Australian treasure - tea tree oil
 Tea tree oil does not damage healthy skin, affecting only the diseased tissue.

Australia - a cloudless blue sky, bright sun, many kilometers of beaches with white sand and the ocean to the horizon. Australia - the land of kangaroos, koalas and plants that are found only in Australia. One such plant is Molaleus alternifolis   - tea tree. Its miraculous properties learned from the stories of Captain Cook. At his next campaign, the whole team of sailors suffered from various infections, festering and bleeding wounds. Then Captain Cook and drew attention to the fact that Aboriginal people are treated with some infusion. This turned out to be a decoction of tea tree.

Scientific evidence bactericidal properties of Australian tea tree oil was first introduced A.Pentfold . In 1925 he published a paper which indicated that the antiseptic effect of the oil is 8 times stronger than that of carbolic acid, and almost 5 times stronger than alcohol. After that tea tree oil have been widely used in Europe and America in bacterial and fungal diseases of the skin and mucous membranes.

Important!   Counterfeit oil can be distinguished by its light sweet flavor with a hint of camphor sharp.

The chemical composition of essential oil of tea tree

Natural tea tree oil - a complex, very complex chemical composition, containing at least 48 organic ingredients. Among them: terpenes, pinenes, tsimony, terpineol, nineol, seskviterpiny, seskviterpinovye alcohols. Also tea tree oil comprises four components which are hardly found elsewhere in nature viridifloren (1%), B-terpineol (0, 24%), and L-ternineol alligeksanoat.

Interesting!   Antiseptic Tea Tree Oil is 8 times stronger than carbolic acid, and 12 times - than that of phenol.

The action of tea tree oil:

-   It has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal activity;

-   It promotes healing of wounds; It is recommended for acne, dermatitis, herpes;

-   reduces inflammation in the site of the bite of insects;

-   removes corns and warts;

-   It strengthens the hair follicles, which improves growth and hair structure.

Allergic reaction

Tea tree is not generally toxic, non-irritating, it does not cause the development of hypersensitivity. Only with extremely sensitive skin may require dilution of pure tea tree oil or even termination of the application. As it turned out, the allergen in this case turned out to cineole. Before using tea tree oil for the first time recommended to perform a skin test.

Recipes with tea tree oil:

1.   Tea tree oil can be added to eliminate dandruff shampoos (10 drops per 240 ml of shampoo).

2.   For the treatment of acne, apply three drops of oil on the infected area twice a day. Add the oil in facial cleansers and use moisturizer (3-5 drops in the cream).

3.   Cracks in the lips treated with tea and peach or olive oil (1 part tea tree oil and 10 parts of vegetable oil).

4.   To eliminate greasy hair 5 - 10 drops of oil applied to the scalp and strands and vmassirovat.

5.   If cuts and abrasions damaged areas washed and put a small amount of clean oil or grease with a lotion containing tea tree oil.

6.   Tensile strain mixture to massage place, recommended for the treatment of herpes zoster. It is possible to add 10 drops of oil into the bath.

7.   To get rid of calluses dry, apply lotion to them directly with tea tree oil.

8.   Nail Care to add tea tree oil lotion. Rub 5 minutes around the nails and fingers. Remove the excess tissue.

9.   Add a few drops of oil in a massage cream. This will help relieve muscle pain and make the skin soft and smooth.

10.   When sweating: rubbing on the skin a few drops of a blend of essential oils, tea tree, sage, rosemary in a ratio of 5: 2: 1.

eleven.   For inhalation brew a cup of tea, add 3-5 drops of tea tree oil, close the cup with his hands, after the full release - breathe deeply from the cup mouth evaporation (5 times), then 7-10 breaths nose.

Tea tree oil in a tube

Protective cream with tea tree oil Tea Tree Ointment by Fresh Look.

 Australian treasure - tea tree oil

Cream perfectly protects the skin, reduces inflammation and peeling, and has antifungal activity. Also, the cream contains extracts greshevki, grapefruit, sage and myrrh, which perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin. The juice of aloe leaves and salicylic acid also have a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect, and propolis, panthenol activates the processes of cell and tissue respiration, leaving your skin fresh and protected.

Dandruff shampoo "tea tree oil and Blue Cypress" by Organics.

 Australian treasure - tea tree oil

  Shampoo does not contain triclosan, addictive when used frequently. Tea tree oil is one of the most powerful natural antiseptic, improves the immune system, eliminates irritation and itching of the scalp. Cypress oil normalizes the sebaceous glands, reduces the drying and flaking of the scalp. Nettle extract and wild rose efficiently purify and restore the skin's structure. The shampoo has a pleasant tonic effect.

The antibacterial agent with tea tree oil Tea Tree Purifying Oil from Oriflame.

 Australian treasure - tea tree oil

  The antibacterial agent with a highly concentrated natural tea tree oil cleans and dries the skin inflammation.
Author: Inna Sedykh