Harmonisation of appearance - a new trend in plastic surgery
 Plastic Surgery of our time - this is unique in its properties, a phenomenon that can do to the human body amazing metamorphosis. Beautiful lush chest and chiseled nose today one can not be surprised. The desired shape silhouette can achieve different variations plastic body and liposuction. Youthful face 50 slightly longer perceived as something supernatural - is the norm for well-groomed and socially active women and men. But where moving beauty surgery? In what direction is it developing?

Released from a galaxy of reconstructive surgery, beauty surgery again very close to him. Of course, the skill of surgeons enriched with new "finds": minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques. Such operations as the restoration of facial features due to congenital or acquired defects, reconstruction of breast after their removal in the treatment of cancer, rehabilitation of damaged ears form - all of these interventions were distributed directly to the heyday of aesthetic surgery. But thanks to the classical methods of modern plastic surgeons are able to step over the edge of trivial operations to improve the appearance. Today, they tend to engage in a comprehensive transformation of the exterior of the patients.

In plastic surgery, began to form a separate line of fashion facial corrections. And it is not just the elimination of manifestations of aging ... This is creating an attractive person in cases where the nature of the overlooked some things, making this or that appearance deviating from accepted norms of beauty. This may be disengaging eye socket, unspoken angle between the chin and neck, undefined shape of the nose, lips and eyes expressionless, etc.

However, one of the reasons dissatisfaction of girls and women with their appearance is the so-called "rude features," "masculinity." In other words - the lack of sophistication and femininity of the desired feature. And the problem is complex. Most often the surgeons are necessary to create a more expressive look, elegant oval face with prominent cheekbones, fullness of lips to add sex to do more graceful back of the nose and to sharpen the tip. In addition to the operations of persons usually go interventions to increase breast and body shaping, "hourglass". Surgeons, taking for such a large-scale work, take on a huge responsibility, and therefore they must have extensive skills in many fields of surgery: reconstructive, restorative, cosmetic, aesthetic and endoscopic, etc.

"Somehow it is assumed that harmonization of the exterior is carried out only transsexuals who after sex reassignment surgery is necessary to make their appearance more feminine. Suppose there are correction. But a stable percentage of my patients are quite young girls, which we carry out a series of operations in order to make them look like Hollywood stars. We make their appearance as close as possible to the classical canons of female beauty, "- says a well-known plastic surgeon, author of innovative plastic face Elchin Mammadov.

According to the surgeon, in the correction corrective masculine appearance thing is not quantity but quality. "It is important not to rush, and methodically lead the patient step by step, gradually improving its performance every appearance" - says Mamedov. So his last patient was 20 years old. She spent the surgeon series of five, and allows a girl to look exactly the way it always is.

"Operations at an early stage of life of the patient - it is a huge responsibility. I often deny many girls coming up to me in multiple corrections, although sometimes they want to do it all - explains Elchin Mammadov. - I do not see anything but youthful complexes and youth maximalism peculiar. Here I do not presume to work or propose to make a very small, but very necessary, in my opinion, the transformation. She instantly increase self-esteem, while in front of us is still the same person with the original appearance. "

"But we will not prevaricate, to say that in terms of anthropometry all faces and figures - perfect. This is nonsense. I like the aesthetic surgeon can objectively say that it is necessary and can be corrected in the exterior of a particular person to make it as beautiful. And if I see this incarnation - is interesting to me to make it. But when I get the least shadow of doubt in the success of the result, I time "- continues the surgeon.

According to the specialist, the successful implementation of the harmonization of the exterior, made in the period from 20 to 30 years, allows a woman to get rid of complexes, easy to place in their personal lives and careers.

Age: 19 years
Result:   5 months
The patient filed a desire to give a person more attractive and feminine look. Earlier he suffers no operations in the face. We decided on the implementation of feminizing surgery of the face.

 Harmonisation of appearance - a new trend in plastic surgery

Analysis showed the face: bulging frontal sinuses in the brow area, overhanging brow (bone component), which is typical for the male forehead. Women's forehead is characterized by a completely smooth surface. Also, the patient observed temporal contoured front line, which is also not desirable from an aesthetic point of view on the female skull. Analysis showed the facial skeleton protruding cheekbones and the angles of the mandible. Such a "skeletonized" person attached to the female face mannish look. Speakers angles of the lower jaw is always attached to "square" type of person that is not aesthetically pleasing women. Moreover, it was decided to perform a rhinoplasty, plastic ears and eliminate small "bags" under the eyes.

 Harmonisation of appearance - a new trend in plastic surgery

It recommended and carried out:

- Feminizing surgery of the face with the use of methods of plastic surgery and craniofacial surgery.

- Grinding of the skull in the brow with their decrease to eliminate the effect of "sunken" eyes and achieve the effect of "open" eyes.

- Reducing the amount of frontal sinuses in order to obtain a smooth frontal surface.

- Endotemporoplastika with lipofilinga to lift the outer corners of the eye slits in order to achieve the effect of "Hollywood's Eyes".

- Grinding of the skull in the zygomatic arch and the mandibular angle to reduce their contouring and "skeletonized" species.

- Endoscopic intraoral lower blepharoplasty and elevation of tissue of the midface.

 Harmonisation of appearance - a new trend in plastic surgery

Because after such a complex craniofacial surgery the patient began to look like the actress Liv Tyler, the decision was made - when performing rhinoplasty consider the anatomical details of the actress. Also made of plastic ears and lip augmentation. Further improvement of the appearance will be held with professional beauty techniques.