Beauty Secrets Sharon Stone
 As a 49-year-old Hollywood beauty manages to maintain a youthful glow, shiny hair and perfect toned body? It reveals his basic instincts - instincts beauty.

When you take an interview with movie stars, it is always interesting to see who is three o'clock leads her hair and makeup before you begin negotiations, and who feels comfortable in its natural form, without make-up, coiffed hair and elegant shoes. This interview with Sharon Stone had its own diamond beauty-path: When I was in the room at the hotel Sharon Gansevoort in Manhattan, it was very fresh, clean and just preparing for an evening out. As we said, it is slowly transformed from a way of "confusion in the mind" and Levi's jeans in bronze beauty in dress Missoni.

The first thing that I want to say - even without makeup Sharon looks unusually young for a woman of her age. And the reason is not Botox and similar technologies used by the majority of women in Hollywood, and good genes and a healthy lifestyle, like quitting smoking, coffee and Pilates. (Guess why? Her parents are very attractive. She does not smoke. Rarely drinks alcohol and coffee. And, of course, engaged in Pilates).

When Sharon started to take off his belt Hanky ​​Panky, because the make-up artist had to bronzing her feet ("Do you mind?" - She asked, taking off his jeans), it was clear that, despite the fact that it requires not to overload its specific training modes, her body would have envied woman half under age. Believe me, I've seen. This is a woman who takes care of itself.

No wonder that in addition to the work of actress and activist, Sharon Stone in 2005 signed a contract with the outstanding beauty-brand skin care products, Dior's Capture Totale, reminding everyone that women over 40 are also tools that allow them to look luxurious.

What feelings you experienced when you got a call from Dior?   "It was something like this:" Hello? Are you kidding me? "It's hard to believe, when you are 47, it is really a call from a famous cosmetic company. I said to my agent: 'They need to drop in and see me. I do not want to change anything. I do not want to be different, I want to be a what actually is'. We arrived representatives of Dior, and I ordered for us a table at a nearby restaurant. I had absolutely no make-up, because I wanted them to look at me in my natural state. I wanted them to understand that I do not intend to resort to plastic surgery, and it was so. "

What happened at the meeting?   "I want to know, why me? They said in my acceptance speech at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, I am very courageously held in front of others. They wanted to see a woman who has the courage and have a voice. I I was dumbfounded. I could not believe it, because so many people have turned away from me because of the fear of those things that I could say or do those things in which I believe. "

I heard you were involved in product development.   "When Dior sent me a product I first tried it on the hands and feet, just to remove the sample. So I first tried a remedy for skin care Capture Totale, and so I realized that I just need to improve the product, to make its use appropriate for body, since it is perfectly fit for my feet. Now they produce also products for the body. " (The debut of the cream for a fall 2008).

What are your favorites at Dior?   "Dior makes the best lip gloss. I just love them, especially bright, with silver particles. Also, I always use ink DiorShow Mascara. It creates the effect of false eyelashes. It is the only truly worthy competitor bestsellers Maybelline".

What is your daily routine cosmetic?   "I use a cream foundation Visiora as a masking agent to the eye, because the usual concealer is too dense. Most just old. I love the cream blush Stila, which I put a flat brush. They make cheekbones curvy and shiny. I also cite the order of the eyebrows. Yes and I use lip gloss - Clinique Superbalm or DiorKiss - all the time. "

What about the big events and parties?   "I can do and bright make-up, it all depends on the event. I am in this very advanced. I use false eyelashes and bright paint forever. I really love the bright shade - copper, pink, gold, silver."
You use perfume? "I like the oil Aveda Energizing. I'm a big fan of aromatherapy."

Your skin looks flawless. How do you take care of her?   "I use a cleanser or MAC Wipes cleaning water Shiseido, and then I put or render only products Dior Capture Totale. It is very easy and fast."

No facial?   "No! I do not like people poking around or dig in my face."

You once again expressed a preference for a short hairstyle.   "Rod Ortega (Rod Ortega) made me a short cut. I mean, I never liked his haircut, is not to make them herself. I always cut their hair myself. But he did it. He's a really good hairdresser, I love him very much ".

Who chose the color?   "I have always been dissatisfied with the color of their hair. I was on the set of a movie in Jacksonville, Florida, and there heard about colorist Ron Nepa (Ron Nepa). I turned to him. With my hair, he spent about four hours and did color in I really fell in love. "

What are your favorite products for hair.   "I really like the stick Tancho. This modeling wax. It works better than anything else, but rather its minimum quantity. Just touch it with your fingers, and then lay the hair. It gives an excellent texture of the hair and keeps any installation. Also, I use dry shampoo or powder for hair Blondish Hair Powder from Bumble and Bumble. I think it's important to change shampoos and conditioners. I used at least four different brands, going to the bath. However, now I use John Frieda and PureOlogy. But I I do not wash your hair every day - try to do it every three or four days. "

You trust the plastic surgery?   "If you want to have plastic or cosmetic surgery in vain to burn the health and natural beauty - do. But if you do not need it, do not do. Not only those who believe in what I do without resorting to surgical, allowed a lot of gossip and rumors. People simply do not understand how in 49 years you can look good. But I'm able to take care of themselves. "

You are very slim. You resort to the help of special diets? "I do not want to be full, so restrain myself this thought. I'm not a vegetarian, but I might be periods when I do not use proteins for a week, and may be a time when I do not eat nothing but meat. I absolutely do not drink caffeine, only for medicinal purposes. I do not eat onions, garlic and lots of dark fruit, because they remind me of the medicine. I do not eat large amounts of dairy products, but with age began to feel a need for fats. I have a body structure that is I call a good - a little skinny. I'm a fan of tea. I like herbal cleansing teas. I do not like to feel drunk, so the spirits to me not interesting. At dinner, I drink a glass of wine, which I enjoy. My weakness - dark chocolate. I I always carry a small tile in her purse. "

Do you exercise? "I have been just to not have a big ass. I took care of three children, to stay in shape. I do not have regular training. When I start to notice some flaws, just beginning to move more. Most walk in the park, to give prefer stairs instead of the elevators. "

Are you afraid of aging? You think about this?   "Yes. And sometimes I just sit down, I look at myself and say, 'You're a lot older and you look the same in a different way'. Hairstyle, make-up, diamonds - all this does not change the way you look, not change you. You have person who has the feature of age. I'm not a cute 32-year-old girl from "Basic Instinct." "Somehow, I thought: 'Confront it! you really start to look different. What are you going to do about it? We need to change the way you look. " So I decided to take it to cut hair. I thought, "OK, I will wear less makeup and more jewelry. I decided to brave thing: enormous earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I thought of the women who admire, like Kamen Dell'Orefays (Carmen Dell'Orefice) and Paloma Picasso (Paloma Picasso), women who really look hard. I can be one of them. "

Favorites Sharon Stone:

• Moisturizing gloss Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss
 Beauty Secrets Sharon Stone

• Stick Tancho

 Beauty Secrets Sharon Stone

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 Beauty Secrets Sharon Stone

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 Beauty Secrets Sharon Stone

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 Beauty Secrets Sharon Stone

Author: Ann, New York