Why is there antifashion and how it affects us
 Fashion, by definition, is temporary rule a certain style in any sphere of life or culture. Accordingly, it indicates not only the understanding of beauty in a certain period of time, but also reflects the main aspects of traditional and historical, political and social order. Since these areas have a direct impact on the perception of the world, especially when it comes to the younger generation, their role in establishing the laws of fashion has always been high.

In other words, government policy is largely influenced by the emergence of new fashion trends. And at different times when the political order caused a mood of protest, contradictions in other spheres of life, there were preconditions for the emergence of the phenomenon called "Antifashion"   - That is, the masses (especially the young), trying to oppose the majority, unconventionally dressed, trying to move away from the conventional way of stereotypes.

Antifashion as a new trend with time began to develop, acquire new colors and even served as the basis for the emergence of entirely new areas (for example, so popular in this age of the flow as the punks, hippies and others. - A kind of continuation of traditions antifashion that, paradoxically during the tumultuous time of experimentation and upheaval became fashionable).

Antifashion phenomenon in different periods in different countries are different - in the spread of non-standard clothing, accessories or manners. But the main point is that this phenomenon occurred in the crisis, turning points, and from a psychological point of view is (as noted earlier) demonstrative protest of the existing principles and stereotypes.

 Why is there antifashion and how it affects us
   Why is the direction to take was amazing popularity these days among young segments of the population. And new developments can affect teens?

The fact that now in many trendy teen groups stand out in the crowd. The desire to look outside the box is a certain way of expression. But sometimes the "new image" among the youth again is a certain way of protest - for example, against school policy, conventions, rules of conduct. To learn how to prevent or avoid such a phenomenon will be discussed further.

The second reason for the development of new and now fashion trends - the desire of every person (especially a child), to be part of a certain micro-groups. Thus, a new group of people with the same interests can feel comfortable and forget about the problems, leave sad thoughts about loneliness, temporary difficulties in learning at home. In addition, common hobbies, goals, and sometimes rituals (which are the rules in some youth companies) are interesting for the younger generation.

If a child comes into one of these groups, parents often begin to fear - is not affected by whether it is at risk of bad habits like this in the future will affect his studies and relationships with people, he will continue to build a personal life, and so on. D.

It is important to prioritize. Parents should not only think about how a teenager dressed and looks (although it is certainly also important because of the appearance of the overall impression of the person), but first and foremost they have to take care of his mental state. First of all, it implies full communion.

Parents should know what their children live, the scope of their interests, hobbies, and lifelong gently prompt them in the right direction.

If teens are added peaceful and even friendly relationships with loved ones, this is the ideal option, because in this case they boldly dedicate senior in his microcosm, share problems and experiences, and the opinion of the parents for them becomes in this case more authoritative than the views and stereotypes that exist in groups of friends.

 Why is there antifashion and how it affects us
 As for the appearance, if such a manner of expression does not interfere with school life and normal development of the adolescent (that is, it sets goals, think about education and later life), parents must accept the fact that at that time still allowed to experiment and do not push Child opinion that everything must conform to some ideal - it can provoke the opposite reaction. But if a special manner of dress and behavior is a protest of the existing rules (eg school), in which case you should think about the children in the school can feel comfortable, understand that rules are made for their own convenience and benefit.

An important role is played by the psychological climate in the team and the attitude of teachers to students. If teachers are able to find something good in every child, and in line with the search for the right approach to all pupils should not occur reaction of protest and a desire to oppose itself to all.

That is, one can not generally say that "antimodnye" or, more precisely, "fashionable" trends are extremely negative. The main thing - the right attitude of children and adults in these areas.

Photo: neformalov.at.ua
Author: Alla Pilipenko