6 checked on personal experience beauty secrets
 Our ongoing writer Ann shared with you, dear readers, my own beauty recipes.

1.   In my understanding, the best cosmetic - Vaseline. Firstly, it is cheap enough, then there are many suitable for the price. Secondly, Vaseline versatile. I can use it to rinse eye make-up. In addition, in the winter it is ideal for the care of chapped lips, making the skin soft and supple.

2. The perfect eye makeup goes through four stages:

  Step 1. Disguise dark circles under the eyes using the equalizer.

  Step 2: Apply a light eye shadow, make-up looked so relaxed and elegant.

  Step 3. In my opinion, it is necessary to abandon the eyeliner. For such a case is more suitable liquid eyeliner: it looks spectacular and brighter. Emphasize the lash line, highlighting the little corners of the eyes.

  Step 4: Apply a black lengthening mascara. If you have straight lashes before applying mascara, try to twist them with special tongs.

3. My favorite trick is associated with hair. If you do not have time to wash your hair and worried about installation, use the following advice. Gather hair into a bun and garnish with a bandanna. Operates 100%! First, you attract attention to themselves a bright accessory. Second, look elegant and simple.

4.   The most useful and necessary cosmetic bag - a lipstick and gloss. Of course, it is necessary to have and mascara. With such a modest margin, you can get out of any situation winner.

5. The best way to deal with the lack of - to ignore it. However, the publication is easy to get a foundation that will help hide the effects of a stormy party or suddenly appeared pimple.

6.   And finally, summing up, I would like to note that the best make-up - it's easy and laidback. I recommend to start skin care from an early age. Good creams with antioxidants and vitamins - the excellent assistant in this business!
Author: Ann