How to make the tail
 We love tails - and why not? Nowadays they can be worn both in the gym and in the restaurant or a secular reception. They look adorable on short hair (with a small children's hairpin, he looks amazing, even if you're over 30) and in the long, multi-layered hairstyles. Tail - a true friend and eternal helper in any situation.

The tail side - Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie)

 How to make the tail

Step 1: Make curls with a special dryer with large attachments. To do this, sprinkle with modeling spray pyatisantimetrovym strands of hair and twirl around the roller dryer.

Step 2: Use your fingers to collect the curls in the tail, moving it either to the right or to the left.

Step 3: For even more impeccable image (as Nicole) Take small section of hair from the underside of the tail, and screw the top of the gum. Secure the ends of the hair braid.

Step 4: Finally, sprinkle with hair spray.

The sleek tail - Salma Hayek (Salma Hayek)

 How to make the tail

Keep that image in the office or for a nice dinner. It is particularly flashy, if the perfect balance with large dark sunglasses. My favorite way - sleek tail with thick, thick bangs, like the actress Salma Hayek.

Step 1: Straighten your hair with a hair dryer. If you have naturally curly hair, completely straighten them with the ironing.

Step 2: zacheshite hair back in a ponytail. Attach the rubber band.

Step 3: Use hair spray smooth beaten out unruly hair.

Step 4: To further brilliant shine using serum throughout the length of the tail.

Brilliant tail - Jamie Lynn Sigler, (Jamie-Lynn Sigler)

 How to make the tail

The volume at the roots can be sexy, bright example - Jamie Lynn Sigler,.

Step 1: Place the fingers on the edges of the face, around the ears. Start collecting your hair up.

Step 2: Attach the collected hair with one hand.

Step 3: Nacheshite roots comb with wide teeth.

Step 4: to comb the roots sprinkle with hair spray.

Step 5: Melt and zacheshite hair back in a ponytail, securing it a rubber band.

Tail hair wrapped with a rubber band - Marcia Gay Garden (Marcia Gay Harden)

 How to make the tail

Stylists love to wind the hair around the gum. To get this image does not need to use the disgusting false hair - just follow our recommendations:

Step 1: Secure the hair back in a ponytail.

Step 2: Remove the pencil-thin strand from the bottom of the tail.

Step 3: Screw it around the gum. Leave about five centimeters to consolidate.

Step 4: Attach the result of a pair of small hair clip.

The elegant tail - Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton)

 How to make the tail

This image is amazing for the weekend, and works with any length of hair. We call this image "graceful" because it requires the creation of small children barrettes or clips to secure the bangs or layers that do not fall into the tail.

This hairstyle looks especially good on the hair to chin length. You can also try to curl the hair.

Step 1: Spray the roots of the hair spray volume, and then start to dry the hair dryer while twisting the strands. Not enough time? Avoid combs - separate strands with your fingers.

Step 2: Use your fingers to collect hair back and secure the tail to neck level or slightly higher. Twist it to greater effect of the waves.

Step 3: Attach the remaining fringe or tips via decorated barrettes or clips.

Disorderly tail

 How to make the tail

The perfect style for the weekend, or hanging out after work. It works well with unwashed hair that perfectly amenable to management.

Step 1: Make a parting, slightly moving it from the center (parted in the center as it is not forbidden). For additional disheveled image with a comb make a zig-zag parting.

Step 2: zacheshite hair back and secure the neck. It is not necessary to delay the much - let it hang a little loose.

Step 3: In order to further secure the slide two or three thin rubber bands over the core. Pull the tail.

Dramatic tail - Tyra Banks (Tyra Banks)

 How to make the tail

Tall, stiff tail - very natural and sexy. It is suitable for both work and entertainment. If you have a high forehead (like Tyra), you should be careful with such tails - you do not want to look bald. The best way out - the thick fringe.

Step 1: Spray the hair spray volume, such as a hairdryer and dry them so that they are perfectly straight. If you have curly hair, use a diffuser or straightening products.

Step 2: Take a section at the top of the head and nacheshite hair to the roots. This will create the necessary volume for a dramatic image.

Step 3: If the hair is quite backcombed carefully zacheshite them up, just above the ears. Gently tighten.

Step 4: Use the glitter over the entire length of the tail, focusing on the tips.

Step 5: If you are going on a holiday evening, keep the image of a bright hairpin (hairpins we like as a brooch) on top of the gum. However, make sure that it does not look too pretentious in conjunction with earrings and necklaces. The less you ornaments, the more can be bright hairpin.

Clockwork Tail

 How to make the tail

Super-high tail conceals years off your face, but if you have a wide forehead or hair grow triangular protrusion on the forehead, the image can be very unfortunate. To determine if this option is right for you or not, zacheshite hair back and look in the mirror - if the line of hair growth is too close to the top of the head, this image will attract too much attention to your forehead.

Step 1: Dry hair using a spray or mousse for volume, after which the highly zacheshite hair (above the ears). Properly flatten to get rid of the "roosters".

Step 2: Attach the hair thick elastic band. For additional volume nacheshite them at the top.

Step 3: Spray spray. You can use tape for super-fashionable image.

Low tail - Emily Blunt (Emily Blunt)

 How to make the tail

Step 1: Divide the hair from ear to ear on the top and bottom sections.

Step 2: Attach the upper section of the scrunchy.

Step 3: Take a comb with teeth and narrow nacheshite hair, until they become a bit disheveled.

Step 4: For a brighter image of ribbon or braid wrap around the hair and secure with a thin rubber band.
Author: Ann, New York