them to promote their own brands. Meanwhile, many famous designers are actively exploring the Internet space, perceiving it as a huge advertising platform.

Here's how Miuccia Prada herself commented on his point of view in an interview with the American edition of Wall Street Journal Magazine: «Why do you think someone's appearance in the trench on the pages of blogs or social networks is for the brand to be open to the whole world? What if after a few years the same Twitter become unpopular, and we understand what made a big mistake? ". However, official websites are Prada and Miu Miu is still available.

 The same Prada

Recently, well-known designers are increasingly stormed the mass market apparel. Here are a couple of good examples. Autumn-Winter collection called Lagerfeld sold including through popular French mail order catalog 3 Suisses, the price of the clothes do not exceed 200 euros. Designer brand Lanvin Alber Elbaz has created a capsule collection for the democratic brand H & M.

Miuccia Prada does not want to follow the example of his colleagues. She believes that these joint projects have a negative impact on the reputation of luxury brands. In addition, Ms. Prada fears that the pursuit of low cost and availability of clothing lose quality and high quality is essential for her.

The well-known office-studio of Mrs. Prada, like most on the art facility located in Milan. During the working day Miuccia Prada tries as sparingly as possible to deal with her husband Patrizio Bertelli, not so easy to work side by side for many years. In the evening, the couple in a hurry in his comfortable home, where they wait for favorite sons.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova