Tireless Karl Lagerfeld
 Karl Lagerfeld was born on September 10 either in 1933, or in 1938. Typically, the sources dedicated to the biography of Karl Lagerfeld, indicate both dates at once. The designer is in no hurry to lift the veil of secrecy. In one of his interviews he said that someday publish some important documents that shed light on the story of his birth.

Pleasant acquaintance
It looks like the designer Karl Lagerfeld, know even people far removed from the world of fashion - painfully he looks colorful and memorable: tall, statuesque figure, large features, a strong chin, gray hair tied in a ponytail, big sunglasses.

His appearance Karl Lagerfeld pays attention. In 2000, designer, wishing to return to their former weight and once again wearing his favorite so tight suits, has lost 43 kilos in 13 months under the guidance of a personal nutritionist. The book "The Best of the diets," which Karl Lagerfeld shared with readers the secrets of their transformation, became a bestseller.

Karl Lagerfeld is not alien to the sense of humor, with his usual irony, he got involved in a joint project with Coca-Cola. An aluminum bottle Coca-Cola Light, Karl put his own, easily recognizable silhouette and light elegant stroke of the pen left an autograph.

 Tireless Karl Lagerfeld
   Drink from Lagerfeld sold in the Paris concept boutique Colette. One bottle was worth 3, 5 euros, the version in the box design with opener - 60 euros. The drink went on sale in limited edition and in demand among fans of the famous designer.

The beginning of the way
Karl Lagerfeld was born in Hamburg, where he spent his childhood and adolescence. In 1954, a young man he moved to Paris and enrolled to study at the School of the Syndicate of high fashion. In Paris, he was fortunate enough to chat with the best designers of the time, a true connoisseur of the business.

It should digress and point out that the success story of Karl Lagerfeld - this is not a fairy tale, in which a poor swineherd turns into a handsome prince. Karl's parents were fairly wealthy people, they gave his son a start in life. Alone, without a solid financial support to survive in Paris that time it would be extremely difficult.

Meteoric career of the designer and worldwide recognition - it is a merit of Karl Lagerfeld. He managed to achieve a lot thanks to its bright talent and exceptional performance.

Career Milestones
In the indefatigable Karl Lagerfeld. As a designer, he has collaborated with many fashion houses. His record list includes: Jean Patou, Valentino, Krizia, Chloe, Fendi, Chanel. For each of these brands designer manages to create a unique collection of clothes. The flow of creative ideas inexhaustible inspiration will never leave.

Since 1982 he collaborates with Karl Lagerfeld Chanel. The legendary Coco Chanel died in 1971 at 11 years for many brand owners could not choose a worthy candidate for the position of creative director. However, luck was on their side: Karl Lagerfeld - one hundred percent hit the target. In the models of clothing created for Chanel, the designer managed to keep the most feminine style of Coco Chanel. Modern and contemporary interpretation of the classics liking and brand owners, and wealthy client.

 Tireless Karl Lagerfeld

Working on large brand Karl Lagerfeld pays attention to the development of its own line of clothing Karl Lagerfeld, which he created in 1984.

It's all about him
Colleagues and friends unanimously note the striking performance of Karl Lagerfeld. As a true Aryan, he is punctual, assembled consistent. His dedication and perseverance can only envy, in the design work of Karl Lagerfeld truly indefatigable.

 Tireless Karl Lagerfeld
 Interests Karl Lagerfeld numerous: photography, publication of books, a private art gallery, teaching activities, the creation of fragrances. Costumes by designer Lagerfeld, can be seen on the stage and in the movies. Whatever engaged Karl Lagerfeld, his hobbies are somehow connected with the world of fashion and art.

Mother tongue Karl Lagerfeld - German. After moving to live and work in France, he perfectly mastered French, and yet he speaks in English and Italian. Thanks to the excellent knowledge of foreign languages ​​designer feels comfortable in a multicultural world of fashion.

The designer and muse
For Karl Lagerfeld has earned the reputation discoverer of the top models. Claudia Schiffer - is one of his "discoveries". In 1990, Karl Lagerfeld invited Claudia Schiffer pose Chanel. Thanks to several profitable advertising contracts, including Chanel, Claudia Schiffer was able to gain a firm foothold in the status of one of the highest paid models in the world.

 Tireless Karl Lagerfeld

Not the least role in the development of creative tandem designer and model was the fact that they - countrymen. Honestly fulfilled the contract, Claudia Schiffer left Chanel. Now Karl Lagerfeld inspire creativity quite different muse. However, communication between the designer and his protégé did not stop from time to time they take part in a joint fashion projects.

Interesting and striking example of co-creation - the June cover of the magazine Vogue. The cover picture graced completely naked Claudia Schiffer. The cover supermodel gently cupped one hand bottom noticeably rounded tummy and the other shyly covered her naked breasts. Such intimate photos Claudia Schiffer would not have to do with the first counter photographer, not everyone can be trusted, even super-professionals in the seventh month of pregnancy. It is not difficult to guess that the answer for photographing Karl Lagerfeld.

 Tireless Karl Lagerfeld

The thirst for creativity
Karl Lagerfeld is characteristic openness to the world and the thirst for creativity. He was literally overwhelmed with original ideas, which he successfully implemented. Here are just some of the new projects that is now working designer.

• Karl Lagerfeld enthusiastically working on the design ... of the island. His new project he called Isla Moda («Fashion Island"). The artificial island, designed by Lagerfeld, will be located in Dubai. At 20 kilometers from the coast rise resort: 3 hotels, 150 villas and a variety of boutiques. Work on the project is scheduled for completion by 2014.

 Tireless Karl Lagerfeld
 • Karl Lagerfeld creates clothes not only for the rich and famous, the designer is going to take the market by storm of mass clothing. Autumn-Winter collection called Lagerfeld sold including through popular French mail order catalog 3 Suisses. Prices for the collection Lagerfeld for 3 Suisses can not fail to please the European fashionistas - they start with a mark of 15 euros and does not exceed 200 euros.

• The true fashionista will never give up the dress from the Karl Lagerfeld. It is on this bet magazine publishers Burda Moden: in the pages of Karl Lagerfeld is the exclusive ensembles for sewing. For example, in the October issue offers designer ladies sew their own hands jacket and mini skirt.

"My curiosity insatiable, I seemed to absorb the spirit of the time. For me, every day counts, every day it is necessary to discover something new, "- says of himself, Karl Lagerfeld. Vigor designer delights. Honestly, it does not matter what year he was born, in 1933 or 1938.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova