Fall in love with yourself. Part 1-I
 Love - is power. When we fall in love - life is instantly transformed, dreams come true, and immediately everything becomes bright and sunny. Do you want to recharge this magical state, radiate harmony and draw mutual love? Begin with yourself. As you know, like drawn to like. I love ... in yourself! Look into your heart, accept yourself for who you are and love yourself!

Most praise yourself

When we are in love - life of charging pink, right? And, of course, we sincerely admire her man and give him to understand that he - the best. Now boldly applied the same "chip" in relation to itself, the favorite. Once and for all accept the fact that you - a unique woman, and all that you do - worthy of you. You try - then already commendable. Often the case is not the result, but how did you reached. If you learn to support themselves, then eventually reach such results, which are not wanted. Remember: to climb to the top, you need to at least make the first small step, and words of encouragement in his address to help you every time to climb higher and higher.

 Fall in love with yourself. Part 1-I
 Even if you are not quite sure of herself, I think about how much good you are doing every day. You are beautiful and meaningful: You're building itself, both externally - hello fitness and internally - developing and believing in yourself. You - the beautiful and clever. And why deny it? Know how to forgive, to be grateful for the experience and let go of the past. Now you can very clearly transform their lives. Right now. Everyday. Happy just change begins when you open your heart to them, and is willing to accept, as requested in your dreams or plans. Praise yourself for all that you do, and then you get the result as "excellent". Most recollect a situation where you were happy with themselves, I celebrate victories and feel great. Praise yourself in front of a mirror, looking straight into the eyes heed dignity of the figure, and concentrated his attention on them. Praise yourself for a happy mood and the fact that you yourself are building a happy life.

Spoil yourself

 Fall in love with yourself. Part 1-I
 You love to pamper your loved one? For example, not very relaxing or soothing, but rather challenging, "she know that" massage? I love cooking for him-button lint, present unforgettable surprises? And what is the case with the "courtship" of a beloved? Do you refer to yourself as well as you want to treat you different? Wonderful, if your answer is yes. If not - urgently catch up! Buy a dress of which you've always wanted or a handbag that is simply indispensable in your wardrobe! Try the mirror stunning studs and make sure what you babe! To discover new treatments for face and body in beauty salons. Sign up for a massage, do not forget to regularly massage the palm itself, feet and earlobes to relax and come in tone.

Appreciate your own space and time. Periodically, disconnect the phone and arranges home indispensable relaxation for body and soul: take a bath with exotic SPA-funds Arrange an aromatherapy session, Pamper your hair apply a nourishing mask or wrap. Now, many cosmetic brands offer efficient products for home use, so have fun and become the most beautiful.

Cutting their sexuality

You gets courage and sexy attitude of a loved one? Similarly, men maddening woman, radiating sexual fluids. Ironically, studies show that sexually attractive people are successful not only in his personal life, but also in business. You know what is the secret? Too many hard put to equate self-confidence and sexuality. As it turns out, men are not without reason to believe women who know his worth, and self-assured - very sexy. Successful people attract. If you're not confident in myself, then who will be sure to you? Believe that you are - a very sexy and attractive, and it will manifest itself in real life.

 Fall in love with yourself. Part 1-I
 To expand a woman - trust your inner strength. You know, you - unique, that presents itself accordingly. Remember to be sexually attractive, one must not only believe in their feminine power, but also to act as a sexually attractive woman. With dignity and confidence. Know their own worth, accept and love yourself for who you really are - a great personality. This will help you a daily auditory training.

Take care of your body, effectively emphasize the dignity of the figure, watch your posture, enjoy expensive perfume, high-quality and wear sexy underwear. Make an stripdensom classes to learn how to apply themselves, liberated, and feel the most coveted in the world.
Author: Hope Cherepenina