Beauty review in September: Autumn colors
 Autumn came ... The days are getting shorter, the nights - colder and the sun more often tries to hide behind the clouds. But this is no reason to fall into melancholy! Moreover, the fall - the brightest time of the year: here and here among the green foliage still flashing bright yellow birch crown or fiery red maples in autumn gardens later flowers - dahlias, asters, gladioluses - delight us with its multicolored. It seems that nature has rolled a delightful colorful feast, seeing the outgoing summer and encouraging us not to lose heart and wait for the arrival of spring ...

Women do not want to give the nature of the right to be bright and beautiful. That autumn ladies pull out of the closet fiery red coat, sky-blue coats and bright green jackets, as well as updating the hairstyle and hair color. To retain longer hair a bright color, and instantly sets you in the crowd, you need to use special tools.

 Beauty review in September: Autumn colors

Shampoo, conditioner and rinse Intensive Mask Series Life in Color   from Herbal Essences   Care for colored and streaked hair - a real panacea not only dull hair color, but also from the autumn blues. The formula with extracts of acai berry (healing tropical fruit from the banks of the Amazon) and silk preserve hair color and a pleasant smell and bright cheerful packaging improves mood.

To wake the sleeper in dyed hair shiny, start with a shampoo that will breathe new life into the hair and make it blindingly bright. Add softness and shine balsam conditioner: its caring ingredients fill the hair vitality and emphasize their shade. As a final touch - 2-3 times a week, use a mask for the hair, which protects the hair from the harmful effects of the environment, and you - from the boring everyday life and sad mood.

 Beauty review in September: Autumn colors

Save rich hair color and give them a shine and help styling Wellaflex Shining colors   - Look for hair spray, foam and gel spray for styling with dark pink stripes. Strong hold and special Recovery Formula styling   ensure elasticity and natural curl and keep it throughout the day. Funds are not glued hair - they look natural and healthy. The foam is recommended for use on wet hair with gel and spray can be installed both wet and dry hair. Secure hair and saktsentirovat individual strands will hairspray.

One of the most enjoyable and fun fall is a public walk through the bombarded leaves trails of the park. Both children and adults love to collect bouquets of roses - red, yellow, green, orange - leaf. Excellent will look a "bouquet" and elegant female hands: nail polish manufacturers have long departed from the standard pink-red range and offer a variety of shades.

 Beauty review in September: Autumn colors

The American company CND   recently introduced a revolutionary means for nails Colour Effects . The series consists of 50 different shades of nail polish and 15 effects - additional coatings that change color and gloss varnish base. The colors and effects can be combined in any combination, getting quite a lot of different shades. In addition, these funds are protective of the nails: they all are marked icon 3 free, which means no tulenola, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde and even his pitches, which have a negative impact on our fingernails.

To create a manicure, you can choose an autumn green tint # 546 Green Scene Orange # 545 Electric Orange Yellow # 543 Bicycle Yellow   or red # 524 Relay Red   and supplement them with any effects. If such bright colors for you too radical, you can add to the usual shade of green holographic effect # 562 Jade Sparkle , Sparkling red # 557 Scarlet Shimmer   or pearl gold # 550 Gold Pearl .

Unique flat brush with triangular shape of the hair provides a smooth and even coating. Due to good opacity, varnish can be applied only one layer, which not only reduces its fuel consumption, but the drying time. If you only lacquer applied, it forms a semi-gloss surface, which itself looks too easy, so I would advise to use it in conjunction with any effect of a series or a special cover on top means to a glossy shine.

Festive color yellow-orange autumn leaves embodied in the shimmering lacquer Treasure   stamps SPAritual . Its uniqueness lies in the fact that instead of the traditional mother of pearl or metallic mikrokroshki in its structure used a special clay, which gives the lacquer noble soft glow. Furthermore, based on the varnish components are vegetable color is created by the natural dyes, and no harmful structure toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate, making it safe for varnishes human health and the environment.

It creates a shimmering translucent lacquer coating that requires a perfect purity and whiteness of the nail free. Applied in a single layer, it can be used for natural nail, and for more intense color (which, in my opinion, more interesting), apply 2-3 coats.

If the clothes, hair and manicure bright autumn colors are welcome, the make-up time to move even for a rich, but darker shades. Emphasize the eyes and natural lips - this autumn fashion trend.

 Beauty review in September: Autumn colors

Firm Oriflame   to create its autumn makeup collection inspired by the Wild West, birthplace of brave cowboys and spectacular girlfriends. Tenderness and naturalness - that is the main component of the image queen of hearts cowboy and, at the same time, the main components of the autumn make-up. The casually-elegant style can be created only with the help of all the jeans, boots with a small heel stable, short jacket, a pair of accessories (cravat and bags with fringes) and make-up in soft pastel colors.

The collection Wild West   by Oriflame includes tri-color eye shadow, lipstick and pencil-eyeliner.

In a box of eye shadow Coffee Trio   you will find instructions on their application: you can choose from three options makeup is one that is right for you and it is for the right occasion. For a natural make-up, you can use one or two colors for a brighter - combine all the colors. Soft texture ensures smooth application and well shaded. Natural shades will suit all, without exception, but the soft shimmering sheen will look better on a young skin.

Pencil-eyeliner Chestnut   is notable for its color - brown and maroon, which is less strict than the usual black, so fit virtually everyone regardless of the color of hair and skin. The tool is easy to apply, without much pressure, just enough to easily touch the pencil century, so draw a clear line is quite simple. Pull the rod does not require sharpening, it does not break or get dirty. If the necessary funds can be shaded to create the effect of smoky-eyes.

Lipstick shade Beige Rose   It creates a smooth, translucent matte finish warm and natural muted pink color that is slightly emphasize the color of your lips, keeping a sense of naturalness. It is not felt on the lips, but by the content of moisturizing ingredients, yet caring and softens the skin of the lips.

 Beauty review in September: Autumn colors

The same trend - smoky eyes and natural lips - we see in autumn collection Blue Dahlia   luxury brands Estee Lauder . But a new reticulation shadows Pure Color EyeShadow Palettes Blue Dahlia   executed in cold blue shades. The new facility is placed in elegant gold case with a large monogram that highlights the luxury collection. Paletka contains five different shades of fascinating textures that can be created by combining various seductive images and vary the intensity of the color.

 Beauty review in September: Autumn colors

To create a make-up like Hilary Rhoda in the photo should be:
- Dark blue color used as a base for all mobile eyelid. Blend well.
- With the help of brown shades to outline the eye begin to apply shadow on the crease of the movable century, the tone of first pulling it up slightly, and then to the outer edge. Select the corner of the eye and blend so that the shade mixed with the base color. Apply this shade under the lower lash growth.
- Mix the lightest and darkest shades. Put on the inner corner of the eye, going 2/3 of the upper eyelid. The lightest shade, apply on line growth of eyelashes. Light blue tint applied along the upper lash line growth over the previous line. Blend, moving to the outer corner of the eye.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina